01.05.2017 Holistic Health

What are you thinking?

Counsellor Charlette Barry suggests some simple steps to combat those niggling negative thoughts

01.04.2017 Holistic Health

The Joy of Living

Barry Eaton shares his own experience of the healing power of combining holistic and conventional therapies

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01.04.2017 Holistic Health

Do you have Urban Woman Syndrome?

Dr Debra Villar shares how to eat, move, think your way to better health!

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07.02.2017 Holistic Health

Beating Chronic Inflammation

Adopting the right lifestyle and diet can keep this all-too-common condition at bay, says Jen Kaz

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18.01.2017 Holistic Health

Pain Relief from Massage

Research shows women seek massage to relieve pain and emotional lows

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07.07.2016 Holistic Health

Epigenetics and Healing

Psychologist Casey Terry sees great potential for the role of epigenetics in healing trauma passed down through generations

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04.04.2016 Holistic Health

Support for Alternative Health Care

We thought these two letters from our long time reader and letter writer Frank Schenk raise some very valid points. Frank, by the way, is well into his eighties.

01.01.2016 Holistic Health

Diet for Treating Cancer

Oriental treatments for cancer can boost immunity and strengthen energy, says practitioner Oliver LeJus

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