02.07.2017 Astrology

Hekate Helps Out

Having this powerful medicine woman on hand will help us juggle conflicting demands in July, says Daniel Sowelu

On the simplest level, July looks like being a tug-o-war month, with significant congregations of energies in both Cancer and Capricorn.The Cancer Sun begins in union with the medicine woman Hekate before catching up with Mars in Cancer with the two then travelling together for the duration of the month. Mercury is also in the same sign but scoots relatively quickly into Leo on the 7th.

Having a multiskilled witch-like medicine woman on hand is a good thing, as the month will present significant challenges and power struggles, while offering tremendous opportunities spiritually and creatively. Hekate within us is fully capable of juggling the demands and we will need her multidimensional awareness to make the most of the month.

On a more mundane level, Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer is a purposefully resolute energy for getting things done, particularly if one’s goals are emotionally important. Cancer has a slower pace that goes for depth and quality, as Mars expresses his “can do” physicality in the world.

However, the Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunction are opposite the intense and ongoing conjunction of the goddess of healing Hygeia, Zeus’s consort Juno, the revolutionary Kali and the transformative planet Pluto, all in Capricorn. The last conjunction represents a powerful collective imperative for deep healing, personal and relationship transformation, and all-chakra spiritual and tantric awakenings - an awesome combination that is simultaneously piercing and opening.

However profound this conjunction’s potentials, they do require a degree of emotional availability to such openings as well is a great deal of courage to dive that deeply. The response of Cancerian energy within us will obviously vary between individuals but the core question is how much we can open to allow such healing and deep change to happen. Traditionally, Cancer has a reputation for pulling up the drawbridge and fortifying its initial response to resist any such encroachment on sensitive emotional material beneath its armour. (Note the battle imagery befitting the presence of Mars in the equation)

This then is the source of potential power struggles, both within and without, doubly reflected by Mars and Mercury exactly opposite Pluto. This can also correspond with a tendency to see others as having the power or even attracting overpowering individuals, and then the tug-o-war begins. The trick in these situations is to understand that the power, the true transformative power of self is actually within us, and that the more we own that, the less we need to attract situations where we feel bullied or victimised.

And in the case of the Cancerian part of self, the more we take risks in vulnerability, in opening up to our deeper feelings and allowing our body’s intelligence to guide the releasing of old pain, the more we can take up these opportunities for great healing.

Fortunately, the month also provides supportive aspects to both ends of these intense oppositions that allow us to be more fluid in our response to these challenges.

Firstly, the Libran Moon is conjunct both Shiva and Jupiter midway between the oppositions. This position offers a more stepped back, observational position to witness both sides of any conflict while staying connected to a flexible inner core that can bend with proceedings. Both Shiva and Jupiter make transformative and healing processes more fluid by enhancing our capacity to trust and let go.

On the other side of the chart, the Sun/ Mars/ Mercury combination sends multiple trines to Neptune in Pisces, aspects that allow us to be more psychically and emotionally fluid within ourselves. This can lessen resistant tendencies while, in a broad sense, allowing greater synchrony between our personal energy drives and greatly enhanced intuitive and creative availability. Basically, this means we can get things done and become more effective as our general awareness is both heightened and sensitised. Neptune has a way of opening us up psychically, in ways that allow for more expanded possibilities in any situation.

On the relationship front, this continues to be a fiercely challenging time with Juno the goddess of marriage hanging out with Pluto, Kali and Hygeia. Within this stormy combination we can release a great deal of what I call “marriage conditioning”, from societal and parental influences that has tended to hide our own authentic truths about what kind of relationship truly suits us. Unhealed losses and betrayals, anger and rage are also fair game.

Kali and Pluto will want to sever bonds that have lost their energy, are too stagnant to change or wherever power balances are unequal - situations that are intolerable to both the sacred and deeply personal feminine. They are both destroyers of ignorance, naiveté and unconsciousness, using the sword of truth to cut away the old so that we can connect more fully to our authentic selves and from that place be able to create authentic relationship. Juno wants to become the queen that she truly is, to be met by an equal and be treated as such.

In this twin process of purification and empowerment, it is truly a great thing that the kundalini goddess of healing Hygeia is in this mix. As a goddess of sacred and transformative sexuality, she is more than just a detoxifying influence. She also seeks to open us to the purity and potency of our core psychospiritual self, whatever our gender. May we all be able to allow her to blossom within us!

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.