02.03.2017 Health News

Soil linked to antibiotic resistant bacteria

Soils containing even small amounts of metals are more likely to contain strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria, according to new research from Edith Cowan University

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02.02.2017 Health News

New resource to aid fear of hypoglycaemia

A new handbook to help diabetics cope with their disease

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09.01.2017 Health News

Low Vitamin D link to autism

New study points to low Vitamin D in pregnancy and autism

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01.12.2016 Health News

Asthma risk greatest for older women

Melbourne’s extraordinary “thunderstorm asthma” crisis in late November gives new urgency to figures showing the risk the disease poses, particularly to older women.

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16.11.2016 Health News

Eye disorders more common in women

Women outnumber men for eye services provided in Australia

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04.08.2016 Health News

Carotenoids cut risk of insulin resistance

Vegies have yet another string to their bow - with major implications for diabetes and other chronic lifestyle diseases
09.06.2016 Health News

Bedding debunked as main asthma trigger

New Australian research has overturned 40 year old dogma that bedding is the most important trigger for asthma symptoms.

02.03.2016 Health News

Gut bacteria roles differ in sexes

Some gut bugs really are from Mars while others are from Venus

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