29.01.2016 Energy Healing

Homegrown Sacred Healer

Jeremy Ball experiences the transformative power of a healer who has triumphed over adversity

We each have a calling deep inside, a light within that wants to shine through us and bring specific qualities out into the world. For some, it is being the most loving mother and creating a beautiful home; for another, a carpenter creating beautiful furniture turning buildings into homes; others are actors creating entertainment and lessons in life through the visual arts.

A fortunate few know their life mission early on and work diligently towards it. Others, though, are thrust into it through life circumstance on a steep learning curve, particularly when these gifts are pioneering.

One such woman is Robyn Welch, born into an idyllic lifestyle on the edge of Sydney. She grew up in a loving family, riding horses and succeeding at sport. To all intents and purposes Robyn was living the Australian dream, a carefree life in bountiful nature growing up to be strong and independent.That all changed at the age of 13 when her mother suddenly died, and her father went into emotional collapse thrusting the burden of looking after her older brother with Down’s Syndrome and younger sister onto Robyn, just entering her teens.

Overnight, Robyn went from riding and swimming and being the apple of her father’s eye to surrogate sole parent to the family. A further blow came when her father who had previously been so encouraging of her desire to go on and study medicine, told her she could not go to university.

One solace in Robyn’s life was her grandmother to whom she had always felt the closest; a woman who provided much needed spiritual, emotional and practical support. A further tragedy occurred when, not long of her mother passed away, her grandmother followed.

Often our early experiences shape our being for the task ahead, like a furnace forging the tool. Robyn was bathed in the light of an ideal life and then thrust into a cauldron of pain and disharmony, echoing her later gifts of sourcing Universal energy to shape her mind to sense the subtleties of energetic disease and disharmony. And, of course, empowering her motivation to heal. But that day was yet to come.

Often our early experiences shape our being for the task ahead, like a furnace forging the tool.

Instead of university, once Robyn had finished school she relieved herself of the family burden and found work in central Sydney, fell in love and settled down. After having children, Robyn started a successful fashion business and it seemed once again she had an idyllic family - until her husband’s business failed and he began drinking. The family lost their home and Robyn was forced to take whatever work she could to get by and support her family.

Then, in 1979, Robyn was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She feared that, like her mother, she would die young and leave her children to raise themselves. Robyn writes in her book Exploring Dimensions with the Body:

“A few nights before surgery was scheduled, an astonishing notion liberated my mind from worry and fear. It seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere: I would heal myself.”

At first, this seemed incredible but the idea was so firm it quickly took root and Robyn just seemed to know what to do. There were no lights or apparitions but a deep inner certainty. Robyn began guiding white light in through her forehead, directing it towards the tumour. She would concentrate deeply to gather as much light as possible at her third eye and once her head was pulsating she would direct it as a fine ray of white light through her body with the intention of destroying the tumour.

After performing this visualisation continuously, when she reported to the hospital for surgery a few days later the tumour could not be found. Robyn told the doctor, “I zapped it with my energy ray.”

Although her doctor did not believe her, Robyn now had concrete evidence of her healing abilities and from there her sixth sense grew, bringing her information on people as she continued to practise channelling this energy.

There was to be one more dramatic event before Robyn would launch herself into her destined career.

On a rare night out with girlfriends their vehicle was involved in a terrible crash. Her three friends managed to clamber from the wreckage but Robyn was apparently lifeless. When the paramedics arrived they found she had a weak pulse and prised her from the wreckage. She had severe head injuries, a partially severed foot and many broken bones including three vertebrae.

Although Robyn has no memory of passing over, it seems that in that car wreckage she met the creator only to return back to her body. Through this experience, she gained a closer connection to the divine from where she sources her healing energy.

Now Robyn would have to completely reconstruct her body, with the help of God alone, as the doctors gave her little hope. It took nine years to recover a degree of wellness but through those years of determined effort and application Robyn’s health slowly returned.

During this long struggle, her relationship finally ended and once she was settled into university her new life began. Serendipity led Robyn to the US where energy healing was more accepted at that time and she found herself in a beautiful home overlooking the volcano Mount Rainier in the exquisite countryside outside of Seattle. It was here that she practised and honed her skills, at first seeing clients on a donation basis and then, out of necessity, charging for her work.

Robyn developed a system where she would scan the body in a specific order, spotting imbalance and then correcting it with her energy ray, healing all kinds of diseases and conditions. As her methods developed, she discovered that healing over the phone over any distance was actually more successful than in person, with people more relaxed and less guarded. This allowed her to return to her native Australia to be close to her family once more and she was lucky to find Australian society was by this time much more open to alternative healing. Robyn writes in depth about her healing method and experiences learned from thousands of clients in her books.

It took nine years to recover a degree of wellness

I met Robyn (over the phone) in late 2015 whilst suffering with poor health and had two sessions with her. The first thing I noticed was her spritely nature, loaded with energy and fun. When I experienced her healing I was taken aback by the subtlety and accuracy. I could feel her gently tracing my body with a white light beam that seemed to me very pure. I could feel the body part as she traced her light beam over it, and then Robyn would explain where she was tracing and diagnose, with startling accuracy, both conditions I was experiencing - those from the past (eg I smoked for six months years ago and injured an ankle in my teens) and even minor issues I felt I had but medical practitioners had denied as they couldn’t be measured. And Robyn did all this without any knowledge of myself or my health issues.

Robyn does not just diagnose with the light beam, she goes on to heal as she did with herself, ‘performing’ potent psychic surgery. Robyn is a complete dynamo; she doesn’t just deal with one or two ailments she gives a complete body healing. I think she must have dealt with at least a dozen conditions as she scanned my body. Straight after the session, I spent the afternoon sleeping like a baby. And one month later the healing has remained.

Robyn’s healing abilities point towards the possibilities for the human race going forward. And her life is an incredible example of life dealing us the exact lessons and circumstances we require to develop the qualities needed to achieve our divine destiny - as long as we have the courage and tenacity to stay the course.

I encourage each of you to look deeply at your life and take the plunge as Robyn did to fully realise your aspect of the divine perfection - for your own benefit and that of our world.

Jeremy Ball

At 26, following a “shamanic intervention”, Jeremy closed his business and left London to visit sacred sites and elders, later creating Transformational Tours and SacredFire.

When not roaming mother earth, you will find Jeremy at home in Byron Bay's hinterland, playing with his children and planning the next adventure. jeremy@transformationaltours.com.au