01.08.2015 Astrology

Expect Eruptions

Periodic eruptions are likely in a dynamic month, says Daniel Sowelu

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This is going to be a very interesting month! Not only does it begin on a full moon, but quite an exceptional full moon. The Leo sun is conjunct Diana, Eros and Hygeia, quite a combination of erotic energy, youthful vitality and great healing energy connected to all of it. On the Moon side, she is exactly conjunct Hecate, the witch queen, medicine woman and underworld guide, who carries ancient and contemporary connections to different forms of ritual and ceremonial magic and with the conscious directing of spiritual power. As an archetype that holds multidimensional multifaceted healing and spiritual skills, there is healing power on both ends of the Sun/Moon opposition; sexual and Kundalini magic one end, "witchy" Moon magic the other.

The opposition between the Sun and Moon is actually the spinal cord of what is a Kite arrangement, a grand trine with two supporting sextiles. At the base of this kite we have the Sun with Eros and Diana, the latter two sharing a connection to youthful, playful, physically expressive energy, in many ways connecting us to the inner adolescent within each of us. And yet combined with Kundalini healing goddess Hygeia this is far from a superficial arrangement. Hygeia represents pre-existing healing skills and power, making this a time for healing and reawakening the raw vitality and playful eroticism the inner adolescent. And along the way do some good healing around distortions to Eros energy.

This core conjunction sends a positive trine to both Pallas Athena in Sagittarius and Vesta in Aries, who, in turn, are trining each other, while sextiling the Hecate Moon conjunction. And like all kites it's shaped like a rocket about to take off. As two of the so called "virginal" goddesses, both Pallas and Vesta represent the capacity to concentrate power and in this case to be able to direct both the raw fire energies of the Leo base and the Moon duo, powerfully and effectively into whatever creative, professional and/or spiritual projects you might have on hand.

The Moon conjunct Hecate invokes all the Moon goddesses but particularly the crone aspect, the more mature, transformative, and psychologically and spiritually powerful expressions of the goddess in both light and dark forms. All of this is high in the chart and so talks about the sacred powers of the feminine wanting to act more potently in the outer world.

What is far more abrasive in this month's chart is the expansive Jupiter coming into a square with Saturn, his mythological father. This represents a taut, rather stressful, conflict between the energies of expansion, growth and opening up to greater possibilities versus the conservative, constrained and sometimes obstructive energies of Saturn. In some ways, this plays out an ancient battle between the young son and the old senex, making things tough when trying to create in the world because some of the more obvious Jupiterian opportunities seem to be obstructed by resistances from the outer world and/or within each of us, in terms of old conservative voices. But it can also be a useful alchemy to create a better balance between these seemingly opposing forces that also complement each other. Getting the right balance between expansive opportunity and healthy, realistic discipline is the challenge.

On the Venus side of things, most of you have been watching this beautiful and very accurate conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the night sky. This conjunction is still very much in operation and they are still close visually. However Venus, now in Virgo, is caught in this dynamic between Jupiter and Saturn, translating as continuing opportunities to open our hearts, to be able to become more fluid in our ability to give and receive love. At the same time, though, Saturn will show to us what internal blockages still exist. The other potential of this combination is that the Jupiter/Venus opens up new relationship possibilities, but we immediately get met by unfinished business, whether in terms of previous relationships or early childhood conditioning that has tended to contract our ability to open our hearts to another.

As for Mars, he's in an interesting position in late Cancer putting him in a good constructive, "can do" trine with Saturn at the very end of Scorpio, yet simultaneously squaring a conjunction of Uranus and Persephone. Now, Mars square Uranus has a reputation for volatility and unpredictable eruptions of unresolved anger issues, of unreleased energy built up into critical mass suddenly getting released. If we add Persephone to the mix, she adds an even deeper level of power to this arrangement. This can mean that whatever needs to erupt here is not superficial and has to do with much deeper forces and probably much deeper wounds. Yet, like any type of Mars/Dark Goddess arrangements, it offers opportunities to work with ancient forms of anger and rage. This, in turn, becomes the vehicle for owning deeper layers of psycho-spiritual power within us, the very best of what Persephone has to offer. So, on a day-to-day level, Mars trine Saturn is fantastic and you can achieve a lot with it. But some of us can expect periodic eruptions that will often sneak up on us from underneath the shell of Cancer.

So all in all it's going to be a very interesting month, quite unlike anything we've experienced for quite a while, so enjoy and make the most of it.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 34th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.