04.04.2016 Tai Chi/Chi Gung

Healing the Spirit

Sahaja Coventry finds deep healing in a form of Qigong practised by eight million people

Come back, Come back.

These were the words that penetrated my heart as I watched Master Mingtong Gu on the Internet sharing his healing story, which ultimately led him to become recognised as one of the leading Qigong teachers in the world today. He experienced a powerful trauma of falling into an Eastern toilet (a hole in the floor) and losing consciousness when he was very young. His adopted grandmother, using the ancient wisdom of calling someone back when spirit separates from the body, held out a stick repeatedly calling his name saying Come Back, Come Back, calling his spirit back to his body.

He had no memory of the trauma, which manifested physically as asthma in the body: “Can’t breathe, no choice but to leave this body.”

Many years later in his Qigong practice, when the timing was ripe, he faced the memory and healed the condition. This experience set the framework for compassion, empathy and skill in how to work with people today with challenges of all natures. As he says, Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong (WHQ) is not just movements, sounds and visualisations; it is about healing the deep separation between the body and mind. It is about healing the spirit.

Mingtong offers something unique in that he has lived in the USA for 30 years, having become fully bilingual and bicultural. He is able to translate and transmit this 5,000 year old ancient wisdom in a way that Westerners have been able to embrace with lasting benefits.

Mingtong seems to have access to both sides of the brain being proficient in modern technology as well as the Arts (he has two Masters degrees in Fine Arts and Mathematics). He has created an online learning centre, which offers an extraordinary way of learning with videos, live streaming, audio webinars, downloadable ebooks, meditations and healing transmission sessions, which allow people from around the world to learn this art of Self Healing and Energy Medicine.

He is also one of the most unconditionally happy beings I have ever met. His spontaneous laughter is contagious, and he quickly became a role model for me to find the joy that is not based on life circumstances. Amazingly, by committing to a daily practice, it just seems to happen.

So what is Wisdom Healing Qigong? “Qi” translates as life force or energy and “gong” means practice. This system of physical movements, meditations, vibrational sound chanting and visualisations are all integrated in a way that allows the practitioner (one who practises Qigong) to access the subtle energy of the living universe, also known as Source energy. This creates integration, a reconnection and coherence of one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Sounds like a mouthful, yes? We live in an ocean of subtle energy.

Quantum physics now tells us that only 4% of the living universe is visible. That leaves 96% of energy that is invisible, subtle yet absolutely present and tangible.

The capacity of the practitioner to access this 96% subtle energy allows transformation to happen on all dimensions - physical healing happens, emotions are balanced; even spiritual awakening arrives in the “Qigong state”.

The roots of Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong are fascinating. Apparently there are eight million practitioners on the planet right now. Dr Pang, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Western Medicine, developed Zhineng Qigong in the 1980s. He studied and trained with 19 grandmasters throughout China and Tibet before becoming a grandmaster himself. He then set up the largest Medicine-less Qigong Hospital in the world.

During the two decades The Center (as it was called) operated, it treated more than 200,000 patients. People were required to have conventional medical tests and records prior to enrolment, and they were greeted as “student” rather than “patient”. This helped to empower the students to learn the art of healing themselves. Many arrived after conventional medicine deemed them hopeless, and they went on to become teachers at The Center.

In 1998, from March until June, 2,088 people were tested before and after the program. Without any treatment other than Qigong, The Center showed a 95% effectiveness rate including 20% totally cured with no trace of the original condition. In the 1990s, the Chinese government recognised WHQ as the most effective Qigong style for healing.

In the 1990s, the Chinese government recognised WHQ as the most effective Qigong style for healing.

Mingtong received his training from Dr Pang at The Center. There he met his wife Linling, also a Qigong teacher and healer, before returning to the US where he set up The Chi Center 15 years ago. His larger vision is to find that perfect setting/retreat center where he can create a new Center for people to come for longer retreats, perhaps stay for many months or even years. Slowly, people are coming on board who share that vision.

I, for one, share that vision. I have now experienced six months of daily WHQ practice. I have experienced profound shifts in my energy as well as my emotional world. Previous anxieties and fears I now address through the Sound healing. Rather than delve into the “issue” underlying the fear, the sound vibrational chanting goes straight to the emotional energy held in the organs. As Mingtong says, very few of us truly have an intimate relationship with our body, our organs. I can feel this friendliness/intimacy growing in me towards my body, my heart, my kidneys, my liver, digestive organs and lungs. It’s a deeper layer of self love down to the tiniest molecule.

I also love the practice Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down. I can only describe it as a series of graceful movements expanding into Source energy and then bringing the Qi (or Chi) back into the body, mirroring the basic yin/yang breath of existence. Having practised different meditations for years, these simple movements amaze me in their capacity to slow down and bypass the mind.

Now I am participating in the 10 day Gong of the Preliminary Practices. These are five primary exercises to awaken vitality by releasing frozen energy blockages in the body. It takes approximately that long to create new neural pathways in the brain, so the commitment to 100 days is the way to go. Each morning my partner and I do this 30 minute practice (and yes, every day Reuben the groodle joins in on one of the sounds, Haola, which means “All is well and getting better”). I have already noticed significant improvements in digestion and sleep, less stress, and most importantly, I feel as if I am coming home to my body.

I have been so experientially moved by all the practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong as well as Mingtong Gu’s deep wisdom that I had no choice but to invite him to Australia for the first time. There will be a Group Healing Event on Thursday, May 5 7-9pm at the South Perth Community Hall. The residential retreat booked up quickly, but you can register interest for a waiting list and future retreats. Master Gu always emphasises that these events and practices are for everyone of all ages and conditions. You don’t have to wait until you are well to participate. All movements can be modified for the present condition.

Qigong practice does require some commitment, but wow, it’s so worth it. Our precious body is our sacred home that we have been given while we are here on earth.

"The greatest discovery of modern science is the link between the energy coursing through the cells of our body and the energy that gave birth to the stars and galaxies and life itself. Qigong is the embodiment of this discovery. Through the practice of Qigong, one comes to feel the energy that pervades us and carries us forward in our lives; and one begins to abide in this primordial healing energy that has brought forth our cosmos over the last 13.7 billion years." - Brian Swimme, mathematical cosmologist and author of The Universe Story
Sahaja Coventry

Sahaja Coventry has been teaching wholefoods/macrobiotics for 23 years and delights in sharing the tools and knowledge that have transformed her life.