01.02.2013 Holistic Health

Father of New Biology

Bruce Lipton is an evolutionary pioneer for his work in cell biology and epigenetics. Story by Jeremy Ball

In this series of essays on evolutionary thinkers and people who have shifted thinking and being into the new paradigm, I am going to start with a person whose work underlines the whole evolutionary shift we are experiencing now. Before we enter into this subject, allow me to reiterate the great time of change we have entered into, as, astronomically and astrologically, we are in a place of great possibilities. We are now located physically and energetically in the universe in an alignment that brings fresh and refreshing energies into us.

But just like a boat at sea with a beautiful stern wind to push us along, our progress is only possible once we raise the sails and weigh anchor. Without this awareness and effort and intention, we will be buffeted by the wind but ultimately make no progress. Likewise, even with a torrent against us, progress is possible with a clear mind, strong heart and wise sailing.

This series of articles is designed to provide encouragement for your sailing and making the most of this wind to help you inspire those around you. If we can collectively harness these positive energies of change we can evolve our species, just like the first fish that leapt on land and attempted to breathe, or the first lizard that showed affection to its young, or the first humans who refused to act from purely tribal loyalties but to encompass the whole of humanity.

With each evolutionary action, the morphogenic field that surrounds us all is encoded with a more enlightened path for kin to follow. We may not be Martin Luther Kings or Dalai Lamas, yet we can all break ground in our own fields and ways, which, when added together, equate to a mass exodus to the promised land; a combined evolutionary leap.

And so we begin with Dr Bruce Lipton, whose work to my mind underpins and explains exactly what is happening to us as a species now; the science of how we create our reality through the body, of how we move from being flotsam and jetsam on the tide into conscious co-creators with the ocean herself.

I have also had the great pleasure of hearing Bruce Lipton speak on two occasions and met him very briefly. He is without doubt one of the most humble and impassioned people I have come across. Although his scientific discoveries are so profound, it seems he has the understanding that his mission is being directed by a higher purpose and remains truly humble. Quite simply, he is the nicest person I have met, most likely the result of a cloning experiment between a galactic supermind and a Labrador puppy.

Lipton grew up in affluent and academic Westchester County in upstate New York and studied and went on to teach at some of America's most prestigious universities, specialising in the field of cell biology.

It was through his research into muscular dystrophy and seeking cures for this debilitating disease that Lipton began to develop a revolutionary new model of cell structure and understand how circumstance and not genetics alone had an affect on the development and evolution of the cell.

He began to integrate the principles of quantum mechanics into his understanding of the information processing systems of a cell. Quantum mechanics, in brief, is the study of the basic building blocks of nature and the universe, with the key discovery that if you look in deep enough, the building blocks stop and there is a field of all possibilities which intention and spirit instantaneously affect. It was exactly this understanding that Einstein and Max Planck began to bring into the Western mind.

Lipton postulated that the outer layer of a cell (and not the cell's nucleus as was the conventional understanding) is equivalent to an organic computer, the cell's brain. From 1987, he conducted research at Stanford University Medical Centre which further proved his theory by showing that the 'programs' carried by the cell's outer layer, much like a microchip or keycode, actually acted to turn genes on and off. This role above and beyond genetics we have now come to know as epigenetics.

This understanding flew in the face of traditional science by showing us we are not consigned to a fate dictated by our genes; that, in fact, through the beliefs held in our mind and the feelings accessed through our emotions we can alter the chemistry of our cells and thus our physical, mental and emotional states - quite literally, we can alter our evolution.

As always with any revolutionary idea, Lipton faced institutionalised obstruction, with the choice of either falling into line with departmental thinking or leaving to further study and teach the truths he had discovered. He followed his heart and also began to apply his understandings to his own health and spiritual wellbeing with incredible results.

His bestselling book The Biology of Belief is quite simply a groundbreaking work, which simply and masterfully explains how our body embodies our thoughts and feelings and how we can re-encode our physical entity and heal our cells from disease through our thoughts, feelings and prayers. Whether you have an understanding of this or not, Lipton's work will help you in taking this a step further and truly grounding this knowledge into your wellbeing.

The next step is that our individual physical entity surrounded by our spirit then encodes the larger spiritual entity of humanity through the morphogenic fields. These are the energy fields that lay the tracks of possibilities and probabilities for other humans to follow - the flight paths.

Whatever our field of work, we have the opportunity to bring in new technologies and enlightened systems that feed our spiritual entity and bring life and sustenance to the planet and her children. But first we must break free from our own emotional, mental and physical limitations that living within our current system has created, and trust our heart. As seers, rishis, saints and wise women have taught us, we must trust that prayer brings higher energy to change the physical situation, that positive thought and emotion literally change our DNA. We must trust that our spirit, rather than survival of the fittest, is the greater dictate in evolution and that when our Piscean ancestors first rolled themselves ashore converting their lungs to breathe oxygen, gasping at every breath, it was their spirit that dictated this action. The anatomical change that followed was not some programming in their DNA, but the reverse - this action and this effort in fact encoded their DNA.

Our genes are not our fate, they are our starting point. First we must clear the decks of suffering and then we can look to push our species forward, with both happening at times simultaneously.

So brothers, sisters what card has the Divine dealt you, which fish do you have upon your plate? What have you been given to remodel, refine, accept and love? Use your mind, your consciousness to bring through the higher energies into this field to push back the stagnant tide and reinvigorate your body, mind and soul for the work ahead.

Jeremy Ball

At 26, following a “shamanic intervention”, Jeremy closed his business and left London to visit sacred sites and elders, later creating Transformational Tours and SacredFire.

When not roaming mother earth, you will find Jeremy at home in Byron Bay's hinterland, playing with his children and planning the next adventure. jeremy@transformationaltours.com.au