Jupiter's Grace

Jupiter in Pisces for most of the year is a very positive sign for creativity and empathy
At last, some obviously good news as the month begins with a very Jupiterian Full Moon, encompassing the Sun perfectly conjunct Jupiter in Pisces opposite the Moon in Virgo. Full Moons vary greatly in their quality depending on how they link up with other planets and asteroids, but this one is a beauty, part of a kite (a Grand Trine with additional sextiles to one end of an opposition) involving Pluto in Capricorn and Juno conjunct Eros in Taurus. This will be an exceptional month on many levels.The massive Jupiter is the only planetary body that gives off more energy than in receives from the Sun and so is associated with big energy, expansive, growthful, benevolent and gracious. You could call him the grace bestowing power of God and certainly good things happen when his influence is strong. Spending most of the year in Pisces speaks of a significantly positive year for Pisceans and for all things creative, mystical and empathetic. There's a part of Jupiter that is very worldly, connecting with abundance, with enterprise, development and opportunity and there's another that is profoundly spiritual and otherworldly, hence the associations with Ganesh and Lakshmi. As a co-ruler of Pisces, he's very much at home in the sign.

This big energy then adds its largesse to both Sun and Moon, beaming out to other points as well. The Sun conjunct Jupiter is a tremendously expansive and encouraging combination that can rejuvenate our confidence, faith and trust in life in general. In Pisces, this will come with great visions, realisations and creative inspiration as the doorways between the conscious mind and the other realms of awareness open. There is also much inner restoration in its qualities, both encouraging greater connection with our inner worlds and assisting in the recovery of mislaid parts of self. While this can come with great emotional gushing and releases, this is also a part of reclaiming our deeper sensitivities, capacity for compassion and empathy, a process which must take us closer to the essence of the child in us as much as to our spirituality. At the same time, the need for outer expression is paramount because the energy is too big to keep still and quiet, having a Dionysian orgiastic and orgasmic quality to it as well, as found in unstructured dance, creative outbursts and ecstatic spiritual practices.

The only real problem with Jupiter is excess and inflation in all forms, whether through consumption, greed, arrogance, poor boundaries and simply going over the top in different ways that become wasteful and abusive. Here the Jupiter/Sun can look like two drunks staggering happily arm in arm in the middle of a freeway.

Similarly, most of history's great egomaniacs have great Jupiters, too. However, this month the Moon in Virgo offers an appropriate counter to this tendency with her trademark humility, earthy realism and capacity for psychic containment. While the big boys can play, or play up, she holds the ground from her position high in the chart.

This earthy counterpoint is also very important this month as Mercury, ruling our mental workings and communication processes, is conjunct the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius, who are, in turn, compacted between Hekate and Medusa! The former means that alongside the positives of this month come significant periods of psychic turbulence, difficulties with clarity in communications, and liberating spiritual and healing experiences tangled with great uncertainty and confusing projections. So we can expect things to get more than a little messy at times, but all of which is the product and the symptoms of big psychic movements intent on healing old wounds and reconnecting us with more of the right side of our brains. Attending to these processes spiritually and therapeutically can allow us to gain maximum benefit of a very tricky line-up, especially on the day-to-day level.

If you look more deeply into the mythology of Mercury, Hermes and Mercurius, you find that he is more than just about the mundane operations of our intellects. He is also a mediator between the upper and lower worlds, between the gods of Olympus and the Underworld, between conscious and unconscious. The chaos generated by this combination is also a calling both up and down in our awareness, in our chakras. It's a demand to listen more deeply within, something not so different to the Jupiter process and a definite opportunity. The less we listen, the more messy things are likely to get.

But don't expect to be met by light and love exclusively, although it will be in the mix. Liz Greene once wrote that underneath every mild-mannered, sensitive, compassionate, creative Piscean lies Kali, waiting to be expressed, waiting to be claimed. With two of her western faces, Hekate and Medusa, sitting with Mercury, Chiron and Neptune, you can be sure that this is more than an expression of interest this month. As our minds are being called within, she is rising and the big question is whether we are up for it, as an extraordinary possibility for healing and reclamation.

There is so much Shakti in this combination that we can expect some major emotional eruptions as she surfaces and some exceptional releases as Jupiter simultaneously shines his light into her depths. The grace of both is there!