06.09.2017 Spirituality

Honouring the spiritual in our children

Author Bobbie Richardson urges a more imaginative holistic approach to education

Much has changed in the world since previous generations were brought up, yet we still teach our children in the same manner that we were taught.

Many educators stop the use of the imagination in the classroom by age 10 so that children can work towards a more logical way of thinking, but this leads to them being educated in an imbalanced way. The logical, compartmentalised and sequential left brain completely dominates the imaginative, holistic and intuitive right brain.

So do we all think this educational system is as good as it gets? What if we could empower our children to step outside the system and create their own? Are we wise enough to let go of an outdated system that was created to mass produce us as worker bees for those with all the power?

To do this we will first need to let go of what we were taught, right? Because the way we were taught is the very thing that is keeping us in a worker bee environment.

Our whole brain

Many liken our brain to a computer, but I’d like to go further than that. Yes, we have a left logical side that can be likened to a computer but if that’s the case our right hemisphere can be likened to a producer, a gatherer of ideas, connected to a fountain of imaginings beyond. Between our two hemispheres is what’s called the corpus callosum, a bridge where our ideas flow from our imaginings and are put in order by our left logical brain to fit into our concept of reality.

Now, without spirituality or allowing our right brain to have a say and think beyond what we know, we are only left with a “repeat and rinse” reality because that’s all the left brain can do on its own.

Our spirituality

Of course our spirituality far exceeds our brain, it also takes us into our body’s intuition, our connection to all, our soul, God, the Universe, Source and of course our hearts, our desires, our passions, our reason for being here. I’m not talking about religion here as religion is still limited by a program. I’m talking about our natural biological make up to be our authentic self. By that I mean the ability to know ourselves as a whole being to learn to take responsibility not only for our actions but also our thoughts, to far exceed this generation and take back our power to be more than this reality allows.

Our children

A baby is born from energy. You were born from energy; all you knew in the very beginning was energy. So it’s no wonder we all lose our memory of that very expansive unlimited reality to squish ourselves into a form that has limitations of being separate from all. But to take that limitation and to limit it even more by putting a child into a reality where any spiritual connection left is severed by humiliation, all so we can be more easily controlled, seems barbaric.

To gain our connection back is to allow a child to remember again.

Once I sat with an Elder and she let us listen to recordings of her grandchildren who were still taught self awareness and self value. What I heard from these children of knowing was so wise. Not only did they talk about being the usual - dancer, artist, lover of nature - they also brought up the codes they were born with, their knowing of other energies and their strong values and connections to their reality. Every child started off with “I am,” not the usual “I want to be”, that we often hear when we ask our children that limited question, “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

Why assume that a child has no say until they grow up or that they cannot know themselves from a young age?

So when we allow our educational program to go past the limitations of a drone-like reality and into a spiritual connection, then we are not only giving our kids a much more expansive start but also creating a future where we might have the chance to take back our power and stop being victims to a program that doesn’t serve us anymore.

Bobbie Richardson

Bobbie Richardson is the author and illustrator of two books, the new age children’s fiction Jonar & Kitty (A&A Publishing $15.99) and the children’s picture book, Imagine Holding Hands. For more information visit www.bobbierichardson.com.au