04.02.2019 Health News

Huge cost of medicine harm

Problems with medicines are behind an alarming number of hospital admissions and visits to emergency departments each year in Australia.

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08.01.2019 Health News

Call for asthma vaccine for infants

Infants most vulnerable to virus-induced asthma after six months

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01.12.2018 Health News

Australia gripped by opioid use

The opioid epidemic sweeping the US has now reached Australia according to recent research.

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05.11.2018 Health News

Spotting cataract symptoms

Lack of awareness of cataract symptoms leads to fear

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01.10.2018 Health News

Doubt cast on low dose aspirin

A seven year study involving more than 19,000 people has shown that low dose aspirin has no appreciable preventive health benefits.

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09.09.2018 Health News

Digital twin for knee pain

Digital technology to help people with ‘bad knees’.

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02.07.2018 Health News

Bone scans red flag heart disease

Routine bone density scans already performed on Australians to identify their risk of fractures could now also be used as an early warning for heart attack or stroke.

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01.06.2017 Health News

Chronic Back Pain

Lifestyle changes can help with this common and debilitating health issue.

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