Faces of the Goddess

Faces of the Goddess reveal themselves this month, explains Daniel Sowelu

Faces of the Goddess reveal themselves this month, explains Daniel Sowelu

This is going to be a big month, not just because the Sun in Libra squares Jupiter for the first weeks of it, but because we have a dynamic grand sextile lighting up most of the chart overlaid by a deeply challenging grand cross. These two share points, creating a complex picture of simultaneous trials and a tremendous flow of energy, quite a juggling act.

The Grand Sextile, or Star of David configuration, has as its base the Moon, Medusa, Mercury and Mars in Libra; connecting via sextiles and trines to the South Node and Ceres in Leo; Persephone, Black Moon, Juno and Diana in Sagittarius; Neptune, North Node and Chiron in Aquarius; and, Pallas Athena and Hygeia in Gemini; while being opposed by Lilith in Aries (phew!) With two Grand Trines and multiple sextiles, this represents an extraordinary flow of energy, including great spiritual power or Shakti, between this long list of proponents. There are too many connections to go into detail about, but we can speak of the major themes.

Firstly, most players in this are images of the feminine (I include Neptune in this) - light and dark, ancient and contemporary, and the free flow between them offers greater connection, emotionally and consciously, to the multiple faces of the goddess. With Ceres, as one expression of the Great Mother, on the South Node comes a direct line into our pre-Christian histories to tap the sacred image of earth as Mother, the power of which can infuse our emotional lives with greater connectedness and creative potency.

This link also offers the ability to contemporise ancient sources of knowledge and wisdom, dynamically fueling up all the fire and air combinations of the whole Grand Sextile. This is a fabulous time for ritual and ceremony to honour the Goddess, for initiations into her mysteries, for claiming and reclaiming the rightful place of the different faces of the feminine. It is also brilliant for spiritual, creative and inspirational work of all sorts as the deep and aerated waters of the unconscious will offer up much richness in imagery, visions and awareness.

Most of the six points of the Grand Sextile have some element of the warrior(ess); Mars and Medusa, Black Moon, Pallas Athena, Chiron and Lilith. This heightens the feistiness of the whole constellation, demands action and not just thoughts and feelings, adds creative fire and juice, and will create tension between the positive use of the warriors in us, and old forms of anger and rage that will be activated to be acknowledged, cleared and healed. While a great time for the expressive and creative therapies, there is also much support to get to know how to use our warriors with greater passion, acuity, clarity, effectiveness and subtlety.

The tension here is also found in the oppositions from Lilith in Aries to all the Libran energy, and between Pallas/Hygeia and the "wild women" in Sagittarius. In each, we have images of the feminine expressing the right to freedom, passion, independence and to claim the rawer instinctual energies of our emotional truths, coming up against the more civilised and encultured faces that are, nevertheless, using the same raw material to express more refined versions of the warrioress in the world. As always, the challenge with oppositions is not to polarise the energies, but to honour the needs of each end, as mutually supportive complements instead of rivals.

Thirdly, there is great healing Shakti in this combination, partly because of the linking of conscious awareness with many normally hidden and often rejected parts of the self; partly because of the Grand Trine positively connecting Hekate, Chiron and Hygeia, three faces of the healer/shaman, and, finally, because the whole Grand Sextile feeds consciously connected energy from all its points into the Neptune/North Node/Chiron conjunction. The last, still in effect and one of the main astro-signatures of 2008, offers more and more of us a greater view of the spiritual, creative and healing possibilities that come from being more connected to our ultimate soul purposes. On all levels, a brilliant time for spiritual and therapeutic work of all persuasions.

The tougher assignments for the month come from the Grand Cross, whose four points are Saturn in Virgo, opposing Uranus and Shiva in Pisces, mutually squaring Pallas and Hygeia in Gemini, and Persephone, Black Moon, Juno and Diana in Sagittarius. The Saturn/Uranus opposition is a very stressful combination, a culture clash between stability and change, conservatism and radicalism, between the gods of earth and sky. It has its first exact peak next month and four other times in the next two years, and while very uncomfortable, is an alchemical process to balance realism with the need for creative, life enhancing change.

Saturn is a complex, contradictory archetype that will present us with old defended patriarchal voices of doubt, judgment and conditioning on one hand, yet a voice of healthy realism and grounded clear-sighted assessment on the other. While he may appear to resist change (and in some will!), he will also be saying, "Show me the positive consequences, the real ones, not the spin!" In relationship to the goddess and the feminine, he can appear as the rejecting, suppressing masculine, so that some can get in touch with their father stuff or nastier past life experiences, but will also act as an abrasive grinding tool to sharpen her acuity so that she can act more potently in this world. There's no doubt it's going to be an interesting month! More about this dance next month.

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 21st year of private practice.