Goddess Power

This looks like being both an intense and a wild month, with Virgo firmly jammed in the middle of a number of complex and contradictory energy systems. With the Sun and Moon in the Virgin's sign, between them lie an extraordinary combination of planets and asteroids of radically varied levels and intentions. The Sun is closely followed by Saturn, Eros, Medusa and finally the Moon, and further complicated by an opposition from Uranus, radicalising the latter two. This multiple conjunction is filled with challenges and is likely to get very messy, especially with Uranus stirring the pot of this complex alchemy from the sign of Pisces.

But in a funny way this arrangement is a reflection of much of the inherent complexity and apparent contradictions found in Virgo; the seriousness that drives the individual towards self knowledge and to master their world, the tremendous depth of wisdom and intelligence hidden by feelings of inadequacy and self doubt, deep ambivalence towards sexuality (especially that flighty masculine Eros), a deep longing for, and a fear of, connecting with the power of the goddess, that deep primal feminine within hidden by feelings of impotency and a preference to think and analyse instead of simply feeling.

So this simultaneous compression via Saturn and Medusa on one end, and the awakening demands of Uranus on the other can be seen as the perfect set up for claiming the depth of one's being and cracking old patterns of control, rigidity and inhibition, whether your are a Virgo or not.

Saturn, who is rather at home in Virgo in his priestly and alchemist forms, really wants to nail the truth of things here by sorting through negative conditioning and confronting the inner critic, paradoxically by heightening both.

Eros' presence in Virgo is a calling to own and to earth the life-enhancing qualities of the inner masculine sexual spirit, whatever your gender.

Medusa with the Moon is a powerful pull downwards to honour and integrate the ancient, dark, sacred feminine in all her forms, so much a part of the very essence of Virgo.

In support of these aims, every one of these points is trining Jupiter in Capricorn, representing a significant, obvious grace that encourages these shifts. The combination of Saturn and Jupiter mutually supporting each other, and the Virgoan processes in general, is great for focusing a mixture of high quality discipline with an expanded view and belief in what is possible, whether aimed at spiritual or healing goals or getting things done well in the world.

Medusa's presence next to the Moon brings much emotional depth and intensity to the month, and an opportunity to get to know the sorceress, the seer and the shamaness in both her dark and bright faces.

Recent myth has us seeing her as a lethal, vengeful image of the ancient chthonic goddesses, one who turns men into stone and must be decapitated by the masculine hero. It is true that she can manifest in some as the murderous female, but her true face is of a protector of the mysteries of the sacred feminine against invasion and desecration by the masculine, a kind of female spiritual warrior like Lilith, another keeper of great serpent wisdom.

I find that in many people Medusa is herself a frozen aspect of the psyche, stuck in a severe, repelling way that deflects love, intimacy and beauty, paradoxically her true nature, from deep within the unconscious, as well as locking up the individual's true spiritual and healing potency.

This is where opposition from Uranus to her and the Moon, while producing significant emotional and psychic chaos (more mess!) also represents the possibility of unfreezing and awakening her. This can be initially very scary as it will stir ancient toxins and other forms of blocked emotional energy, but is a necessary stage in the recovery of this deep sacred power.

Whether in one's own personal history, our collective cultural history, or from having this archetype modelled destructively in our family systems, in releasing the rage and grief at past desecrations of the goddess and her "temples", we can release blockages in our hearts and our relationships. But any person who treats his/her own emotional self disrespectfully and especially any man who treats his women so, is asking for trouble at times like these and is likely to get some ferocious responses back.

On top of the above, relationships remain a challenging area of the collective process and one with the potential for dramatically improving our level of awareness around this area of our lives, as Venus and Mercury spend most of the month conjunct in Libra. They are also travelling with Hekate and Mars while squaring Pluto, an enforced confrontation with old demons, ghosts and skeletons.

This traditionally manifests as power struggles, manipulations, game playing and negative "spell casting" in the realm of love. More mess, but also a chance to become more astute about unconscious workings behind relating, and another opportunity for purification and transformation.

As the month progresses though, all these come into square with Jupiter while sextiling a bunch of wild goddesses (Persephone, Juno, Diana and Black Moon Lilith) in the wild sign of Sagittarius. This should shift the intensity by getting things moving more expressively, making proceedings even more interesting. It could even be fun!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc DipEd) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and group leader in his 21st year of private practice.