01.03.2013 Astrology

Great Healing

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This is without doubt a healing month. Excluding the moon who has her own somewhat different story, all the inner personal planets are in Pisces and are therefore in various forms of contact with both Chiron, the Wounded Healer and Hygeia, serpent goddess of healing. The potential of great healing, right down to both soul and cellular level, is terrific and enormously supported by good aspects to both Saturn and Pluto.

In this situation, these great healing archetypes are very close to the surface, ensuring that healing experiences and opportunities abound and that any form of inner work bares great fruit. Both are gracious and driven by compassion and Hygeia, in particular, is known as a miraculous healer, conferring her graces without much apparent effort on our part. All she requires of us is to drop the mind and the rational, even a little, to let go into any strong experience, be it emotional, therapeutic, spiritual or sexual, which then allows the healing intelligence of the body to take over.

However, not all the healing comes gift wrapped and smelling of roses, as Chiron is also a tough teacher, who will attract and co-create experiences that replicate much earlier wounding ones. As painful as this can get, it also lances the more ancient ones, so that we can get to it through old layers of anaesthetisation and liberate healing power into the wound. The more we can stay with the pain, without flinching or escaping, the stronger the healing alchemy invoked and the greater the releases. These releases are also awakenings or initiations into becoming greater healing influences in our world.

In Pisces, the healing can be around the inner adult/child relationship; the wounded, abandoned, magical, mystical child; to our sensitivity and its associated psychic-spiritual gifts; to the fluidity, range and availability of our emotional energies; to our creative, spiritual and visionary potentials; all the parts of self that fill us from within and repair our disconnections to all that is gentle, joyful and connected.

With multiple sextiles to Pluto in Capricorn and trines to Saturn in Scorpio, all of the above are not just about healing but of the possibility of long term transformation and empowerment. It adds the ancients of death and rebirth to inject more Shakti into proceedings.

One of these long term goals is that we may live closer to our very soul, its purposes and to the new collective calling in our relationships.

There is a very interesting interconnection going here. Saturn, who aids us with greater discipline, commitment and serious focus, is in Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto (by Kali and Shiva if you like). Saturn is also in a wide conjunction with Persephone, the consort of Pluto/Hades, and Queen of the Underworld in the western system, a conjunction that will tighten and continue right through to August.

The three of them are about getting to the deepest truths about self and life, have a low tolerance of bullshit and, in the case of Pluto and Persephone, are destroyers of naivity and ignorance. The good aspects from Pisces allow us to get more confluent with this calling to deeper truth and psycho-spiritual awareness. The three way relationship also empowers our ability to create and manifest whatever our truth is in the world, one of the best uses particularly of good Saturn transits.

The healing potential of the month also applies to relationships, with Venus and Eros in conjunction with Neptune and Chiron, again in Pisces. This can be a recipe for exalted and restorative love and sexual experiences or disastrous experiences of seduction and betrayal, depending on how clear your psychic radar is. The potential for falling badly in love is high as Neptune can lead us to self-delusion and the idealisation of a potential partner and/or it can give you a transcendent experience of love. Telling the difference can be quite tricky though.

Whether it's a good, bad or mixed experience, whatever happens can initiate the healing of much older wounds of the heart, including early experience of abandonment, abuse or seduction.

Chiron has a reputation for both providing in our early life, and for repairing in our later one, sexual abuse and the absorption of negative sexual energies from others. Here's an opportunity to flush out even the subtlest forms of invasion.

The Moon starts the month in Libra and in a fierce T-square with Pluto, Uranus and Lilith, which is also a part of an extraordinary Star Of David, or Grand Sextile pattern, involving Hekate and Shiva in Leo, Black Moon, Vesta and Jupiter in Gemini, Uranus and Lilith in Aries, Medusa in Aquarius and the Ascendant in Sagittarius!

Embedded in this grand sextile, an aspect pattern that links every point with trines and sextiles, is a unification and harmonisation of their potent collective energies. I especially appreciate the presence of masculine archetypes with each of these dark goddesses in the geometry, heralding possibilities for masculine/feminine rebalancing.

This unifying influence is far from passive or easygoing though, as a series of oppositions dissect the six pointed stars with multiple challenges, enough to ensure an intense degree of emotional chaos, but one that can liberate disowned parts of the feminine to be incorporated into a new gestalt or image of wholeness.

We know for sure that our processes and our processing will be big, even huge, this month but with so much obvious support, we can also achieve great things.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 32nd year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.