01.09.2016 Astrology

High Voltage Eclipses

Two eclipses hypercharge this coming month, says astrologer Daniel Sowelu

This month’s chart is dominated by two intense eclipses on the 1 and 17 of September. Just as many of us thought that things couldn’t get any more intense in the collective, here come two events that hypercharge both the challenges and the opportunities of this rather gruelling period in human evolution.

The solar eclipse on the 1 peaks at 5.07pm West Australian time, 7.07pm Eastern states time, while the lunar eclipse of September 17 peaks at 2:54am in WA and 4:54am on the East coast.

Of the two eclipses, the total solar eclipse on the 1st is the more challenging one. This dark New Moon occurs at 9° of Virgo and conjuncts the North Node, which, in itself, is an auspicious combination for dramatically empowering the new beginnings symbolism of the New Moon combined with the soul visions of the North Node. Inherent in this then are opportunities for envisioning both our personal and collective futures, getting more clues about our ultimate soul purposes and for planting the seeds for their eventual realisation.

However, at 9°, the solar eclipse forms a very challenging T-square involving Mars and Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius and, Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces. This particular T-square has been around for months now but given a great deal of additional voltage by the eclipse.

There are also some equally potent and positive line-ups in this eclipse chart - a multiple conjunction of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and the Kali asteroid in late Virgo and early Libra, the ongoing tantric combination of Shiva and Parvati in late Leo, and a grand sextile wrapped around the Nodes!

The warrior god Mars, in conjunction with the god of discipline and duty Saturn, in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, can be pictured as a double-edged sword. One edge of this sword is to present us with significant frustrations to forward movement, creating a tension which activates old forms of wounded and conditioned masculine power and authority.

The other rather contradictory edge is about honing the raw masculinity of Mars so that we can express the same power and authority creatively and effectively in the world. It means harnessing the fire and passion of Sagittarius so that we are better able to walk our talk, confront obstacles as opportunities for growth and greater consciousness, and direct this potency in service of our soul visions, so activated by the first eclipse.

The planet Neptune has been hovering around the South Node of the Moon and will continue to do so until December. Spiritually and psychically, this is a subtle yet magnificent line-up for opening to our past life records - flushing out old residues from this history, while unveiling spiritual and creative gifts gathered over many lifetimes to be bought into this one. These gears can manifest as great insight, accurate intuition, deeper meditations, heightened creative vision, enhanced empathy and receptivity, and those inner states that connect us to non-rational forms of knowledge and awareness.

Each part of this process will be hypercharged by both eclipses, so it’s an ideal time for past life regression and psychic-emotional release work to support this simultaneous flushing and unveiling. This will release energy and gifts to be incorporated more fully into this life in ways that support us to be in greater alignment with our ultimate soul purpose, represented by the North Node.

As you can see, both the Mars/Saturn and Neptune/North Node processes have significant positive possibilities attached. However the two conjunctions are squaring each other, a conflicting arrangement that heightens the differences between the levels of reality they represent. While the former is about here and now practical reality, the latter is about the soul level reality that can be very nebulous at the best of times. Neither is more important than the other but the challenge is how to bridge these very different ways of seeing life.

Fortunately, with Mercury and Venus beautifully conjunct Jupiter at the end of Virgo, the bridging of mystical and physical worlds is supported by this gracious, relational conjunction.This is enhanced by the presence of Jupiter, who acts to expand our mental and intellectual openness to greater possibilities, while providing an energetically binding influence to proceedings.

As for the second eclipse, again the astrology is extraordinary, with an additionally strong emphasis on healing.

As a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse, the Moon in Pisces at 24 degrees is conjunct the great healer Chiron, while the Sun at 24 degrees of Virgo is still in conjunction with the benevolent Jupiter at the beginning of Libra.

Likewise, the lovely Venus is also in Libra and perfectly conjunct the other great healer Hygeia, the kundalini goddess of sacred knowledge and power, while the two of them oppose the revolutionary Uranus in Aries. In itself, this is an explosive combination for great awakenings spiritually and sexually, and for healing releases. But when combined with the deep psychic depth charge of an eclipse, the opportunities for life changing experiences are equally enormous.

The overriding sense I get about this second eclipse is that it is a powerful and potentially liberating follow-up to the intense challenges of the first eclipse. We can make the most of these opportunities with deep, quality spiritual and healing practices. Hopefully we can get some relief from the long-term intensity of this year!

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.