Jupiter Riding High

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This month's chart is an improvement on last month, still intense with its fair share of challenges but far more positive with the giant Jupiter high in the sky in the Australian chart. In Taurus, Zeus is at his earthy best, an expansive and stabilising influence that is both steadying the chaotic elements in our current worlds, small and large, while continuing to offer great learning from all our life experiences. Things could be a lot worse!

Even so, part of the shadow of Jupiter is excess, inflation and hubris, and in Taurus is traditionally related to money, security and the financial markets. The bull is a word used often in discussions of the market and it's no news that much of our financial system crises has been driven by hyper testosterone-driven traders who compensate for their anxiety by delusional risk taking - excess Jupiter! However, one of the best transits of this time is an ongoing trine from Jupiter to Pluto in Capricorn, one of the best for making deep long term changes to any system of power, including the financial one. May our leaders stop tinkering around the edges of things and get stuck into real reform!

The Sun in Scorpio has a similar message and there's nothing more frustrating than half measures. This month, he is conjunct Juno, consort of Jupiter, in herself an agent of grace (in India in her form of Radha, the Milky Way is her sari) and queen of the marriage bond. Recently, she's been travelling with Saturn, a tough but meaningful gig for our primary relationships, but now is free of him and linking well with the Sun and opposing her partner - one of the better oppositions in the scheme of things.

The trademark intensity of Scorpio is more than supported by the fact that the Moon is in Capricorn, midway between Pluto and the Shiva asteroid, fortunately separating from the former and closer to the latter. Moon/Pluto contacts have a deserved reputation for emotional turbulence as part of deep processes of purification and purging of old residues. And they are times of great psychospiritual power!

The Shiva element adds a different alternative to getting sucked helpless into the underworld though, as he is part yogi, part tantric god, part wildman, who can handle the power and provide a still point. This sort of detachment is not disconnected emotionally, but is okay in the centre of the whirlpool. The opportunities here are to learn how to live well with greater emotional depth and get better at moving with the transformative power of the deep self, something clearly required by all of us at these times. Once again, a series of trines to Jupiter support and enhance these processes and offerings. Deep waters are moving more easily.

The above is an example of a consistent pattern throughout the month's chart, that every intense or difficult aspect has simultaneously really good ones as well, which is one of the best situations in life - enough trials to keep us evolving, enough support to reap the benefits. So far, it's been intense predominantly because of the sheer depth of Scorpio and the Moon/Pluto/Shiva. What is a greater test is a T-square between a conjunction of Venus and Mercury in late Scorpio, simultaneously squaring Mars in Leo and the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in late Aquarius/early Pisces.

This is like a psychodrama between two lovers of equal but differing passions (Venus in Scorpio facing off Mars in Leo) tangled with projections flying, confusion, unclear boundaries, and murky, undermining, hardly conscious subplots (Neptune), partly orchestrated by the Wounded Healer in order to use the conflict to lance much earlier wounds for healing.

While this can get very messy on an interpersonal level, it will assist in flushing out psychic-emotional residues around anger, sexuality, our ability to give and receive and to love ourselves, by working off old shadows on our hearts. There are reasons to be cautious out there in the world though. While Mars in Leo is a passionate go-getter energy, Mars opposite Neptune can debilitate and undermine the warrior in us, sometimes causing significant ego defeats and failures from pushing too hard.

Also both hard Mars/Neptune and Venus/Neptune contacts are associated with various forms of seduction, not the sweet surrender to love and intimacy, but the dark, toxic, manipulating efforts of others who are not being upfront with what they want. Whether this is deliberate or the actions of the unconscious, be wary of dubious situations or individuals in both love and business. And watch out for the inner seducers too that threaten to take us out of our own integrity.

The essence of Mars/Neptune is to move with both strength and sensitivity, to listen to the subtler cues while we act. That Saturn in Libra is in sextile to Mars and trine to Neptune is a great encourager towards balancing these seeming opposites. It's a powerful aid to expressing the obvious sexual passion and potency of the same Mars/Venus and the extraordinary creative openings that the whole T-square also represents. Better to dance, paint and create with the energy, as there is both joy and ecstasy inherent in this if we find the right outlets.

Once again, Jupiter and Pluto champion the tremendous healing and creative possibilities of this month. Sextiles from them to Neptune and Chiron ensure that whatever does arise, both challenges and gifts, we can make really good use of them all.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 29th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au