Ourlives are busy. Our world is busy. In the stress andturmoil we forget we all share the same space. Families,communities and countries live with pain, grief, conflict,poverty, hunger and disease. How can we make a difference?

Stop. For just one day. And be part of something bigger,more than yourself. Make a difference. Just This Day,a global event, asks each of us to open the doors ofthe places we worship and live to others who wish tojoin us in being still so that together we can allowthe power of collective stillness to heal the world.Do nothing, simply be still.
Move beyond nationality, religious or cultural differencesor beliefs and remember the still, silent presence whereeverything is united.

That space is the same. In cities or fields. Up mountainsor down in valleys. At work, study or play. In fortuneor adversity. In peace or conflict. In health or illness.In fact wherever you are. It belongs to us all.
So on Wednesday, November 28, take the time to jointhe rest of the world in becoming still. Every effortmakes a difference. You can do this wherever you findpeace or you can join others in numerous locations aroundthe world. You can even invite friends and family tojoin you in your home or at a favourite park or garden.Anywhere you feel peaceful.

Globally, many spiritual centres will open their doorsfor this free event.

In Australia, you can join fellow supportersin:


• Hyde Park Towers and Brahma KumarisWorld Spiritual Meditation centre, city
• School of Practical Philosophy, Wahroonga,
• Venues in Wagga Wagga and Newcastle areto be confirmed.


• School of Philosophy, Hawthorn
• "Silver Birches", WyreenaCommunity Centre, Croyden


• School of Philosophy will be openingits doors in the city at 102 Beaufort St (from6am) and at 13 Teague St Burswood (from 9am) until7pm.
You can come and stay for as much or as littletime as you have available, at any time you choose.Tea, coffee, cordial and water will be availableall day at both venues. For more information pleasecontact Gai on 0413 433 062 or email gaik@philosophywa.com.au

Remember, you can be part of JustThis Day by yourself, anywhere, any time on November28. As Mahatma Gandhi counselled,
"Be the change you wish to see inthe world".

Visit www.justthisday.org for details.