31.10.2017 Astrology

Full of growth

Daniel Sowelu sees great opportunities for understanding our deepest emotions as Jupiter moves into Scorpio

This month begins in very positive light with the Scorpio Sun conjunct the benevolent and expansive Jupiter. Having entered the sign only three weeks ago, Jupiter illuminates the deep and powerfully watery realms of Scorpio with grace, fluidity and expansion of awareness, like a benevolent teacher bringing light into the realms of darkness and mystery.

Scorpio is such a potent multidimensional energy, with contradictory layers of great sensitivity mixed with defensiveness, and reams of emotional, psychological, spiritual and sexual power. The heart of Scorpio is a mixture of pure, almost crystalline, love and raw primal lava that can be equally destructive or creative.

And as any Scorpio person will tell you, living with this kind of complexity is a tough gig.

Its depths make it very difficult to understand and articulate, not because they lack intelligence, quite the opposite, but putting words to the unfathomable is an ongoing challenge.

And, of course, this applies to Scorpio within each of us, the primal layers of being associated with the lower chakras, tantric sexuality, transformative power and the mysteries of our deepest emotions and sacred feminine.

Having Jupiter visiting the sign for the next 12 months gives us all greater opportunities to understand these mysteries within each of us. We will be able to develop an easier relationship with our emotions, get better at identifying and working with our shadows, become more fluid in our healing and transformative processes and get closer to the purity and potency of our innately sacred sexuality.

So the Sun starts very well, working with Jupiter to produce a month full of growth.

And the urge to dive deeper into Scorpionic realms gets stronger in subsequent weeks as the Sun lines up, through a series of sextiles, with an awesome multiple conjunction of Juno, Hygeia, Pluto and Kali, all in Capricorn.

Pluto is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and so similarly represents the empowering and transformative aspects of our deep self. Good aspects like this one support our ability to make changes in our lives, which is significantly enhanced by the presence of two great healing and awakening goddesses in the form of Hygeia and Kali.

Those goddesses are mythologically bonded with Shiva, who can be seen as an Eastern form of Pluto and so this multiple conjunction is a super powerful Shiva Shakti union, combining the transformative powers of both sacred masculine and sacred feminine.

This conjunction, which also includes Juno, the Greco-Roman goddess of marriage, is not a new one having lined up initially late last year and early this year bringing with it an intensification of the collective need to transform our relationships and our sexuality. This process is peaking now as the three goddesses of tantra and radical liberation rejoin with Pluto. (The tantrikas amongst you should note that between the 10 and 15, the Sun aligns perfectly with the Shiva asteroid, also in Scorpio, while exactly sextiling Hygeia/Lalita, Pluto and Kali, sublime alignments for practices, groups and ceremony!)

At the very least this is an opportune time for sexual and relationship healing, releasing old pain and blockages and for deepening our connection to our sexuality in sync with our spirituality.

The urge for dramatic change and for liberating ourselves from old relationships and/or patterning is equally strong at this time as Venus transiting Libra, traditionally a very gracious part of her cycle, is lining up with three seemingly opposing forces.

Firstly, she starts the month conjuncting the priestess Vesta and the goddess Psyche, a higher octave of her own energy. While both also assist in linking our relationships and sexuality with our spirituality, Vesta pushes for clearer boundaries and greater psychic containment, which, in turn, can bring about significant separations from others. Sometimes we need space to be able to reconstruct a clearer sense of self, psychically.

Secondly, Venus opposes the radical Uranus on the fifth, a line up that heightens our urge for greater freedom in our relationships and from conservative and inhibiting patterns and routines. And sometimes when we are unaware or ignoring this drive towards greater freedom, it can come in the form of outer changes beyond our control.

Whatever the case, after the initial period of relationship instability Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13 to help smooth whatever transitions are happening, on her way to sextiling the very same Juno/Hygeia/Pluto/Kali conjunction during the third week of the month.

The dynamic towards change will then deepen considerably and become more stable.

Finally, the Moon begins the month in Pisces in between both Neptune and Chiron, sextiling the same Pluto/goddesses conjunction in Capricorn but also squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. She is closest to Chiron the wounded healer, a union intent on deep emotional healing that touches on some of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of ourselves. This provides an opportunity for reconnecting with desensitised or anaesthetised parts not just of our emotional selves but also the innate psychic and spiritual sensitivity found in each of us.

While the sextiles to her empower the healing and recovery processes, the square to Saturn will also have us confront patriarchal, critical and judgemental influences from our early lives. These had us bury significant parts of our natural emotionality and sensitivity, with all its awesome creative gifts.

It is great then that we have a well-functioning Jupiter for the month, the natural antidote to Saturnian difficulties, as whatever challenges we do have to face, he ensures we can extract maximum learning from whatever we experience.

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.