31.03.2016 Astrology

Heightened Creativity

Daniel Sowelu sees April as a heightened time for expressing unique vision, insights and creativity

So, now we are in the afterwash of the two recent eclipses, the second of which dropped its psychic depth charge into the very beginning of Aries. And, as eclipses reverberate for many months, many of their major themes continued through April and beyond.

On one level, it will be quite magical in a rather chaotic way, with the Aries Sun conjunct Hekate, the so-called witch Queen, while Mercury in Aries conjuncts Uranus. The symbolism of both invokes the powers of manifestation from both feminine and masculine lines of energy. Hekate represents those lines that include the medicine women, midwives, priestesses and witches of old, while Uranus lines include the magi, alchemists and astrologers, as well those from the Merlin traditions.

This will obviously sound very esoteric and begs the question about how these particular energies can be expressed in the modern world. The best I can say is that this is a heightened time for expressing unique vision, insights and creativity in seemingly magical ways, ones that are often guided by exceptional synchronicities and “chance” occurrences. This capacity for manifestation is very much supported by positive aspects, trines, to Saturn in Sagittarius, who himself is an earth magician and grounded master of manifestation.

The Mercury Uranus conjunction also extends a sextile to Pallas Athena in Aquarius who, like Saturn, is able to concentrate, focus and direct creative power. But she adds the intelligence of the warrior feminine to our capacity to create well in the outer world.

At a time when there is a tremendous amount of resistance and conflict in the collective, it’s good to remind ourselves that we all have this magical capacity. For instance, while Mercury and Uranus are a brilliantly stimulating duo they are also at the base of the intense grand cross that includes Pluto and Lilith in Capricorn, the Black Moon opposite in Libra and square to the Kali asteroid in Cancer. Talk about a grand cosmic pressure cooker!

While Uranus would seek to take to the skies to avoid the intensity, with Mercury in tow, Pluto and the dark ladies are demanding our concentrated presence in a deeper journey of transformation.

Fortunately, support for deep and dramatic life changes is equally great. Pluto continues to trine Jupiter, adding gracious flow to this God of death and rebirth, while sextiling a healing conjunction of Chiron, Venus and Ceres in Pisces. The latter wrap themselves around the South Node of the Moon, drawing great mysteries out of our past life records and in doing so, activating strong healing around relationships and relationship dynamics that have their origins in this deeper past.

While Lilith and Kali have fierce reputations and a shared tendency towards retribution for past wrongs done to the sacred feminine, both are connected beautifully with the kundalini goddess of healing Hygeia, a part of self that knows how to transform the deepest toxins and trauma within us. This is both a personal and collective process, one of healing disturbed and traumatised energy lines in our family system, while supporting the reclamation of sacred feminine in the collective. This includes both loving and using these fierce warrior goddesses who target injustice and dishonesty, and demand the inclusion of the intelligent, wise deep feminine in our world.

Once again, the great healers Chiron and Hygeia line up in a perfectly exact opposition, highlighting the extraordinary healing opportunities of this time. Having Venus in Pisces and Ceres joined to the two applies the same healing potential to our hearts, extending our capacity for love beyond our woundedness towards the ecstatic Tantric freedom of Hygeia. Certainly having Lilith and Kali onside, through sextile and trine, adds juice and potency to the natural delicacy and sensitivity of Venus in Pisces.

However, her traditional consort Mars, currently in Sagittarius, is in a tricky square to the nebulous Neptune. Even though he has great aspects to the Aries Sun and Eros in Aquarius, a Mars Neptune square is like trying to fight an undermining adversary in a thick fog! And if we try and toughen up and push forward egocentrically, Neptune will simply trip us up so that we fall flat on our faces. What’s needed here to step back a little, take some quiet breaths while trusting our psychic radar to tune in to a deeper and more expanded perceptual awareness, and then move forward.

And, finally, the North Node of the Moon, that luminous symbol of future karma and possibilities, continues her threesome with Hygeia and Jupiter in Virgo, a dance that started late last year and continues through to June. This month, Hygeia is exact this Node, while Jupiter takes a bit more of the back seat, allowing this gorgeous goddess of healing to illumine future expressions of all the healing trades. Thanks to her connection to the Shakti goddesses of India, and particularly Lalita, the goddess of sacred sexuality, she describes further empowerment of the union of sacred masculine and feminine, both personally and professionally.

While current research findings are all over the net about the influence of pornography and social media on our children and adolescents, it is equally important that we have a vision to include sacred healing sexuality in our education and in mass media. Hygeia on the North Node supplies such visions!

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.