01.11.2015 Astrology

Free Flowing Connections

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

After the intensity of the last three months driven by September's eclipses we have one of the better charts for this month's proceedings that we've had for a long time. To start with there is a grand trine involving the sun in Scorpio, the moon in cancer and Neptune in Pisces; a free-flowing connection between masculine and feminine and the sensitising and psychically opening energies of Neptune.

It is worthwhile knowing that Neptune or Poseidon are masculine deities derived from the much deeper feminine - another attempt by the Greeks and Romans to claim some control over the realms of the psychic ocean in which we all live, which has always been the realm of the expansive and deep feminine. How foolish they were!

The sun and moon god relationship always represents some degree of healthy balance and flow between the call of masculine and feminine. Add Neptune into the picture and it describes a month of readily and often gently opening experiences that deepen our sensitivity, our ability to tap into non rational sources of knowledge, vision and creativity and to open up more fully, psychically and spiritually. On a day-to-day level, it describes the possibility of being able to move with greater subtlety and awareness in our worlds, depending, of course, on how much we can quieten our minds to be receptive to this flow.

Ultimately, this is great for all creative, mystical and healing practices because we are in a state of gentle and available psychic flux that allows energy to penetrate and infiltrate our blockages and resistance.

The second great alignment of this month is that of Jupiter, Venus and Mars in the middle of the sign of Virgo. This three-way dance has been continuing since April, initially in the sign of Leo. While the Virgin tempers the exuberance of this trilogy with its earthiness and focus on service, it is still a very gracious expansion of the passion of Venus and Mars. It is no use to most of you that this is a very erotic combination that bodes well for relationships, with the exception of those that have become excessively stagnant; then this combination creates necessary restlessness to break free.

Alongside the offerings of Neptune, Venus and Mars together offer earthy expressions of the creative urge, which includes the use of the creative arts for healing and spiritual growth. This latter point is even more powerfully reinforced by the visually unseen presence of the healing goddess Hygeia in this conjunction. As I described last month, Hygeia is the goddess of organic and spontaneous healing experience writ large by the expansive qualities of the great Jupiter.

And we're not talking about superficial healing because both Jupiter and Hygeia trine the transformative Pluto, giving extraordinary support for deep, sustaining and life changing experience. Our ability to flow with the inevitability of Plutonium processes is fluidly enhanced.

This is an auspicious occurrence given that the Hygeia/Jupiter/Venus/Mars conjunction is opposed by Chiron in Pisces. While essentially a compassionate deity, Chiron represents the sharp pointy end of our healing process which, like the sword wielding Kali, lances deeply into our wounds to release them!

So we have a situation where the two great healers, Chiron and Hygeia, are connecting with Pluto and Jupiter, wrapping Venus and Mars in an alchemical embrace for healing by these great powers. So while this will pressure cook our sexuality and relationship dynamics, there is tremendous grace and power for real primal depth and movement!

On another more refined level there are opportunities for exquisite openings in our relationships. Mercury, at the very end of Libra, is conjunct Eros, both forming a grand trine with the Shiva asteroid in Aquarius and an equally exquisite conjunction of Psyche and Parvati in Gemini. So while our Venus and Mars energies are being expanded and worked with, this grand trine opens conscious access to the Shiva/ Shakti relationship at the base of the Tantric energies inherent in each of us.

Mercury involved with Eros at the very least is going to buzz our brains, impassion our thinking and bring us more fully alive to the subtler dimensions of our sacred and sexual energies, ideally going beyond simply being obsessed by sex!

Even our old friend Saturn is in relatively good aspect, having moved away from his hard challenges in October. He's been quietly hanging out with Lilith and Medusa, an unlikely but very powerful threesome that forces each to get to know the others better despite their historical antagonism. (I would like to see that particular psychodrama!)

As the month goes on, though, a square between Saturn and Neptune tightens, a very tricky combination that mixes two levels of reality we all have trouble integrating - between the very real demands of a material world and the mystical creative urges of our psyches.

In essence, Saturn challenges the shadow of Neptune in the form of escapism, self delusion and projection, while empowering us to get better at manifesting our subtler gifts and abilities. In return, Neptune both undermines our clarity and efforts to make our way in the world, while seeking to dissolve old defences based on conditioning and internal blockages to the free-flow of thought, emotion and spiritual energies.

More about this next month when the square peaks. Enjoy!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 34th year of private practice.


Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.