Inspiring Duo: Jupiter and Uranus both in Aries

upiter and Uranus both in Aries, bringing light and liberation
Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

The great Jupiter enters Aries this month for the first time in 12 years and in true style makes a grand entrance in the company of sky god Uranus. It is also the latter's first visit, this time in 80 odd years. This is indeed an extraordinary combination, a highlight in the collective that offers much light and liberation after months and months of dirge, fracturing and confusing transits. Its nature is expansive, even exalting, providing a tremendous lift in energy, movement and change, with an edge of instability and simply so much energy that it threatens to go completely over the top - which is what can make it so exciting.

At the beginning of the first sign, it exaggerates the Arian delight in new beginnings, innovation, adventure and the urge to initiate and be initiated into higher states of being. It is not just a brilliant time for instigating new projects in the world, but an exceptional combination for our spiritual development, as both planets push and open us to more expanded states of awareness. It will make our chakras zing, especially for Aries and the signs ruled by Uranus and Jupiter, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

It is also one of the most inspirational of combinations, as both stretch us beyond the numbing that everyday life can have on our outlook and our visions, as they challenge our mental conservatism and expand the reaches of our possibilities. This level of inspiration can express itself in any area of human endeavour and can come with crystalline clarity that has immediate implications for dramatic change and revolutionary development.

Which is why it will also be met with great resistance from some quarters, especially when the two are opposed by Saturn, who has swung into direct motion in late Virgo. Saturn is that part of self that will say, "Good idea but how real and realistic is this stuff?" and will put some kind of check on some of the excesses of such a big energy, the shadow of which includes intellectual and spiritual arrogance (in Aries? No!), off the planet idealism, change for the sheer hell of it or to relieve tension rather than being well directed innovation and promising more than can be delivered. (This is sounding like current politics doesn't it!)

At the very least, it's going to be an interesting month, certainly not a boring one and a good year in general for Aries, thanks to Jupiter. Both Uranus and Jupiter will retrograde back into Pisces, the former from August through to March of 2011, the latter from September through to January. But they will give us a good dose of their combined energy, livening things up considerably before doing so.

Despite their mostly elevating energies, it won't all be light and love though for this month, as there are some darker transits. Mars is continuing his healing journey in the company of Hygeia in Leo, an unusual and juicy combination of strong fiery masculinity with a serpentine goddess with deep and powerful Shakti. However, Mars is in exact opposition to the Black Moon, and then the same to Neptune and Chiron in the first weeks of the month. This represents a healing crisis in his journey, one involving a confrontation with some very old and unhealed emotional energies that are very difficult to deal with. This can be a very debilitating experience when the energies of action, will and desire get undermined by a deeper, unconscious imperative to heal ancient wounds.

The Black Moon is an image of the dark mother in all her power and is associated with Kali, Lilith and the Black Madonna, an image ancient and sacred, profoundly loving and terrifying at the same time. Conjunct Neptune and Chiron means she is closer to the surface and showing her more wounded face, as old toxins, unhealed emotions and the residues from the betrayal of the feminine, both personal and sacred, are activated and being flushed out. This is a repeated theme at the moment mirrored by the ongoing conjunction of Pluto and Ceres, who square the Jupiter/Uranus and are also a part of the partial, yet potent, eclipse on the 26th. This surfacing is a time of deep cleansing in the collective, totally necessary and will produce a dark cloud of turbulent energy that will challenge the Martian masculine's ability to act and be effective. This is quite literalised by the volcanic cloud that stopped Europe in April.

It's important to take good care of ourselves in these first weeks, to expect some small and significant upheavals and not try to push too hard. Some of this is way beyond our ability to control, but despite the rather scary description above, it is also a time of great spiritual power. The Black Moon/Neptune/Chiron is an awesome combination for emotional purification and the healing of archaic conflicts between the masculine and feminine, something also reflected by Hekate conjunct Jupiter and Uranus. The boys' club that can be the latter two can't go anywhere without bringing the medicine woman with them and her healing power will be equally expanded by their exaltations. She, in turn, will ensure that they, like Icarus, don't fly too high in attempting to avoid a rightful relationship with the sacred feminine.