Hopi Prophecy

Prophecy Rock in Arizona depicts the Hopi people's view that humanity is at a crossroads
Jeremy Ball continues with Part Two of his look at the earth wisdom of the Hopi people of North America. It speaks of Prophecy Rock.Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am delighted you are reading NOVA which means you are on your journey back to unity with all life. I hope the information that I reveal here, not my wisdom but that which I have been fortunate enough to meet with in my life, serves you and therefore all of us on this path.

This month's column follows directly on from last month and if you have not already done so I suggest you read it first. As with all of the magazine, you can read online at http://www.novaholisticjournal.com/ Videos of Lee Brown, the Native American oral historian, on whom much of last month's column is based, are on www.youtube.com and I encourage you to watch them. Viewing it will wake up your inner knowing and stir your soul on her path towards the truth and the light.

I was fascinated on reading and watching Lee Brown's account to hear that the Swiss people are the holders of the tablets for the white race of people that headed north and carry the teachings of fire. This is very interesting in light of the fact that the Swiss remained neutral for the first two shakings of the earth (World Wars I and II) and that they remain a nation outside the European Union, when many other nations and peoples are selling their soul to the market economy of Europe. Switzerland is also geographically located in one of the most beautiful and energetically powerful areas of the European continent.

The guardians of the yellow race of people who headed East and held and developed the teachings of air and the sacred breath were the people of Tibet, the last nation in Asia to be colonised and not from a Western, but Asian, power, China. It is also interesting to note that of all the nations of the Earth, the Swiss provided the greatest aid to Tibetan refugees, more than the rest of the world combined. Some 3000 Tibetan nationals have made Switzerland their new home.

We must remember when hearing Lee Brown's story, as with much indigenous oratory, that events spanning thousands and tens of thousands of years are being compressed into stories of 10 and 20 minutes and told by humble people without the need to impress or use grand language to set themselves above the listener. Instead, they use simple direct language to include and ignite the brothers and sisters they serve by keeping the truth and the light alive.

When Lee Brown talks of the yellow, white, red and black people, it would be easy to dismiss this wisdom as some quaint fable or child's story. Yet they all started out the same colour, the same people, and as they traversed the land and evolved and ingested minerals and energy from different areas, their form and embodiment changed. Our modern scientists tell us dark skinned people from Africa were the ancestors of all humans, but in moving north to colder climates the skin pigmentation lightened. Lee Brown has no need to convey the poetry of science to convince unbelievers, but to deliver the crux of the story to his loving clan.

I know in NOVA readers I speak to people who listen with their heart, those in our society who seek to lead our people back to a place of balance and harmony with Mother Earth and Great Spirit. So I will no longer talk in terms of justification to the mind, just relay the truth as carried through this recent tide of struggle by the elders.

And so we shall turn our attention to Prophecy Rock, a petroglyph rediscovered in the Arizona desert by a Hopi man, Thomas Banyanka. It is much more than a picture; it is a diagram depicting the recent paths humanity has travelled and the current predicament in which we find ourselves. And then, as some interpret, it suggests two possible paths for our future; one for humanity to return to a life of balance with our planet and the creator, or to burn in the great fire of purification.

Attached is a labeled photograph of the petroglyph. The figure at A represents the great spirit and guardian of the earth, the creator who meets with mankind and gives him the sacred circle (D), which is a promise of a life of peace and plenty if, and only if, man follows the spiritual path, and abides by the universal laws. At E, while the brown man waited, the white man travelled the earth to spread the spiritual circle and return with knowledge. On his return the white man was supposed to bring the circle back, but in the end he brought a cross instead. What happened is that the white man broke away from the Native American people and travelled the path of materialism as symbolised by the upper line with the three human figures (H). The Native Americans, though, stayed true to the path of balance as symbolised by the lower line on the petroglyph.

On the upper line, the first human figure represents the invention of the wheel or wagon, next the motor vehicle that moves itself, and the third, the aeroplane. With these innovations, the white man gained dominion over the earth, sea and sky. His thirst for power led to the first two great shakings of the earth, which were World Wars I and II (the lines with the circles underneath the figures (M). There is a third circle, a potential third disaster. Yet there is a bridge, the potential for the return from the path of the mind and ego and materialism to the path of balance and unity with the creator. Now we are at the crux. We find ourselves at the crossroads, with the fate of all of mankind hanging on one question - do we return to the sacred circle and the life of harmony and abundance, or do we take the jagged path leading us further from the spiritual path.

If enough of us stick to the path of materialism, the purification by fire will immediately commence. "There will be nothing left on this earth. The whole world will burn up," says Thomas Banyanka. Yet if enough of us, you return to a life of balance and harmony, we will survive the great purification, be present for the return of the creator, live a life of abundance and the line of life will continue forever.

For me, this story speaks of the Garden of Eden and how man, or as now we see some men, broke away from the garden led by greed. For this ancient story is alive, alive within us now. Our ancestors took the direction, yet we can return from the path of the mind to the path of the heart, like the prodigal son returning to the father and his faithful brother. Perhaps it was not wrong, perhaps it was meant to happen for evolution, with half the family pushing to the barriers while the other half remained in the centre - just like children learning the hard way through experience. Or perhaps this is the mind attempting to justify itself. Yet now is the time to surrender our egos to the creator and return, like our indigenous brothers, to a place of balance.

Another Hopi Prophecy goes: "The great-great grandchildren of the white conqueror would grow their hair long and rebel against society, travel east and west, gather in the mountains under the symbol of the White Buffalo. They would dance, sing and chant in many tongues. Their symbol would be the dove. They would be Brothers and Sisters to the Hopi - people of peace. They would come and go, yet be a sign that the Spirit is returning."

We are the ones returning for and on behalf of all. They will follow and our heart will lead them. We must take continued action now. Pray with your feet, walk in the right direction back to the path of peace and harmony. We do not need to grow dreadlocks or wear tie dye, but we do need to leave behind materially centred values and embrace love and harmony.