01.11.2015 Energy Healing

From Russia With Love

Jeremy Ball finds an encounter with Russian healing techniques deeply transforming

On a balmy day in October, just a couple of weeks ago, I made the picturesque drive from my home in the beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay to Tallebudgera, just over the border into Queensland where I was on a date with destiny with healer Carol Roberts. How I came to meet Carol can be traced to events in both my recent personal history and, as I was soon to find out, a beautiful karmic connection.

Over many years of practice, study and meticulous application in many modalities, Carol has developed her own modality, Genome Healing. Her healing techniques have been inspired by the work of the great Russian clairvoyant and healer Grigori Grabovoi.

I saw Carol's advert as I was glancing through the September issue of NOVA. A jolt of energy sprung from the page into my heart that made me stop and look closer. I had a very sweet feeling from Carol's photograph and then read of her connection with Grigori and the famed Russian healers that he trained.

I had heard of their incredible exploits from the author and teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek back in 2005, of how they had helped people harness the power of their mind and spirit to heal "incurable" diseases, including advanced AIDs, paralysis and some even more magical occurrences.

Grigori's psychic abilities were well known by the Russian government; his skills were employed in the aviation and space industries to scan aeroplanes and space stations to check for damaged parts or weakened structures, thus saving valuable time and effort in repair work. I am sure he saved many lives this way, too.

But Grigori's greatest love was to employ his skills to help people heal from all kinds of ailments and grow stronger in their divine potential.

Spiritual people were attracted to him and he began training them to perform similar "miracle" healing.

Unfortunately, in his native Russia, Grigori was persecuted and imprisoned at the behest of Vladimir Putin (he has recently been released). Carol travelled to Russia and Asia to study with Grigori's close students Dr Arcady Petrov and Dr Marina Moroskina. The experience was to take Carol's already powerful healing to a new level and from it she developed her own unique techniques that she now teaches and practises in individual sessions to great effect, as I was very soon to discover.

I arrived at Carol's clinic in a neat suburban street on the Gold Coast's beautiful hinterland. I was greeted by Carol, an incredibly calm, vibrant and warmhearted person. I immediately felt comfortable and at home. Carol introduced me to her business partner Neil Pont and together they run HumanERGETIC Therapies - little did I know on the drive up that I would be entering into the healing arts equivalent of the James Bond laboratory with Neil as Q!

Neil showed me a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, far infrared sauna, magnetic resonance machine and a scalar healing room that looked like a scene from The Matrix. The energy field emanating from the place was incredible and after a brief tour from Q (I was to road test much of the equipment later) I was taken to a treatment room where Carol, as a spiritual James Bond, would lead me on a journey through the psycho-spiritual workings of my energy body to defeat a few double agents and get my body working and feeling much much better.

Now I have experienced, studied and practised many ancient and modern healing techniques from shamans all over the world to neat professional looking NLP practitioners and a whole gamut in between. But in the two hours I was about to spend with Carol I undoubtedly received the greatest healing and internal balance I have received in any number of sessions and appointments over the last 15 years.

Carol took me through a series of internal exercises where she communicated directly with the psyche of my internal organs (this was no hocus pocus or digging around, this was precise scientific mental and spiritual surgery / balancing of my inner realms). I had been experiencing several months of terrible IBS, back pain, and ensuing emotional and mental anguish so I was a very willing candidate for healing. I dived straight in to get as much from the session as possible. I certainly was not disappointed. At the end of the two hours I felt regenerated and renewed, the internal struggle I palpably felt inside my body had massively reduced, replaced with renewed vitality and confidence.

This was not just a spiritual high. Over the past two weeks since the session, my digestion has continued to improve, my energy levels doubled and my confidence and zest for life quadrupled. In fact, I am booked in to have the rest of my organs (the engine parts of my energetic body) tuned and balanced with Carol tomorrow.

I found Carol's manner throughout so sweet, she is obviously a master at what she does yet carries it out with such humility, a deep spiritual presence and an air of gracious service.

One of my life missions is Earth Healing, which happens to be another of the applications of Carol's work and our session spontaneously took another direction that enthralled us both.

We recognised shared karmic roots and celebrated our reunification with plans to continue our work together. I say this as no new age flake; my experience with Carol was a genuine reconnecting.

When my session with Carol was complete I was handed back into the hands of Q, or rather Neil (possessed of an equally sweet and sincere nature), who allowed me to experience three very cutting edge healing modalities on equipment that must be worth tens of thousands of dollars, in all of which Neil has been meticulously trained.

He has also practised healing for over 30 years, and now focuses on treatments employing the best technology from around the world. I experienced 30 minutes of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, which had a great effect on my neck and back. Next, I spent 30 minutes in a high pressure and higher density oxygen hyperbaric chamber.

Interestingly my great uncle, Professor Peter McCartney, now retired from the University of Tasmania, pioneered this technology and it was great to experience the result of his work and see it reach practical application.

The higher pressure of the chamber squeezes the body's blood from liquid to plasma allowing greater oxygen delivery and absorption. The chamber is pumped with higher density oxygen to multiply the effect. I could feel my capillaries delivering life back to previously oxygen- starved pockets of my body, which had a very positive effect on my digestive and circulatory systems. Neil treats high performance athletes with this technology to improve their performance prior to major events.

Finally, I experienced life inside a Scalar EES Energy Chamber, the most cutting edge experience of the lot, almost like being on the deck of the Starship Enterprise with computer screens around me flashing away. I don't really understand how it works but the computers create an energy field closely aligned to the backdrop energy of the universe, scalar energy. It's claimed this provides the perfect environment for healing and balancing to take place and acts as a wave for blessings to ride upon. However it sounds it works! I could feel a very strong energy vortex in the centre of the room and my time inside there was a deep, deep meditation.

I left the Scalar chamber at almost 7pm, six hours after I had arrived for a 1.5 hour appointment. I felt elated by both the treatments I had received and excited at the new connections made with Carol and Neil and the potential they harness for healing people and helping us evolve towards our true potential. I had witnessed things I had previously only heard of - I felt like a child in a sweet shop and I am booked in to do Carol's next course.

Jeremy Ball

At 26, following a “shamanic intervention”, Jeremy closed his business and left London to visit sacred sites and elders, later creating Transformational Tours and SacredFire.

When not roaming mother earth, you will find Jeremy at home in Byron Bay's hinterland, playing with his children and planning the next adventure. jeremy@transformationaltours.com.au