Great Power

Big movements and challenges in July with power for far reaching change.

July looks like being a deep, mysterious, challenging, magical, turbulent and growthful time and so our main task will be juggling these often contradictory and confusing demands of the collective.

This is most reflected by a not quite exact Grand Cross between the Cancerian Sun, Mercury, Juno and the South Node in one corner, Pluto and the North Node in the opposite one of Capricorn, Jupiter, Uranus and Hekate in Aries in a third, opposed with increasing vigour by Saturn about to enter Libra in the fourth. Intense and followed up by a total solar eclipse on the morning of the 12th, just to keep it all interesting.

The Sun and Mercury are never far from each other and, adding a conjunction to Juno the traditional goddess of marriage, puts relationships, masculine/feminine bonding, and issues to do with commitment, maturity and the sustainability of long term partnership under the spotlight for greater conscious awareness.

Anything conjunct the South Node seems to invoke the influence of the past, whether our relationship history in general and/or past life influences that play out in our capacity to truly bond with another. This can include the weeding out of old patterns, as well as inappropriate relationships. For others, it can bring long lost connections together.

The Sun opposite Pluto basically says that this is a time of great power, particularly for deep and far reaching change. But it is often experienced via projection through significant others, those in positions of power and the world in general. If we over-identify with the Cancerian end of this, we might decide to resist the call to change or attempt to hide in regressive behaviours to preserve our safety and sense of security. This only forces Pluto to come at us harder and robs us of an opportunity to see where and how we've handed over our potency to others and the world in general.

One of the best aspects of this Grand Cross in view of making deep changes is the squares from Jupiter and Uranus to Pluto. While these squares can be quite excessive and we need to be sensitive in how we exercise power at this time, the Jupiter/Pluto is one of the best combinations for transformation in general, combining the primal power of our lower chakras, of Shiva and Kali within, with the power of grace and "good fortune". With both Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, there's a great deal of encouragement for taking great leaps of faith in making deep alterations and for owning more of our creative and innovative potency. And where there are deep blockages to being able to do so, these can shift more easily with the right spiritual and therapeutic support.

Despite this encouragement, though, we can also expect some roadblocks to passionate exploration of new horizons, as Saturn moves into another round in the series of oppositions to Uranus. This escalates towards the end of the month to a head-on between the new and the old, increasing the collective tension levels. While the Old Bloke may appear to be a nasty dreamstealer, what he's really saying in this opposition is, "If you're going to make big changes, do it well, with focus, commitment, responsibility and foresight based on good research and planning. Don't go off half cocked, especially you, Aries!"

Having some strong grounding qualities around is very important as the Moon begins the month conjunct Neptune, the Black Moon and Chiron, in late Aquarius and early Pisces. We talked last month about the combination of the latter three, a turbulent mix of great spiritual and healing power activating wounds in the collective in order to flush out ancient toxins and distorted psychic/emotional residues from the past. It is simultaneously a time of great psychospiritual openings and some important attempts at recovering both sacred masculine and feminine sexuality and potency from centuries and generations of abuse, betrayal and conflict.

The Moon crossing this represents further visitations from this dark, deep and mysterious process, which will not make things easy at times, but so important for our eventual collective emotional health and wellbeing. It is also an opportunity for some deep healing of the same territory within our own individual systems, resonating with the essence of the last eclipse and Pluto opposite the sun in Cancer. We may not like all of it, but its clearly part of the deal with living through this period in our evolution.

It helps considerably with these more sobering processes that Mars is now in the earthy, practical sign of Virgo and conjunct the priestess goddess Vesta, who is very much at home here (some astrologers say that she is a co-ruler of Virgo).

Like the Virgin, she is a stabilising influence and a specialist in using commitment, intention and focus to contain, intensify and direct energy of all kinds. In this case, she can tone down the raw aggression of Mars and direct his energy in ways that can make him far more effective. This is particularly good for getting things done when there are such big movements and challenges around, and this conjunction is enormously empowered by the solar eclipse. We can still function well in the face of all these cross currents. Go well!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 27th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au