Fire and Water

Fire is a key theme in watery Pisces month, with promise of transformative change
This is going to be a unique month and one of the main themes of it, even though it's the watery Pisces time, is of fire; its expressive and liberating qualities, its wounded manifestations and its healing. And it's a time of new beginnings with abundant support for transformative change and rebirth.

On a bigger cyclic level, the great mover and shaker Uranus enters Aries proper during the month, firing up the Ram for the next seven years. Just watch the house(s) you have Aries in start to move, escalating the voltage for change, having already been empowered by Jupiter.

This combination, while unstable and dramatic, represents an irresistible urge towards freedom of expression, individualism and creative potency. And in a sign that is not known for its patience, one that loves a new challenge! We need then to make room for its rightful place is this current daemon, otherwise we can expect increasing levels of restlessness and heightened tension, with the potential for more volcanic eruptions, major disruptions and wild outbursts.

In crossing into Aries, Uranus also squares the Nodes of the Moon, with the North Node in its general retrograde motion itself entering Sagittarius, another fire sign, where it will be for the next 18 months.

Over the years, I've come to see that any major planet squaring the Nodes is an important turning point in the collective and/or our personal journey, as the planet is at the midpoint between the two. The change or process represented by the planet tests and challenges the old in us, derived from the past (South Node), while strongly energising and initiating us into the new, the possibilities of the future (North Node).

In this case, the Uranian urge for radical change and its awakening of Arian fire, valid processes in themselves, also aims to crack open behaviour patterns, habits and tendencies that are familiar on a soul level over lifetimes, while activating more exalted skills, knowledge and abilities accumulated over many lives.

Simultaneously, it opens up more of the mysteries of our future direction contained in the North Node, whether personally or collectively, by producing inner and outer changes that make this more conscious.

With Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node in fire signs then, the element is getting more than enough encouragement. Jupiter, though, while streaking through Aries, will get seriously challenged as he goes head to head with his old nemesis Saturn in the opposite sign of Libra, at the end of the month. This confrontation between new and old, innovation and conservation, passion and realism is known for its frustration but also for timely reality checks. Aries is not the best at disciplined, careful, cautious preparation, especially when its passion and inspiration is up, something that trips up even the most deserving of schemes. Saturn, even as he resists, is also there to rebalance the scales.

On a worldlier note, both Saturn and Jupiter are connected to financial systems and this opposition is a gentler version of the Uranus/Saturn opposition that triggered the global financial crises. So we can expect some issues, challenges and change again that may manifest as further "adjustments". At the very least we're likely to get some feedback as to the effectiveness of the deconstruction processes of the last years.

Alongside this however, are subtler and, in some ways, more slippery processes around wounded fire energy, represented by the Sun in early Pisces conjunct Mars and Chiron in the same sign. With all its trademark sensitivity, gentleness, compassion and empathy, Pisces swims in an ocean of emotional energy from where it draws its natural spiritual and creative gifts.

This is not an easy place for Mars, who is one of the "fuel" planets for fire in general and specifically for Aries. In Pisces, the old god of war gets swamped in the fathomless emotionality and sensitivity of the Fish and his urge to provide us with assertive, courageous, forthright action is, at the very least, tempered by its wateriness and is often sublimated or anaesthetised. Ask any Mars in Pisces individual about their struggles and challenges to assert, set boundaries or express their anger cleanly and clearly.

At its best, it is an amazing position for Mars because it also represents the possibility for healthy expression of the red planet, coupled brilliantly with the subtlety and sensitivity of Pisces, making it an effective force moving with heightened awareness. The journey towards this goal includes the necessity of pulling the red-bloodedness of Mars out of the inner swamps, of owning one's anger so that is doesn't leak out in devious, seductive and self sabotaging ways, of coming face to face with one's inner Minotaur. And this is the very gift of Chiron conjunct Mars in this month's chart, an almost perfect line up for this work, as Chiron is a part of self highly adept at creating situations to activate this wounded masculine warrior and its healing.

So we look like getting a view of both sides of fire, its exaltation and its shadow, and there is no lack of supportive power in making the best use of what is on offer. The Chiron, Mars, Sun combination has brilliant sextiles to Pluto, while the expansive Jupiter squares the same. Jupiter/Pluto combinations, even the tougher ones, are among the best of transformative transits, the deep shadow work of Pluto, never easy to get moving, combines with the magnanimous, abundant energies of Jupiter. The deep work flows better, more easily.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 28th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au