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Healing Relationships

This October is an important month of healing in the Australian psyche, says Daniel Sowelu

When you are working with astrology, and particularly astrology that involves the asteroids, any chart you create is incredibly complex. And indeed it is part of the trade to be able to unravel the mysteries of current collective processes. With this month’s chart, however, this complexity is particularly paradoxical!

You would think that with Jupiter still in the sign of Libra, in Libra’s month of the year, that this would be a positive sign. While this is true, the aspects to the Libran Sun, and to the sign’s ruler Venus, are exceptionally contradictory. I think we are in for a weird month!

What we do know is that there is a particularly strong emphasis on relationships, beyond that of just Libra.

The Libran Sun is conjunct the lovely Psyche asteroid, a higher octave of Venus and a stepping stone towards soul connected partnerships. Meanwhile, Venus and her archetypal husband Mars are conjunct in Virgo, getting a mixed reception from Neptune, Pluto and Saturn.

On one hand then, the Sun/Psyche conjunction opens our hearts and minds to the longing for soul union, seeking to refine our capacity for love and intimacy. However, it squares the Kali/Hygeia/Juno conjunction in the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn. Given that the latter represents intense pressures for the transformation of marriage conditioning (obviously including marriage equality), it reminds us all that the journey towards soul connections and the sacred marriage requires us to dive deeply into the tantric dimensions of our lower chakras, while working on our shadow places in this territory. We cannot simply go straight for light and love of the Sun Psyche without paying our dues.

Similarly, the Venus Mars conjunction is traditionally a dynamic, passionate and erotic combination, however modified by the earthy dimensions of Virgo. And this has a high quality trine to the equally transformative and empowering Pluto, also in Capricorn.

The contradictions in this case are oppositions from Neptune in Pisces, which opens up the doors of poor boundaries, the flushing of old sexual toxins and wounds, and a temporary debilitation of the Mars warrior within. Watch out for the shadowy aspects of seduction, whether within oneself or attracted from others.

All of the above then talks about the dismantling of old relationship patterns and invites us into the deeper parts of our capacity to create authentic connections, a work in progress for all of us.
In support of this process, the son of Mars, Eros, the traditional god of love is exactly conjunct Shiva the tantric yogi in Scorpio, with the two forming multiple sextiles to the same Kali, Hygeia and Juno conjunction.

Shiva and Eros together represent opportunities to refine the sexual masculine and move us beyond the relative immaturity of Eros into expressions of the masculine that are sexually pure, transformationally powerful and sacred.

It is not inconsequential that these two meet beautifully with two of Shiva’s traditional consorts, Hygeia/Lalita, the goddess of sacred sexuality, with Parvati, Yogini goddess of sacred marriage and Juno, the Greco-Roman Queen of Jupiter and a goddess of marriage in her own right. This is a very tantric combination which invites us into spiritual practices that take us beyond the traditional Venus/Mars forms of relationship for those who are willing.

Jupiter continues his good form in the last degrees of Libra before entering Scorpio on the 11, creating a series of good connections.
The most spectacular of these is an exact opposition to Uranus in Aries. Linking these two sky gods activates exalted forms of knowledge, awareness and intellectual dexterity, opening up the upper chakras and encouraging us to think outside the boxes and to take risks in expressing our own uniqueness. And it can activate some adolescent quality rebelliousness too!

This combination can take us very high but with the potential for becoming disembodied. However, with both in good aspect to the Saturn/Black Moon conjunction in Sagittarius, this exalted energy can be grounded. The latter acts like a lightning rod, bridging the sky gods with the earthy depth of Saturn and the great mother energy of the Black Moon. This is quite a magical equation for acting upon and manifesting high degrees of innovativeness and creativity.

The other major player is Chiron the Wounded Healer who is making his fourth pass over 26° of Pisces in the last two years an, standing directly overhead at midnight at the start of the month.

This position alone marks this as an important month of healing in the Australian psyche, with healing energies very active but in ways that also bring a lot of woundedness to the surface, in classic Chiron style.

And he is pulling no punches as his position forms an intense T-square, squaring the feminist warrior Lilith in Gemini and the Black Moon/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius. It is no wonder then that the marriage equality issue has generated such toxic reactions, archetypally both from wounded forms of the sacred feminine and rigid patriarchal influences. Chiron’s way is to lance into old wounds much like you would lance a boil; expect crap to fly initially, while waiting for more obviously healing energy to flow.

In the middle of this drama though, Chiron is also trining Hekate in Cancer, a flowing aspect between the medicine man and the medicine woman archetypes within each of us. The grace of healing magic is also clearly available.

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.