29.01.2016 Astrology

Great Intensity

Astrologer Daniel Sowelu predicts a month of rich intensity in February

Even though this is Aquarius’s month, the real action is in a number of intense clusters in Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces and Aries, with great support from Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. And all of these wrap around the ongoing T-square between Pluto, Uranus and the Black Moon. This will become progressively more potent during the course of the month as the Kali asteroid locks the three into a grand cross peaking around the first of two eclipses in March.

Certainly, there is no lack of deep challenges inherent in this configuration, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and in the outer world. This intensity in the collective is meant to bring about significant and long-lasting change in all of our lives. The presence of the Black Moon and Kali heightens and deepens this urge, both from the very core of ourselves and from the outside world. As I’ve written in the past, it would be a tremendous loss of opportunity to fall into victim mode, as the same astrological events give us access to the depths of healing and liberation previously unknown to many of us.

This intensity in the collective is meant to bring about significant and long-lasting change in all of our lives.

What also makes this month different is that there is good holding from the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius, in sextile to each other and reaching out through positive aspects to the two most radical of these protagonists, Uranus and the Black Moon. Both of the former push for greater conscious awareness and the need to know more deeply what we are dealing with.

Saturn trining Uranus can allow us to consciously use the energies for dramatic change with discipline and focus and an eye on how to change structures to suit emerging innovations and creative possibilities. In sextiling the Black Moon, he supports us to understand the deeper psycho spiritual layers of our emotional beings and the workings of these so-called dark goddesses as they push for real change, personal purification and transformation.In many ways, the Sun in Aquarius echoes the same urge to know but from a more detached, over viewing perspective.

The Moon in Scorpio and at the last quarter phase is also pivotal. She conjuncts the marriage goddess Juno while sextiling a conjunction of Eros, Lilith and Venus in Capricorn and trining Neptune and the earth mother Ceres in Pisces. A Scorpio Moon balances out the cerebral tendencies of Aquarius and, while the latter provides excellent insight into situations, such a deep resonant moon is good to have at such an intense time. She represents those parts of us that are not afraid to dive deeply into the emotional realms.

Another expression of this intensity is where Venus in Capricorn has conjunctions to Lilith and Eros on one side and Medusa, Pluto and Mercury on the other!

This profound mix of deep love, tantric depth and transformative power ensures that this is an incredibly meaningful time in our relationship lives, with a deep urge towards clearing out old relationship patterning.

To reclaim and purify the depths of the sacred feminine and our sexuality is a sacred healing power.

This whole conjunction receives supportive sextiles from the Moon conjunct Juno and Mars in Scorpio, and from another exceptional healing conjunction, in Neptune, Hekate and Chiron in Pisces. And these latter conjunctions trine each other, forming a very integrated pattern that supports great movements in our relating and relationships, coupled with opportunities for great heart, sexual and spiritual openings.

Given the presence of Medusa, Lilith and Pluto in the mix, its expressions are not going to be just light and love.

The mutual demand to explore the depths and heal deep pain is radically amplified by squares to Uranus and Persephone in Aries and the Black Moon in Libra. So the evolution of our love lives engages once again with this collected T-square. It’s good to call on the deepest expressions of grace and spiritual and therapeutic support to consciously work with the rebirth motifs of this time, while staying open to some extraordinary opportunities for liberation from the old.

And the grace is there! Transiting Jupiter, still exactly on the North node in Virgo, trines Pluto and Mercury and is in an expansive opposition to Chiron the Wounded Healer. And while Venus is under siege from a number of heavyweights she will also come into a trine with Jupiter in the course of the month. (It is important also to acknowledge the more hidden underlying grace and sacred power of “darker”, whether Pluto and Persephone or Medusa and Lilith!)

I am also deeply impressed by the conjunction of Neptune, Hekate and Chiron, which reinforces the availability of tremendous healing and spiritual opportunities. Hekate and Chiron together is a meeting of the multi-skilled medicine woman and medicine man within us, made even more available by the psychically opening energies of Neptune. The combination heightens the effectiveness of all healing and spiritual processes. It places particular emphasis on shamanic work, earth and nature healing and the continuing unfolding of what was originally called spiritual midwifery, now expressing itself through rebirthing processes, doula work and now shamanic midwifery.

Put yourself in the right places to take maximum advantage of this incredibly challenging and rich month.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.


Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.