Finding Balance

When I imagine Melissa Hocking's clinic in Melbourne,albeit using poetic licence, it is almost like somekind of God's waiting room. From around the world, patientsof various ages with different illnesses, some in wheelchairs,some terminally ill, are waiting to experience a processknown as quantum bioenergetic balancing. Melissa herself,given her blonde good looks and forthright manner, cutsan unforgettable figure. But the greater drama unfoldswhen the patient experiences the process, somethingshe cannot truly predict.

"I've seen people walk in with cancerous tumoursand leave without them half an hour later. I've seena gentleman come in with multiple sclerosis in a wheelchairand walk out. I've seen an autistic child, at the ageof 12, speak for the first time. A very well known psychiatristbrought in five of his most heavily medicated schizophrenicpatients. Four of them are completely off medicationnow, one is still on a little bit. We see healing onall levels - it's amazing," Melissa catalogues,without any hint of sensationalism.

It is evident that hubris is not part of her make upfor Melissa makes it crystal clear she isn't the healer.

"I don't have any delusions that it is me doingit. I put the patients in an amazing, unprecedentedenvironment where they can heal themselves. A lady rangup (recently) and said, my brain tumour is completelygone - I saw her three days ago. My first response was,'Well done, you!' I don't take credit for the amazingwork that they do. I don't downplay what we're doinghere, but I'm just an ordinary person with an extraordinarygift."

Melissa has a unique perspective on healing havingrecovered from two serious illnesses. At 19, she wasdiagnosed with uterine cancer, effectively a death sentence.Even if she survived, she was never expected to havechildren. Today, three shining examples prove this particularprognosis wrong. Then, some years later, she was diagnosedwith a tumour, which once again healed against the odds.

"I look back and realise that these frequenciesmust have been present because both healings were extraordinary,"says Melissa.

"I get asked a lot if I used affirmations andthings. I probably had the strongest affirmation ofall - I knew. It wasn't a belief, or a faith, or a hope.I actually knew that I would get over it. That knowledgewas quite possibly the most powerful affirmation I couldhave hoped for."

Movies like What the Bleep Do We Know!? and The Secrethave generated popular awareness of quantum mechanics,but our knowledge of them is still rather rudimentary.
The frequencies that come into play during the quantumbioenergetic balancing technique, as the name indicates,are based in quantum mechanics, which makes them veryhard to measure.

Melissa describes these frequencies as more of a light,or communication structure, than energy.

"They're primarily a communication frequency inthat they encompass an enormous amount of communication.We think communication means binary systems or words.These work on multiple dimensions, that's how they triggerthe DNA matrix. They trigger a communication far deeperthan we could hope to comprehend as yet," she explains.

"What seems to be occurring in the healing processis an elevation in the patient's DNA, causing a communicationso the body can heal itself again of things that itused to heal itself from many centuries ago. We seethings that are considered incurable - terminal illnesses,permanent disabilities, chronic diseases are no longerpermanent or terminal or chronic."

To better understand how these frequencies work requireslooking at the body in a different way to what has beentraditionally taught.

Melissa explains, "The human body is a communityof cells. It's not just the parts and systems that we'vebeen taught about. It is, in fact, an entire communityof cells and that's why each cell within that entireDNA matrix has a possibility to shift itself.

"The human body is fascinating. It's very symmetricaland in its basics, all things are in balance. Everythingis symbiotic to everything else. Disease is where oneof those things falls over."

Before she encountered these quantum frequencies, Melissa'straining was very left-brained. She has a double degreein science and is an anatomic physiologist. Her experienceof these quantum frequencies, given that they aren'treadily measurable, caused her some angst.

She admits, "When it first hit me, I was veryfortunate that these frequencies were palpable. My veryscientific, left brain, background caused me to notjust doubt the presence of this, but doubt myself."But the experience of the frequencies as pressure inher hands, and the evidence of people healing themselvesproved otherwise.

"We've had dramatic results with things like chronicfatigue and really severe viruses that we thought justcouldn't be touched. A three year old boy who was deafis no longer deaf, a little boy with CP who was on awalking frame was able to put his feet down properlyand walk without it... all levels and all depths ofbiology and neurology get affected. I see just amazingstuff."

Melissa makes the point that whether it's using quantumbioenergetics or chemotherapy to treat an illness likecancer, the aim is to bring the body into balance sothat it can heal itself.

What the body determines to heal, once it is immersedin these quantum frequencies, is basically up to theindividual patient.

"I can't actually guarantee what they're goingto heal from." Melissa clearly considers this adownside of the process.

This brings up the interesting question of why somepeople choose not to heal their bodies.

"It comes down to two pretty basic things,"Melissa says quite frankly. "Whether or not it'sappropriate and, before that, usually is intent. Intentis everything."

This is a topic close to Melissa's heart because heroldest child, nine year old Jack has severe disabilitiesdue to quadriplegic cerebral palsy and autism.

"Of those two things, we see no change wheneverI do a healing session on him. Yet for anything elsewe see an immediate response. His hips were self dislocating,he was going to have very painful orthopaedic surgeryand the day before he said, 'Mum, can you work on myhips?' I did and the next day they were fully back intheir sockets. He didn't need the surgery. However hecontinues through this life quadriplegic, unable towalk or sit or roll over or anything like that."

Melissa says her son has taught her a brutal lesson."I have to recognise that I am in no position tobe anyone else's healer other than myself. I have noright to imagine that I can control what's going onin someone else's journey," she says with shatteringhonesty.

She is equally uncompromising when it comes to therather old fashioned values of honour and integrity."I can't live without integrity. To me, life isabout walking with intent, living with integrity."

One of her first experiences of quantum frequencieswas when Melissa "accidentally" attended alecture given by a man calling himself a miracle healer."He was an absolute charlatan. He was ripping peopleoff, which I found truly offensive," she says ratherindignantly.

This is why, when Melissa teaches the quantum bioenergeticbalancing technique, she requires people to sign a codeof conduct. "It is legally binding but I'll neverhave to sue anyone. I'll just watch karma play out,"she says with a laugh.

There is an added safeguard in the frequencies themselves."If you're not coming from a place of integritythese frequencies do not flow! I don't have to policeit, I don't have to demand it, the frequencies won'tflow."

Over the last seven years that Melissa has been facilitatingand teaching quantum bioenergetics, the frequencieshave evolved exponentially.

She says, "What I was doing seven years ago wasextraordinary. What we are doing now is mind blowing."

She is regularly called into the major hospitals, oftenthe Intensive Care Unit because people wait till thelast minute. She wryly jokes, "I see the extremeend of everything." She works alongside doctorsand some have been her patients. She is currently involvedin a research project with the University of Arizonaand Australia's Deakin University. Another project isa documentary film about a woman with stage three breastcancer, who is now free of cancer. And this month, ina move that may project her well beyond our shores,Melissa will be meeting producers from Oprah Winfrey'scompany, Harpo Productions, in the US.

She views this with some trepidation saying, "Thepublic life is not what I'm seeking, but I will do itso people find what they need to.

"I have a gift that belongs to everyone. My jobis just to teach others how to do it."

There was a patient who recently had a session withMelissa, a woman who had been a quadriplegic for 15years. Her point of view was, "I am not expectingmiracles." Melissa responded, "Why not? Isee them every day."

Imagine a world of healing, now that's a differentpossibility.