30.11.2017 Astrology

Explosive Energies

Daniel Sowelu advises us to use the chaos of this month for empowering growth

On one level, December looks like being a dynamic, fiery and unpredictable month in ways that are chaotic yet contain multiple opportunities for growth and greater emotional freedom. On a second level, there are some classic indicators for significant spiritual and relationship openings. These, in turn, are supported by a third layer that is paradoxically sturdy, earthy and stabilising!

The Sun in Sagittarius gets a mixed reception from the goddess asteroids including supportive sextiles and trines from Persephone and Hecate alongside a tough square from the fierce Medusa. Note that these three goddesses are all aspects of the medicine woman archetypes that can bring out the correspondingly magical and mystical aspects of the Centaur. This brings the predominantly masculine vibrancy of Sagittarius into greater connection with the deep feminine and her corresponding spiritual power. But the sign’s questing urges are more inwards and downwards than traditionally expressed.

Similarly, the Sagittarius Sun squares Neptune in Pisces, a psychically opening energy that both unravels ego structures, clarity and boundaries while flushing out old material from the personal and collective unconscious.

Simply put, this is like a huge Centaur charging into a swamp and flailing around trying to get moving.

This is one place where things will get messy and chaotic. But one of the drivers of Neptune energy is to bring the conscious self into greater assimilation with the fluid, watery realms of creativity and spirituality, much like connecting the right and left hemispheres of the brain. On the journey towards this goal, we necessarily have to pass through processes of temporary disintegration, psychic purification and psychically induced confusion.

Even more dramatically, the Moon begins the month exactly conjunct the revolutionary and unpredictable Uranus in the equally fiery sign of Aries.

Broadly speaking, this describes tremendous emotional turbulence and psychic instability that also encourages dramatic emotional expression, and necessary blowups and/or breakthroughs on the way towards greater emotional freedom and expression of our authentic selves. This heightens the urge to break through old restrictive and conservative emotional patterns, to break away from restrictive environments and relationships and align more with your passion, with that which brings you more fully alive.

The Moon Uranus conjunction is also the top corner of an equally radicalising T-square, with Mars in Libra directly opposite and both squaring a conjunction of Kali and Hygeia in Capricorn! Bringing Mars and Kali into the equation is like pouring petrol on the fire of the Moon and Uranus, a highly combustible situation that can ignite both contemporary anger and frustration along with deeper more ancient sources of rage (much like the Sagittarius Sun squaring Medusa).

Having the warrior god Mars moving through the harmony-loving and diplomatic sign of Libra is quite a contradictory transit.

The inherently forthright, action-based and aggressive drives of Mars gets tempered and even frustrated by the rationalistic leanings of a sign which is traditionally averse to conflict, expressions of anger and to straight-talking honesty. And while we all need to manage our more aggressive and instinctual energies socially, this can create a reservoir of suppressed energy that is likely to blow up when meeting the volatility of either Uranus or Kali, let alone the two of them simultaneously!

The traditional counsel in this situation is watch out for accidents, avoid power tools and situations of potential violence; in relationships, initiate honest conversations before situations lead to critical mass and, if you are too restless or stirred up to be effective, wag school, work and/or parenting.

More seriously though, this is not just an opportunity to release built-up frustrations, the consequences of too many compromises or basically, not living your truth. This is the kind of line-up that can also assist in reigniting the fire of your individuality, reclaiming your voice and discovering the mysteries of true psychological, emotional and sexual empowerment that comes when we are able to consciously work with our anger and deeper reservoirs of rage.

If we consider that healthy Mars energy empowers us with effective, can-do, masculine warrior energy and if we understand that Kali (or Medusa or Lilith) is the ultimate spiritual warrior, sacred activist and transformative tantric queen, it’s times like this when we can clear ancestral, cultural and past life distortions to both masculine and feminine.

And there is equally a tremendous amount of grace in support of all these healing and awakening opportunities.

The benevolent Jupiter, now in Scorpio, trines Neptune in Pisces, which can confer a degree of emotional and psychic fluidity. In turn, this enhances our ability to let go, release and flush psychic emotional residues from whatever sources.

In the midst of the Mars/Uranus/Kali T-square is also the kundalini goddess of healing, Hygeia. She combines her deeply feminine style of healing with the power of Kali to produce some potentially miraculous healing and awakening.

And finally, underneath this tremendously fluid environment lies a conjunction of Saturn, Mercury and the Black Moon in late Sagittarius/early Capricorn.The three act as a deep anchor that engages our minds in the serious business of sorting what is authentic away from old conditioning about the world and our own identities. We can get some real work done here! Use the chaos!

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