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Great Awakening

July is a month of great awakening with Australia in the eye of the storm, says astrologer Daniel Sowelu

Well, we're right in the eye of the storm now. At the start at this month, we are seven days past the first exact, to the minute of an astrological degree, of the Pluto/Uranus square. The last time these two came together this strongly, the musicals Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar were the rage. This time around the feeling isn't quite the same, nor is the heartfelt but simple naivity of those times.

Whether we see Pluto as Shiva and Kali, or Hades and Persephone, they share a common theme to do with the destruction of ignorance, denial and unconsciousness. With Uranus adding his radicalisation of this urge, this is truly a time of great awakening, one that is simultaneously liberating and revealing of the true state of the world, the absolute raw truth of things. Not a good look but the prime question is, "What are we going to do with that bitter awareness?"

The other reason why we Australians are specifically in the storm's eye is that in this month's chart Pluto is on the Midheaven and Uranus is on the Ascendant, in Capricorn and Aries respectively. Whether we live on the east or west coasts or anywhere in between, we're in the hot spot, one that is also potentially one of great stillness and clarity in the midst of the storm.

Obviously in this, and any other astrological event, individuals will vary greatly in their experience of these energies. For some, it's as dramatic as it reads above, for others it's more of an extension of psychic intensity that has been building over years and for yet others, it's just business as usual (crises, what crises!) For some, it's very internal while the world looks basically the same and for others it's more reflected in the craziness around them, more via projection than felt within.

Whatever the case, the transformative intensity is strong and radical, around the way we operate in the larger world community and in the way we project the 'Australian persona'. And it goes right to the very core of our identity, as Pluto opposes the Sun in Cancer on the I.C., the very base of the chart, while Uranus squares it! We can expect this in our politics, our international relations, our financial and social systems - and some of these experiences will be radical. It has to be expected and I pray we don't attract other experiences like the Bali bombings, as part of this wake-up call.

Against the backdrop of this intensity, the paradox is that the rest of the month's chart has some great line-ups and, the unusual situation of a (relatively) unaspected Saturn.

The very expansive Jupiter, now fully in Gemini, sextiles Uranus with accompanying warrior goddess Pallas Athena, conjuncts Venus on the South Node, sextiles Mercury in Leo and trines Mars at the end of Virgo, all of them positively interconnecting.

Jupiter in Gemini alone is a very zingy combination, for all things of the mind, learning and interacting, the sign of the Twins being very welcoming of the King of Olympus and his spacious generosity towards the way we perceive and engage in our world. This year-long transit enhances the relationship between the day-to-day uses of the mind with the urge to understand our place in the larger scheme of things, intellectually and spiritually. Both the planets and sign are extroverts and also offer more laughter, playfulness and cerebral creativity (Pan and Peter Pan live!) - much needed to balance the intensity of this period.

That Jupiter sextiles Uranus, as part of sending out many rays of his benevolent energies to a host of others, exalts the magical, vitalising and mind-altering energies of Uranus, by bringing two sky gods together. The old texts describe this as great accessibility to the 'Higher Mind' through the interface of our personal intellects with the realms of spirit, or the 'Mind of God'. It also allows us, in the great quickening and its cracking open of old reality systems, to access more elevated forms of inspiration, insight, and scientific and all other forms of creative thought. The spirit of innovation is great at this time on every level.

On the South Node, Jupiter is another in a series of openings to past life forms of knowledge and, in combination with Venus (a lovely extension of her transit across the Sun), this time including old relationships and relationship patterning up for review, revisiting and releasing. Venus/Jupiter combinations are among the most loving and this one extends the general benevolence of last month's extraordinary passage of Venus over the Sun.

Jupiter has its own shadow, of course, and in the same way that Jupiter in Taurus can make us fat, lazy and complacent, in Gemini, it can also exalt the escapist, superficial and rationalising tendencies of the mind. This will be put to the test as he will also square the tightening healing vortex of Neptune, Lilith, Hygeia and Chiron in Pisces, giving us many opportunities to surrender to deep and powerful emotional healing over the course of the month. The question is will our mind allow us to go there, or will we allow it to seduce us away from these possibilities?

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc, Dip Ed)is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 31st year of private practice.

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.