02.01.2018 Astrology

Hyper creative New Year

Daniel Sowelu sees evolving relationships and heightened

creativity to the forefront in 2018

Welcome to 2018, which is astrologically looking like a very potent year, a year of transition and a year of heightened productivity. There is much to appreciate in the chart; it is less confrontational than previous years and combines tremendous depth with exalted levels of creativity and innovativeness.

At the core of it, the Capricorn Sun is surrounded by a mixture of loving energy and great powers, conjuncting Venus, Eros, the Black Moon and Saturn on one side and a wide conjunction to transformative Pluto on the other. The Sun/Venus/Eros aspect of this is fabulous; loving, creative, erotic (more Pan than winged youth) and a combination that puts relationships and sexuality front and centre for the year.

However, adding the Black Moon increases the intensity of everything, this dark face of the Great Mother demanding emotional and psychological depth, fierce honesty, transformation and purification from whatever she touches, in this case our relationships and our core creativity. As a feminine counterpart to the transformative Pluto, the Sun/Venus/Eros combination is then sandwiched between these two heavyweights.

So it’s going to be a year of really sorting out the truth and the long-term viability of our relationships, of taking responsibility for our shadows and our individual healing; of challenging those anaesthetised, complacent and stagnant areas in our lives in general.

And the fruits of this are enormous, as both Pluto and the Black Moon represent the transformative sacred power embedded in the life force in its purity, in our sexuality and in our lower chakras.

The more we are able to clear the way, then this same power can transform every aspect of our lives, can turn an “average” relationship into a mutually transformative union that is more deeply connected emotionally, spiritually and sexually. The potency that is generated here feeds creative power into the self, allowing an individual to become an agent of real change in the outer world.

This is what is incredibly exciting about 2018 and it is abundantly supported by other aspects, regardless of the intensity of this core multiple conjunction.

From the Sun and its fellow travellers stem multiple sextiles, oxygenating aspects, to a conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Psyche in Scorpio and the same to Neptune in Pisces.

A Mars/Jupiter conjunction is a physically and energetically expressive dynamo for getting things done, for lining up our physical passion and desire with the expansive generosity of Jupiter. In highly focused Scorpio, it provides brilliant support for the earthy, manifesting creativity generated by the Capricornian conjunctions.

Sextiles to Neptune bring greater psychic and spiritual sensitivity to this hyper creative set up, opening our minds to subtler levels of perception and intuitive accuracy, while highlighting the visionary aspect of our creativity. In combining well with the Jupiter/Mars conjunction it creates a clear, clean joining between our personal drives and our spirituality. For any of you who are stepping up to give form to your visions and spiritual and healing practices, this is particularly auspicious.

However good this support is collectively, the success of any enterprise is going to be dependent on how we respond to the demands of Saturn conjuncting the Black Moon (as well as Eros, Venus and the Sun!) His conjunction with the Black Moon has been around since mid 2017, one of the challenging aspects that made that period so dense and intense for many of us. This process continues and is reflected in the outer world by the multiple challenges we face politically, environmentally and socially.

The conjunction is a collision between the old conditioned masculine and the deep sacred feminine, in both her healthy and distorted forms, and so the proverbial of both can hit the fan. Inside each of us, this activates old karmas but also represents opportunities for recognising and healing ancient wounds to both masculine and feminine.

Underneath the turmoil of this, it is a potential uniting of the intelligence, wisdom and power of the both sacred masculine and feminine.

Saturn is going through his own healing, thrust upon him by a square to his Wounded Healer son Chiron. This was another transit that coloured last year wanting to unravel the old contracted, defended masculine to allow more sensitivity and vulnerability to be reincorporated into the conscious masculine.

On the upside, Saturn, with Mercury in Sagittarius, is trining a hyper-kinetic conjunction of Uranus and Pallas Athena in Aries, an extraordinary combination of revolutionary wizard energy with the much focused goddess of feminine intelligence. Both are related to the movement of Kundalini energy, adding heightened voltage moving through our intellects and nervous systems. Like the Jupiter/Mars/Neptune dynamic, this conjunction supports an almost magical ability to direct thought, intention and sacred power for expression and the manifestation of our individual uniqueness in the world.

Finally, the emphasis on relationship and sexuality transformation is additionally reflected by a tight multi-conjunction of three of the tantric goddesses, Hygeia, Kali and Parvati, with Juno the traditional goddess of marriage, all in Aquarius. Each of these in turn sextiles Shiva in Sagittarius, another clear expression of the sacred marriage, a great catalyst for relationship evolution and a continuing theme throughout 2018.

Watch this tantric conjunction light up on the total eclipse at midnight on January 31 and an even more powerful New Moon eclipse on February 16. There will be more details to come in next month’s column.

May it be a brilliant year for you!

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.