01.09.2018 Astrology

Healing Earthiness

Daniel Sowelu sees a calmer month ahead as the earthiness of Taurus and Virgo hold sway

After the turmoil of three potent eclipses, September offers a period of relative calm. A great deal of quality earth energy will balance those ongoing processes still rolling with the long-term tsunamis initiated by such events. It is still a dynamic and at times unpredictable period in the collective but one counterbalanced by the steadying influence of the earth signs.

This earthing quality is most embodied by the Virgo Sun in a grand trine with a Taurus Moon and with Saturn in Capricorn. The flowing river thus created supports a re-establishment of positive routines, the creation of form and structure around recent changes and encourages time for inner integration after a period of rapid change.

There is still dynamism though, as the innovative and unpredictable Uranus is conjunct the Moon thereby setting up a second grand trine with the Sun and Saturn - a balance between creative change and structural security. The Moon/Uranus reflects the degree of emotional instability through the month. It’s one that can simultaneously free an individual from static emotional patterns, especially in Taurus, while the Sun/Saturn combination serves to hold space in ways that can ground new developments.

The Virgo Sun conjuncts the fierce Lilith and the medicine woman Hecate, two of the major players of the last eclipse in August.

Virgo is both the sign of the priestess and the goddesses of the earth, so to have these two expressions of the deep sacred feminine is a potent alignment.

Wrapping around the Sun, they offer opportunities to connect with, and assimilate, these psychospiritually powerful warriors and healers.

The masculine warrior Mars has finally come out of his eight weeks of retrograde action, releasing more of his can-do, forward moving, action based energy.This emergence coincides with Saturn who is also ending his five month retrograde transit on September 5. If you have been feeling somewhat stagnant, treading water or spinning wheels in trying to get things done in the outside world, this is good news. Having these two more freed up allow us to translate our creativity, ideas, visions and projects more easily into focused action and manifestation.

However, these transitions will not necessarily be easy. Mars is still conjunct the Black Moon and will take at least the next month to extract himself from her demands for deep purification and transformation. With both still around the South Node of the Moon in early Aquarius, there is still much ancient history between masculine and feminine powers being worked through. These processes further hone the normally egocentric Mars in a purgative fire that forges a humbling relationship with the intelligence, wisdom and power of the deep sacred feminine.

Similarly to some extent, Saturn in Capricorn remains in a challenging relationship to the healing conjunction of Chiron and Hygeia in Aries. This is a continuation of raising greater awareness of the limitations of patriarchal conditioning that haunt all of us, while offering great opportunities to unravel such conditioning so that we are better placed to own our own authority, wisdom and authenticity.

The clearer our Saturns are, the better we are able to create outer lifestyles that are a true representation of our individual self.

Looking in the other direction, Saturn challenges our resistance and fears around deep healing while seeking to add more discipline and the structure to our healing processes and, if we have them, to our healing practices, private or professional. As a tough love teacher, his intention is to deepen and mature our relationship to our inner healers, to go deeper into wounded territory we will tend to avoid, while strengthening our capacity to express the sacred knowledge of our inner healers in the outside world, in whatever vehicles are available to us.

As for the lovely Venus, she continues to hold satsangs, meetings with the truth, with a series of the so-called dark goddesses. Last month it was with Medusa, this month she conjuncts the goddess of the underworld, of the death and rebirth cycle, Persephone, while opposing Kali in Aries. Simply put, this will activate the psychic emotional residues of unhealed and ungrieved losses from previous relationship experiences. At the same time, it will expose our current relationships and internal relationship patterns to the swords of truth represented by both Kali and Persephone.

Obviously, this is going to be painful for some of us, but it also serves to deepen our capacity for love, to release internal obstacles to ever deepening intimacy, cut off cords that no longer serve us and connect our hearts more fully to our core sacred sexuality. This can also coincide with a reckoning with ancient forms of trauma, anger and rage, as these three goddesses also square the Mars/Black Moon conjunction.

This can be experienced as uncomfortable, even an emotional nightmare, but the fruits are great, more than is easily put into words. There is however a glowing example of these fruits embodied in this month’s chart. The traditional goddess of marriage, Juno, is conjunct the original god of love, Eros, and the Indian goddess of the sacred marriage, Parvati, all in the earthy, sensual sign of Taurus, with an exceptional opposition to Jupiter conjunct the goddess of soul-connected relationships, Psyche.

Love abounds in this complex, the urge for ever-evolving love bonds joined by grace, sensitivity, playfulness, erotic joy, tantric potency and general lusciousness all around. Whatever our journey this month, may this be the blessing on all of us!

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.