01.10.2012 Consciousness

It's Just a Moment

As widely predicted, 2012 is following a path of dramatic change. Rebecca Glover shares her own insights

2012 is the year of change and transition, so friends and strangers repeatedly tell me. The message is announced loud and clear and received with enthusiasm and joy from many, but often scorned by critics and sceptics in our 'highly developed' world.

In my personal experience, as an everyday human being carrying out everyday tasks, I couldn't agree more that the world as we see it is in a whirlwind of change.

During the past three years my world has changed remarkably, but this year is certainly in the full swing of a massive overhaul and shake up. What this means, I don't know exactly. But what I have learnt is to just trust my innermost instincts and go with them. No matter how tough, silly, scary or cynical the challenges and responses I face, I must keep true to my beliefs and myself.

Numbers, in particular, have been playing a focal part in this rapid change, constantly reminding me of this personal wake up call, almost like a kiss from heaven of reassurance. Those numbers are 11:11. I have come across many people now experiencing the same. Yes, it could be put down to coincidence, but when the numbers 11:11 appear repeatedly throughout the day, week after week, it does make me wonder!

I have been assured that I am quite 'normal' to be experiencing such 'taps on the shoulder' from the Universe, which is a nice relief. But while it is so comforting to experience a connection with our spiritual selves, it can also be quite confusing and confronting.

These numbers also speak of alignment and awakening - the Universe aligning us back to a plan and purpose and intention for our life. We are entering a new season of spiritual awakening, a new time of heightened awareness and hunger for spiritual meaning and purpose and a new urgent hunger to know we are loved and to accept this love in ourselves. There is an invitation implied to trust in ourselves more deeply these days.

I have observed close family and friends experience such 'wake up calls' in a variety of forms; technology breaking down, friends' and family dilemmas, businesses failing, financial strains, health concerns, relationship struggles, sadness and loss. All are devastating in the moment, but, as time passes, these people look back to see the gains they have made, the lessons they have learnt and new strong relationships they have built.

With each struggle or heartache we face and rise above comes a period of change and transition. We wouldn't be human if we didn't experience the intense emotions. But imagine how wonderful it would be if we recognised that this experience, this heartache is just a moment, that this isn't our life forever, that change will happen and we will find our way to a more fulfilling path.

The terms 'personal growth', 'change' and 'transition', and the actions we take in achieving these goals, can be perceived as selfish by some who are not in a state of change themselves. Those people are stuck in their ways, have been that way for years and can make it very difficult for others, who are ready to take a peek around the corner to see what is on offer to them. It can be an extremely gut wrenching decision to 'think of yourself' and do what 'you want' despite what others may think and vocalise, as guilt can set in. Here, the words of the Buddha offer great comfort: "You can search throughout the entire Universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe deserve your love and affection."

Once, and only once, you have discovered love and affection for yourself and are on the path to fulfilling your own inner passion and vision will you then be truly content. As we are often reminded, life here is all about the journey, with twists and turns and changes - don't get caught up in what your destination may be. Just trust and have faith in your inner self to guide you.

A wonderful example of trusting our inner selves and our journey is to watch small children. Watch how they speak their minds, accept people for who they are and ask questions without judgement. They do not judge people by their accent, colour, size or ability. The way they learn to be judgmental is by watching others who judge. I recently had the delight to watch my four year old daughter describe, with such enthusiasm, how children in her pre-school group communicate with one of their classmates. She made me stop what I was doing and pay full attention to her. She then proceeded to communicate to me in sign language. My darling then went on to say how they play games together, what makes him laugh and feel better. I could not have been more overjoyed. It reassures me that I am playing as important a role in her life as she is in mine. This four year old certainly has come here as a 'crystal child' in order to reflect harmony, peace, and oneness into the Universe and I am honoured to be part of her journey.

Regardless of whether you believe and take comfort in this year being 'the' year of change and transition, take the time to think about how you embrace your life. Allow yourself to receive and appreciate that 'tap on the shoulder' in whatever form it may be. Rather than reach to the depths of despair and anger, try to rise a little, have faith and see that glimmer of hope along your journey, for it's just a moment. Don't lose sight of your soul, vision and purpose, as this is a time of personal awakening, and can be so very exciting!

Rebecca Glover

Rebecca Glover is a Queensland-based spiritual seeker