01.10.2018 Astrology

Great Healing

Much needed healing energies will begin flowing powerfully this month, says Daniel Sowelu

October is going to be a very big healing month, thanks to an exact conjunction of Chiron the Wounded Healer and Hygeia the kundalini goddess of healing at the 29° of Pisces. For those of us in Australia this is particularly auspicious as the conjunction is exactly overhead at midnight on the first.

This is essentially a sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine healing powers, one that will ensure that any healing and spiritual techniques practised at this time will be extraordinarily fruitful. Great healing powers abound along with access to lifetimes of sacred knowledge, amply supported by a strengthening trine from the benevolent Jupiter in Scorpio for the entire month.

The Chiron/Hygeia conjunction has great aspects to both Nodes of the Moon, so its healing and spiritual potentials include resolving past life based wounds, drawing from more ancient reservoirs of accumulated knowledge and generous support for moving towards our ultimate soul visions in this life.

Getting back to basics though, while last month we had flowing grand trines in the earth signs, this month we have the same in the element of the air.

The Libran Sun trines a Moon/Eros conjunction in Gemini and the two in turn trine the ongoing conjunction of South Node, Mars and the Black Moon, still slowly trawling through Aquarius. This is an interesting equation, positively linking different layers of lighter energy, terrestrial earth mother influences and the primal depth of the Mars/Black Moon.

The Libran Sun is conjunct Mercury and the goddess Ceres (whose other name is Demeter), a fertile earth representative of the Great Mother. She offers an extra depth, groundedness and emotional sensibility to the cerebral realms of both Libra and Mercury, the two better known for their rationalist tendencies. Here the operations of our minds are more integrated with our needs for nurture, care for ourselves and for others that complement the socially adept and diplomatic Libra.

Looking at the Gemini moon/Eros combination brings an immediate smile, as it is potentially an enlightening, playful, enlivening and mischievous combination of energy - dynamic, expressive and irrepressible.

And the grand trine gives it lots of space to move within us, a welcome sign after months of emotional intensity and psychospiritual challenges.

It is indeed a good thing to have the more detached orientations of the air signs, plus the bubbling quality of the Moon/Eros, as the third point of the grand trine is this very intense Black Moon/Mars/South Node conjunction. Regular readers will be aware that this is been around for months, an intense joining of warrior energy, layers of past life territory and the purificatory demands of the black moon, that has been dredging up incredibly toxic energies from the ancient past, personal and collective. We are not being let off the hook just yet!

But this combination also offers opportunities to heal old conflict between masculine and feminine, and to bring all the collective power, intelligence and activism into the kind of unity that can empower spiritually inspired projects in the world. In Aquarius, this will have some distinctly humanitarian goals attached to it and thanks to this grand trine in air, we can get greater conscious recognition of how this potential would want to be expressed through us.

As for Venus, she continues to travel with the underworld priestess Persephone, both of whom start the month squaring the same Mars Black Moon conjunction as they did last month. This doesn’t bode well for smooth sailing in our relationships as the presence of the two dark goddesses ensures this time is more about healing, purification and transformation, which also includes significant past life territory.

This is, however, part of a mid-term plan emphasising the clearing of ancient obstructions to higher quality relationship. This notion of preparation is reflected by the fact that she goes retrograde at 11° of Scorpio on October 4 for the following six weeks, a situation that locks in the square to Mars and the Black Moon for much of the month.

Alongside this darker passage though is an exquisite conjunction of Juno, the traditional goddess of marriage, with Parvati, the Hindu goddess of the sacred marriage and a consort of Shiva, on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. However subtle and deep this combination, it simultaneously offers another stepping stone for our collective evolution towards the sacred marriage.

For those of us prepared to do the deep inner work there is tremendous support in this direction, as this conjunction is sextiled by Chiron and Hygeia, who are at their maximum healing voltage, while both these conjunctions are lit up by Jupiter in his last degrees in Scorpio at the end of the month. So, any healing work that engages our relationship dynamics, that supports the dredging of old antagonisms between masculine and feminine, and the conscious use of authentic tantric practices, will unleash a tremendous burst of Shakti moving through us.

In this respect we can look forward to November. Mars will then have disengaged from the Black Moon and come into an energising and erotic trine with his consort Venus, just as Jupiter bursts into his own home territory in Sagittarius, all in the first week of the month.

We can look forward to that!

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.