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Naturopath Jeremy Hill says take responsibility for your health and your life

Naturopath Jeremy Hill says takeresponsibility for your health and your life

Do you take better of your car than you do of yourown body? I know it's a clichŽ, but for so manypeople it may well also be the truth. Perhaps you mightbe the diligent type getting an annual checkup? If so,then I suppose you might have had your blood pressureand cholesterol checked, perhaps even your red and whitecell count and your blood sugar, and maybe even yourliver, thyroid and kidney functions were looked at.That's usually about it, which is terrific. But thesetests typically serve more as indicators of diseasethan providing insight into the causes of such illnesses.

I'mall for finding out if you're sick, but I'm even keeneron preventative measures. The causes of disease areeven more important to be testing for, don't you agree?If you find yourself nodding along with me then youmay be left wondering just why your diligent self hasnever been tested for excessive oxidation, methylation,inflammation or glycosylation. Why, you might ask, haveyou never had your level of insulin sensitivity checkedor the relevance and importance of your expanding waistmeasurement explained? Are you losing muscle mass witheach passing year, is this being monitored and, moreimportantly, what are you doing about it? What aboutyour immunity? Have you had your actual immune functionlooked at? Is your immune surveillance doing a goodjob of keeping infections and cancer cells under controlthese days? This is surely a fact worth considering,given that stress can drop your immune activity by upto 75%, and that you can have only half the immune functionat age 40 of that of a 20 year old?

Is toxicity considered as a causative factor in yourstate of health? We live in an increasingly toxic world.Everywhere I look I see sources of toxins that can makeus unwell and the many studies that highlight the impactof these toxins on us must surely make some form oftoxic load evaluation a priority when your health isassessed? And let's not forget the great scourges ofthe modern age - are activity and stress levels consideredat your checkups?

Simply testing, discovering and medicating your highcholesterol and blood pressure may not be enough tolet you be really healthy. After all, it may have beenexcessive stress that dropped your immunity, allowinga bacterial infection of ecoli or candida to developin your gut, causing inflammation in the liver, whichtriggered insulin resistance which led to high yourcholesterol and blood pressure.

If you nodded all the way through my little diatribe,well done on seeking out such a proactive and progressivehealth coach to guide you through the maze of true healthcare.For the rest of you who were utterly bamboozled, thosetests are for the major promoters of ageing and disease.Who's watching your back and what sort of checkups haveyou guys been getting? You are your most valuable assetand you need to care for your mind, body and spiritas if all of your hopes and dreams depend upon it -because they do!

Live your knowledge! And if you don't know enough,surround yourself with experts, they are worth the timeand money. Don't make excuses. I hear the escape clausesevery day (It won't happen to me. I never have enoughtime. I'm just not into exercise. I don't like the waywater tastes), and they always make me smile, but I'mnot fooled. Use excuses by all means, I won't lose anysleep over it, but I would hate them to be your famouslast words...

Most people value a fit and healthy lifestyle as theirgreatest priority, and yet most people eat and drinkbadly and don't get enough exercise. And the reasonsmost people will be challenged with poor health willso often be the very same reasons they will also findthemselves unsuccessful in other aspects of their life.The lack of clear goals to work towards is so oftenwhat stops good intentions being turned into actionsand, more importantly, results! So, set your goals andthen remember, the only time that success comes beforework is in the dictionary.

And you might need to adjust the odd attitude alongthe way. The acknowledgement of, and working on, changingold ingrained attitudes can help undo past habits allowingnew, more motivated, ones to develop. Saying, "Ican't change" is often the same as saying, "I'mnot willing to make the effort to change", or "Ihaven't yet identified the reason to change". Manypeople die at least 20 years too early, often overweightand yet malnourished, and often as a result of thisvery attitude.

The reality is you don't have to feel sick to be unwelland that good health is so much more than just the absenceof disease. Don't just cross your fingers, hoping forthe best or trusting on good genes, or even worse, relyingon the healthcare system to look after you. It's yourhealth, it's your responsibility, it's your life. Ihope I can leave you with the motivation to go out andlive the healthiest life you can because the alternativemay make you very sick.

Good health,
Jeremy Hill (Diploma of Natural Therapy), QualifiedNaturopath