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Goddess Rising

Astrology for 2013 with Daniel Sowelu

It will come as no surprise to those of you who watch the skies that 2013 will be another huge year in our lives, with more of the same psychic tsunamis reflected by the Uranus/Pluto squares; the same radical, chaotic urges for change and the same deep rumblings in the Earth heralding massive shifts in just about any structure you can name.

I also know that many of you will groan at this news, as the collective has already been about as stressful and exhausting as it can get. So the key issue is not only how we weather the changes, but how to make the most of them. This is a life changing time!

The Sun in Capricorn is exactly conjunct Pluto and Diana, with Medusa within two degrees on one side and Juno within five degrees on the other, a combination so absurdly powerful that I can't help laughing as I write this. Obviously, Uranus in Aries then adds challenging square aspects to all of them, radicalising and quickening the twin urge for transformation and empowerment that the Sun/Pluto represents.

Note the emphasis on the feminine in this exceptional combination, one of a number of places in the year's chart that declare 2013 as a year of the re-emergence of the goddess, the sacred feminine. In both west and east coast charts respectively, the highest archetypes, the ones reflecting their grand overriding purposes, are the Moon in Leo and Ceres, or Demeter, in Gemini. Part of the transformative urge then is about the goddess rising from the rubble of anything that crumbles during this period.

The protection of the Earth will become an even more potent theme, as will the power struggles that come with that. Pluto is an Earth/underworld deity, a keeper of hidden treasure, while Diana or Artemis is a much earlier expression of the great mother who evolved into a protector of the wild places, of the natural world, an ecological warrior.

That the two are joined by Medusa adds even more ferocity to the urge to protect the Earth as an expression of the sacred.(At the time of writing, the latest data shows that we are dramatically losing the battle to slow carbon emissions down).

The effective use of power in all forms is another major theme, as this multiple conjunction represents an incredible potential for directing it. The purifying energies of Pluto are also about clearing the way in our minds, chakras and governments so that we can safely channel its energy to make real change.

One of the real differences with 2013 is that the power potentials represented by this core conjunction around the Sun are deeply supported by sextiles to Saturn in Scorpio and sextiles to a brilliant, exact healing conjunction of Chiron and Hygeia in Pisces. So while the unpredictability of Uranus will play havoc in some quarters of our lives, Saturn stabilises the Plutonian potency, giving us direction, focus, greater discipline and responsibility in making changes and creating anew.

The Goddess of Miraculous Healing together with the Wounded Healer is a gift from the universe (a conjunction that also includes Neptune and Lilith on either side), for our healing processes. The connections to the Capricorn stellium add real transformative potency to any good therapy and healing work, while the Piscean influence gives greater psychic and intuitive awareness to how we handle the power of our lower chakras, our sexuality and, once again, the sacred feminine. Since Saturn in Scorpio is in a positive trine to these points in Pisces, he confers powerful intention and commitment to go deeper, face down old fears and manifest our healing and spiritual abilities into the world.

Against all this dense, intense, emotionally rich and tumultuous terrain, there is a surprising and very welcome burst of lighter, looser energy, in the form of a conjunction between Eros and Mars in early Aquarius. This is an uber creative, erotic, playful combination of male energy, supported by good aspects to Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini, a vibrant combination of fire and air and a bit of light relief. Saturn in Scorpio does give the same a tough square but one that can temper some of the excesses of this essentially freeing combination.

The above also offers some balance to the continuing challenges and deep changes in long term relationships, reflected by Juno, goddess of marriage, being locked in with the Pluto/Uranus square. This has been going on over the last year and will do so into this one, a process that wants to correct imbalances, inequality and co-dependent tendencies by forcing couples to reclaim more of their individuality and personal empowerment.

Finally, Jupiter is in fine form, by sextiling Uranus from Gemini, another dynamic combination that highlights the equally awesome creative and spiritual possibilities of all these big processes. This is the kind of energy, that's already been around for the last six months, that has opened up some extraordinary, unexpected, at times magical, experiences of grace, insight, synchronicity and liberating movement through old blockages.

There is much more of this to come as Jupiter continues through Gemini, to then enter Cancer mid-year, at which time, even though his tone will change, he will bring this grace-bestowing power into the watery realms of the Crab. In either sign, the planet supports us to gather the tools, awareness and the courage to create new, freer, more inspired lives for ourselves.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 32nd year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.