Goddess and Geek

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Helen Patrice conjures up the man of her wild and wonderful dreams ...

There were a plethora of possibilities when I decided to make the blend. I had all of the ingredients, bar most of them. Scott Cunningham's Magical Aromatherapy specifies a number of essential oils not readily available in Australia, and certainly not to the amateur. I am no professional aromatherapist with secret passwords to give suppliers so that I might gain such wonders as daffodil oil, chrysanthemum oil, eye of newt, and blindworm's tongue.

I am nothing if not a hedge and kitchen witch. I make do. Before the Burning Times, witches would have had no luxury to have a black-handled knife, a white-handled knife, an athame, a sword, seven coloured candles, a box of essential oils, and off-the-internet magical inks "guaranteed to bring you love".

What was good enough for the likes of the Mistresses of Olde should be good enough for me.

I looked up Cunningham's Table of Correspondences. Still more oils I couldn't find, or did not have a small fortune to purchase. Should have done money magic before concentrating on anything else.

So, I did the best I could. All these possibilities and no clear way to make a decision, should one even be required. But it would be good to know where to concentrate energies, rather than endlessly scattering them.

I drew together:
* rose oil, for love, and which is said to be the Queen of Oils
* jasmine oil, because I like the smell, and, being the King of Oils, is a good match for the rose
* orange oil, for the colour orange is one of action
* lavender oil, because it is soporific, and this was to be an oil blend to use at night
* ginger oil, for spice and passion
* cypress, for clarity(at least, it always clears out my sinuses when I smell it)
* and jojoba oil as a carrier or base oil.

I assembled my oils, my Book of Shadows, in which to record the recipe, and cast circle before my altar. Earth, Air, Fire, Water - South, East, North, West. I called upon the four elements to aid me, and then I called on the Goddess Aphrodite. I wanted to make a "Dream Lover" blend that I could wear to bed, and that would call the man best suited to me. There were possibilities, even a couple of probabilities, but a girl likes to know. In fact, it is part of the witch's creed: to know, to dare, to do, to be silent.

I spoke what I wished to the ether, knowing my words were heard by Aphrodite. I dropped a small chip of rose quartz crystal into the waiting bottle, and set about making my blend. It is very hard to keep focused on the task at hand, counting seven drops of lavender, six drops of rose, and not think "five drops of Sinister Sauce, three drops of Essence of Terror". Any moment, I expected one of the keenly interested cats to say, "Can I lick the spoon?"

I added jojoba oil to finish off the blend, making it something tolerable to the naked skin. Some oils, such as the citrus ones, can be irritating if not well watered down.

I shook the bottle gently, mindful of not bruising my spell work, and then passed the bottle through all four elements. Quickly through candle flame, through the smoke from incense, dipped into a chalice of water, and finally rested on a large hunk of quartz crystal to represent Earth. I asked each element to bless this oil blend, and that I might see my Dream Lover.

I drew a tarot card: 8 of Wands - fast approach to a goal.

It seemed my spell was complete. I thanked Aphrodite and the elements, dismissed them, and closed circle.

That night, I eagerly put several drops of the oil on myself. Both wrists, base of the throat, base of the skull, one drop on the third eye. I really wanted to dive in and bathe in the whole bottle. Oh, let my dreams show me the right man, now. Surely if I put the whole bottle on, by morning, he'd have broken into the house and be standing at the end of my bed.

Did I really want a housebreaking stalker, weirdy boyfriend? Perhaps not.

Patience has never been one of my virtues.

It took a double bout of yogic breathing to relax and allow me to sleep. Did I dream? Yes. First, there was something about standing in line at the post office, but no blokes featured, except as extras. Then I seemed to be making bread on a desert island and was having trouble with the oven. Oven? On a desert island? Fortunately, the Professor from Gilligan's Island showed up to fix the oven, and clean his shoes.

I woke up. The Professor? But the actor must be somewhat elderly by now? No matter that I had a huge crush on him years ago. The Professor?

I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. A magical dream blend, and The Professor was the best that could be had. There was either something seriously wrong with my spellcasting, or perhaps those substitutions I made up were not so clever after all. Perhaps I really did need daffodil oil. I had tried to make it myself, but putting crushed daffodils into sweet almond oil and letting it sit for a month does nothing but make a smelly, rancid mess.

Then it came to me - oh, right, the dream is symbolic. I wasn't meant to be with the actual Professor. Whew! I was supposed to find someone clever, resourceful, and most likely, a geek. That was much more like it. I had several geek possibilities. At least I'd now narrowed my search. Geeks forever!

Thank you, Aphrodite, and elements!

I have used the blend since, with varying results. I do always dream of a man when I use the enchanted blend. Hawkeye from MASH, Robin Williams from The Science Show, Astro-boy.

What am I to conclude from this startling array? That I am still looking for someone clever, scientific, somewhat geeky. Okay, I can live with that.

Or perhaps, to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a dream is only a dream, and I should pay more attention to the dreams where I am abducted by aliens and they demand I teach them to arrange flowers. And not a good-looking Grey among them, either. Such a waste.