01.06.2017 Spirituality

​Healing with the Circle of Friends

Geha Edwards shares her own story of finding the answers she seeks through the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.

I am drawn to write this article about the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, and remind you as you read that this is purely my personal perspective and experiences thus far. I find it to be a particularly powerful path towards reconnection with God through Bruno’s simple teachings, with particular emphasis on those who have reached the very end of their tether and are suffering immensely, and those for whom the medical profession can do no more.

I was brought up in South Africa, having been trained as a ballet teacher and shorthand typist. Enormous fear and anxiety were embedded in my nervous system due to growing up in the apartheid era of that country. Most houses at that time had iron gates in the passages, burglar guards on all the windows, outside spotlights, guard dogs, and most families that I knew of had a gun in the house - so called "protection" in case the "Africans" broke into our houses and killed us! The ratio at that time was 13 million blacks to 3-5 million "whites".

In 1970, I was lucky enough to get out of that country by marrying an Australian man. The yearning to be free from fear and anxiety, along with deep feelings that I was "weird" and that there was definitely something wrong with me, propelled me to immerse myself in all manner of spiritual belief systems and teachings. It was only in about 2014 that I discovered that I had suffered from a condition called misophonia since I was 12 years old.

I could write a book about my search for healing over the past 40 years. In brief, my conditioning included teachings and belief systems from many spiritual traditions including Catholicism, spiritualism, Eastern traditions and all manner of current new age approaches, psychotherapies, and psychological explorations.

Even though I grew enormously in terms of knowledge, my personal "story" remained deeply entrenched in my body/mind until I started trauma counselling and then found Bruno Groening.

Bruno Groening came into my life three years ago when I wanted to die so desperately as my physical health was beyond bearable. A girlfriend with whom I had been doing trauma counselling mentioned Bruno Groening to me and asked if I would like her mentor to contact me. I said "yes please" immediately as I was in a desperate state and crying out to God for help. So I was "introduced" to the Circle of Friends and started learning how to let go and give everything over to Bruno.

Bruno Groening’s gift from God was “to help the suffering mankind”. Initially, the conservative framework of Bruno’s teachings seemed so far removed from the Eastern devotional approaches that I had loved so dearly in the past. Yet on a deeper level, there was this innate wisdom within me that his message was no different at the core, so I stopped comparing…. and the fact that I had screamed out for help and it came in this form, made me realise that I could not ignore it! Hence I chose to open up to Bruno’s teachings and although my full healing is still in process whilst I learn to let go and develop faith and trust, so many little things that I asked Bruno for have come about so far that my conviction is growing daily and I already feel a newfound strength and faith. Bruno asks only that you find conviction on this path for yourself by applying his teachings to your life. He is one of those rare teachers who can take on all your burdens if you really want to let go of them. We have all been given free will, so one has to choose to do this and take responsibility for this "great turnaround" (as Bruno calls it), which requires a completely new level of trust!

So who is Bruno Groening? He was born in Germany in 1906 and left his body and went to the "other side" in 1959. He was a phenomenon of those times, during and after the Second World War.

He healed thousands of people who came to him for help and his teachings include profound insights into the power of evil and how it impacts on our actual health.

I can only attempt to share a little of what I have learned about his life story at this point, as I honour the Bruno Groening Organisation’s many existing methods of introducing someone to these precious teachings. If you are truly lost then you can go online immediately and research this medically verifiable phenomenon that continues to this day! I can only tickle your heart by sharing my experience.

In his time thousands of people came to Bruno for healing and to those who were healed, he would always say, “Don’t thank me. Thank God… He did it”. He stated that there was no "incurable" and if one trusted and believed this with all one’s heart, and more importantly followed his teachings, then one could develop the capacity to receive the divine healing stream that came through him from God. Bruno Groening was able to see from a very high place, and found mankind to have strayed so far from goodness, and from God, that he chose to come to this earth to help others. He experienced the physical realms of human suffering with more than his fair share of human loss, but, in doing so, he cleared the path for mankind and forged a new doorway for reconnection to God. He called himself a "friend". The Circle of Friends was formed by those many people who were around him during his life and for whom miraculous healings were proof of the limitless power of God.

There are also children and youth in the Circle of Friends and the parents are so grateful that by receiving the power from God through doing einstellen (tuning in) with Bruno at such an early time in their lives, they are given the tools to avoid the pitfalls that most adults fell into in the past. There are also people who came unburdened to the Friends who have noticed a new zest for life that was missing.

The Bruno Groening Organisation was awarded a Peace Pole at the United Nations for being an ambassador for Peace, and the Circle of Friends is growing around the planet right now as people seek truth and justice and healing during these turbulent times.

The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends exists all over the world, and there are ongoing worldwide community meetings, information lectures, books, music and documentary films available. All healings are reported and documented with medically verifiable doctors’ reports.

I trust and have faith that this information finds its home in the hearts of all those readers who are searching for healing and peace. I have always loved and been inspired by reading the healing journeys of my beloved fellowman, hence I hope this inspires all who are searching for complete healing, health and happiness.

Enjoy and trust what makes your heart feel inspired and warm.

And I have just found out – after I wrote this article – that there is an information lecture coming to Perth on July 2, 2017. Contact info online is: info@bruno-groening.org.

Disclaimer: This article is a personal account of the writer's own journey to healing and not intended to replace other treatment methods and approaches. Readers should be guided by their own healthcare providers.

​Geha Edwards

Geha Edwards is a former ballet teacher and choreographer and has also taught meditation, sacred dance and Wu Tao. She lives in Margaret River.