31.03.2018 Astrology

Hidden Fruits

Daniel Sowelu challenges us to find the gifts behind the obstacles ahead this month

This month starts almost exactly on the Full Moon, with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. It is however a particularly tough Full Moon, squaring both a multiple conjunction of Mars, Saturn, Shiva and the Black Moon in Capricorn. So the big question for this month is how well we deal with adversity and extract the hidden fruits from behind blockages, frustration and delay.

Normally, a Mars/Saturn conjunction will bring up a week or two of garden variety frustration, forcing us to work hard, get more focused and breathe through whatever obstacles get thrown in our path. Such a conjunction squaring an Aries Sun is a great challenge to the Ram who prefers to charge ahead unhindered, but in this case can run straight into proverbial brick walls.

Often those brick walls are internal, a form of patriarchal - style conditioning that crops up as excessive negativity, absorbed beliefs about our worth and ability, how we should operate in the world, and how we should express the masculine.

On one level, Saturn can appear to be an absolute prick, but if you can get to his real message, it’s how to use adverse terrain intelligently. It means realising the wisdom of having our blind spots and internal weaknesses highlighted, so that we can attend to them, thereby firming up in places where we have habitually done ourselves in.

Even on a purely physical level, if you can’t move forward, sharpen your tools and get better at planning and anticipating future possibilities.

Contrary to popular opinion, where Saturn energy is often interpreted as “toughen up, work harder, deny or sacrifice yourself”, deep Saturn energy incorporating wise old ones within, actually resonates with “work smarter instead”. Well used, Saturn allows us to review all or any part of our lives with clear-sighted realism, to make us ultimately more effective. Don’t fall into the trap of pushing too hard in compensation.

However, this is not a garden variety Saturn Mars conjunction. By throwing the Black Moon into the picture, the stakes are much higher and the grunge comes from much deeper in processes that have been called “psychic chemotherapy”!

So some of the obstacles we have to face are from much deeper territory, potentially lethal if unhealed but life changing if we’re successful. And yet her presence also provides for burning through old karmas and purifying even the deepest toxins and distortions within us.

Another reflection of this inner drive for deep change is that Persephone, the traditional goddess of the underworld and the cycle of death and rebirth, is exactly on the Full Moon in Libra.

If we see the Moon as representing the emotional energies at any time, when it is directly overhead at the highest point in the chart, it alone describes a month of emotional purging, release and letting go – even without squaring the same Saturn/Mars/Black Moon combination!

Even the lovely Venus is in change mode.

She starts the month conjuncting the unpredictable and freedom loving Uranus, creating a high degree of restlessness, especially in stagnant situations. Having just entered the earthy Taurus, she immediately sextiles Eros, signalling a brief period of party time, before starting a series of trines to the same Shiva/Mars/Saturn/Black Moon combination through the second week of the month.

As most of you will know, Mars is her traditional consort, while Shiva represents a more refined and yet more powerful expression of masculine energy. What goddess of love would not enjoy the dalliance with the god of tantric sexuality?

However, having Saturn there is a rather contradictory situation. The old patrician can be a bit too crusty and serious for the sensual Aphrodite. Still, she has a way of softening and melting rough edges of the masculine, making the old bloke smile, even as he sets some traps and challenges to the Libran Moon and the Aries Sun.

From a broader perspective, the cycles of change around relationships are still very strong.

The goddess of marriage Juno is exactly conjunct the fierce Kali, while sextiling both the Black Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. In simultaneously trining gracious Jupiter, this sets up a near-perfect situation for combining deep transformation and exceptional psychosexual empowerment with tremendous grace and free-flowing movement.

For those on the conscious healing journey, April is an important month, as Chiron the Wounded Healer, who’s been transiting Pisces since 2011, goes into the sign of Aries for the next nine years. This represents a long period of healing around fire energy, independence, individuality and pioneering warrior energy. As he has a 49 year cycle, it also puts on notice everyone born during the early 1970s, the last time that Chiron was in Aries, that they are coming into their Chiron Returns.

Spiritually and psychologically, this is a huge transition, up there in the same realms as our Saturn Returns and the midlife transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The Chiron Return represents the completion of important karmic cycles, a revisiting of our deepest wounds for further healing and a series of initiations that awaken more fully the organic healing power within everybody.

We will speak more of this process in later columns. For this month though, take good care of yourself, be kind, avoid hardening up and instead look for the wisdom and gifts behind the challenges.

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.