Great Shakti

Shakti, the primal goddess power, rises this month to challenge rationality and reclaim the power of the unconscious

This month is a complex combination of deep primal forces at war with each other and of great magic and healing, with these two threads intertwined like the serpent of the Caduceus, the staff of healing. Ancient conflicts between the sexes, both personal and collective, are being activated here and poor old Aquarius, who's been under the pump for a number of years now, is right in the middle of it, as both meat in the sandwich and as potential mediator. Whatever happens here will be interesting, at the very least.

The month begins with the Sun in the early stages of Aquarius and the Moon in the last degrees of Leo, the tail end of the Full Moon. While Jupiter has now moved into Pisces, both Chiron and Neptune remain exactly conjunct in Aquarius, and opposite the Moon. This is enough to point out significant emotional turbulence this month with great opportunities for great healing and openings in the midst of it. What is specific for this February is that the Sun has Hekate on one side and Medusa and the Black Moon between him and Venus. This marks a time of great power, of great Shakti, with these dark and primal goddesses close to the surface and challenging our rational minds and "civilised selves" to recognise, acknowledge and, ideally, reclaim these great powers of the unconscious.

The Sun in Aquarius shines his brilliant light on these dark places of both our more hidden emotional worlds and the deep and sacred home of the feminine. This is not easy territory for the average mortal and the trademark detachment, aloofness and intellectuality of Aquarius, while extremely helpful in terms of conscious recognition and awareness, is never enough for these faces of the dark Mother. In fact, our cultural and personal imbalances towards the rational and the masculine are part of the problem and a big part of the collective rage and grief associated with the distorted versions of dark feminine. She demands that we feel and embody fully and, in return, confers great instinctual potency, wisdom and powerful magic upon us. The ultimate urge of this combination is to bring these two layers of self closer together, to produce a greater integration of upper chakra brilliance with lower chakra power and emotional connectedness.

The presence of Venus in this group can mean that the dark goddesses can make things really good and/or very difficult in our relating, depending on the degree of connection between these layers. Working well, they bring great depth of feeling and passion to our loving, along with great sexual potency and general juiciness. The shadow side will also bring up very old issues to do with love, loss, sexuality and relationship for healing. The beauty of this position though is that love and acceptance goes a long way in the recovery of the goddess, as much of the pain and trauma around the deep and sacred feminine is the rejection of her presence, power and wisdom by both men and women. She seeks union at the deepest levels and love and devotion are some of her medicines.

This journey also demands some intense processes of purification, release, loss and renewal, processes that are being activated and supported at this time. Mars is in Leo and begins the month directly opposite the Sun, Venus and attending goddesses, as is the great healing goddess Hygeia. The Mars opposition, in particular, can ignite masculine/feminine battles, both personal and collective and this is where there are some dangerous edges this month. Unfortunately, this is likely to coincide with various atrocities, large and small, but there some important positive consequences to this.

Firstly, much of the rage of the dark feminine is buried and often more lethal because of it. Mars in Leo will call it to the surface, with his own version of rage, so both can be seen and worked with. This also has a sacred purpose. In the Lilith myth, it's only when she discovers she has the ability to transmute her rage and grief back into her original potency that she can turn her destructive tendencies into awesome creative power. The work with anger and rage and all its offshoots is pivotal. So while the manifestations won't be that pretty, a great opportunity for healing also exists. Hygeia brings her own healing magic along with Mars and, as a kundalini goddess, can move spiritual power into any part of self and is no stranger to working at great depth and with great toxins. Good for clearing shadow off our hearts.

Alongside all these dramatic processes, Jupiter has entered Pisces, offering some sweet relief from the intensity of the above. Jupiter's expansive and gracious qualities are tremendously supportive for accessing places of great sensitivity, creativity and intuition. It simultaneously opens the gentle and the ecstatic aspects of Pisces, its depth and breadth of feelings, its natural mysticism and visionary creativity.

While for some this transit will come with a fair share of irrational outbursts, unexpressed emotions reaching critical mass, generally this is a time to honour the need for unstructured time and experiences that allow us to get more connected to the flow of things. Simple time to breathe emotionally, psychically and imaginatively, to dream, play and express in ways that can soften the demands of the other heftier themes of this time.

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au