High Voltage

Highly charged but energising experiences and a total eclipse in store this month
This month, and on another level since the middle of 2009, the 26 degree mark in every sign of the zodiac has been a hot spot in the collective and our individual charts.It was at 26 degrees of Aquarius that Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron came together in June of 2009, and the latter two, who have continued their dance together since are now back at the same point. During the same month, Uranus was also at 26 degrees, this time in Pisces and is now at the same point, accompanied by Jupiter close at hand.

The Neptune/Chiron conjunction has been a major player in this time in our lives, producing a turbulent mixture of psychic openings, deep healing tsunamis and waves of dissolution and unknowing, as part of a great clearing process that is still afoot and about to have its last exact peak, this month! Uranus in Pisces has added further chaos and liberating movement with some similar long term goals and is now amply amplified by the inflationary Jupiter.

We live in interesting times and this month has the feelings of some form of completion, but is likely to go out with a bang, amid more general chaos and extraordinary creative and spiritual possibilities as the cracks in the old widen into chasms. So anything you might have at 26 degrees of your own chart is in the midst of a multi-pronged workover and/or workout, depending on what signs it's in. And it's the final peak in a series over the last years and our experience of the later peaks is very much influenced by what was worked with, moved and healed at the earlier ones.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself revisiting certain issues, wounds and experiences, but with further inspiration and healing energy in support.

And, surprise, surprise, the Neptune/Chiron and the Jupiter/Uranus figure not just strongly in this month's chart, but also in a total eclipse on the 21st. We can expect some highly charged energies and experiences during the month, some of them radical and unpredictable, but also powerfully energising.

After these simultaneous peaks, each of these players will enter new territory in the new year, making 2011 more than just another new year. There has been so much repeated retrograde action in the last three years, which is nothing unusual. What is unusual is the nature of these line ups.

One of the highlights of this month is an exceptionally creative, dynamic multiple conjunction of Eros, Pallas Athena, Mars and Mercury in late Sagittarius. This is a fearless, forward moving, action-oriented combination, incorporating the feminine and masculine warrior energies of Pallas and Mars, and the pure creative freedom and spark of Eros with the planetary ruler of the way our minds work. In Sagittarius, it is fiery and assertive, passionate and inspirational, deeply wanting ideas - its longing for the truth of things - to be translated into action and expression. Fantastic energy when well directed and like a centaur in a china shop if not - opinionated, fundamentalist, self righteous, aggressively egocentric, tripping over the fine detail, offering more than it can deliver.

And a mixture of the two we will get, as the whole conjunction sextiles the Chiron/Neptune, enhancing the connection between dynamic creativity and elevated sensitivity and healing energies. It also squares the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction, which increases the voltage of the combination, making it simultaneously expansive and unstable. We can expect some spectacular breakthroughs and creative innovation and some equally spectacular crashes, on any level.

The presence of Jupiter in the mix normally ensures that we are protected from the worst manifestations, but both he and Uranus are being shadowed by the two dark goddesses, Hekate and the Black Moon. These ladies provide a deeper tone of emotional and psycho spiritual power to the expressions of these two sky gods. This layer of energy is important to take into account, as it would be easy to ignore their presence and be swept away by the higher chakra qualities of the Uranus/Jupiter.

We have to watch out for taking flight when things get too intense, as this tends to aggravate the historical grievances of the sacred feminine to our detriment and robs us of far deeper spiritual power and gifts that the combination, in its essence, wants to bestow.

The total eclipse on the 21st (7.18 pm AEST, 4.18 pm AWT) shares a similar dynamic, as the Sun reaches the same degrees of Sagittarius and its opposing Moon reaches the same in Gemini and repeats the good aspects to the Chiron/Neptune and hard aspects to the Jupiter/Uranus.

This is an interesting Christmas present from the universe. It's seriously good enough to have me say, get yourself in a good position to take advantage of its healing and opening potential on any level - emotionally, psychically, creatively and spiritually. And take care, as there are enough explosive and even dangerous energies with it to avoid risky and unstable situations. I like to see eclipses as catapults in the psychic environment and you never know if you'll land in the hay or in the proverbial.

Have a safe and heartfelt Christmas.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist
and groupleader in his 27th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au