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Evolution of Consciousness

Jeremy Ball sees great hope in our global response to the Syrian refugee crisis

What a terrible place we the human race find ourselves in once more. Millions of people are fleeing their homes in Syria (and many other locations around the world), running from terrible regimes lest they be caught and brutally murdered, women and children raped. It is estimated that already a staggering six and a half million people in Syria have literally grabbed their coats and run for their lives with three million fleeing their homeland to neighbouring countries.

The population of Syria at almost 23 million is very close to that of Australia. With the conflict just started it is already estimated that almost a quarter of a million people have been killed - that's the same as every man, woman and child in Cairns being wiped out - caught in a hell hole between the ISIS insurgents and the Western bombs.

Let's go back to those figures. The situation in Syria is so bad that the equivalent of the entire population of Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory combined have grabbed what they can and fled for their lives. Almost half of these people are fleeing to foreign lands and countries, many of them not allies.

Imagine being so desperate you were prepared to take your chances and throw yourself and your family at the mercy of a foreign country, one you had been brought up to fear. It means travelling crosscountry in the harshest of conditions not knowing if the next day will be your last.

In total, 60 million people worldwide, almost three times the population of Australia have been forcibly and violently displaced from their homes. This is a horrific situation. I think back to the few occasions on which I have been the victim of theft, when the feeling of violation and loss of trust was palpable. Can you imagine how much more terrible it would be to have your home bombed and having to pull surviving loved ones from the rubble to trek cross country in hope of reaching relative safety? Or else hearing of the stories of rape and murder from neighbouring villages, you gather your family and a few belongings and set off into the dark of night hoping not to encounter the thugs with guns as you escape.

Estimates are that during World War Two 11 to 20 million people were displaced; we currently have three to five times that number of people making their homes in makeshift tents in foreign lands. Sadly, in the short term at least, this number will rise.

With the conflict in the Middle East we are already in World War Three. We may not call the conflict by this name yet but mark my words; future history books will date the start of the conflict to 2015 if not before.

For those of us who consider ourselves to be striving towards the evolution of human consciousness, on the global stage at least, it doesn't seem to be working. For all the mantras we have chanted, all the self analysis we have undergone and all the sacred ceremonies we have held there doesn't seem to be much effect.

It seems the power behind the evolution of consciousness, that is definitely happening on our blue-green home, does not have a sentimental bone in her body.

If we look back into prehistory, the evolution from fish to amphibious creatures able to breathe on land only came about due to necessity. It wasn't because a few fish had a committee meeting and thought they should colonise the land.

This great leap forward only occurred because the ocean with its massive over population had become so incredibly toxic that some fish stumbled up onto beaches to escape painful death through suffocation in the poisonous water, only to gasp and die in their millions. No special mudra with their fins to suddenly be able to breathe air! But a few brave fortunate souls mutated their lungs ever so slightly and survived. Through the morphogenic field of the species some of this change took hold, and guided and urged from external consciousness no doubt, this evolution continued.

And then several hundred million years later we had the dinosaurs and just when this age was reaching a peak a huge meteorite hit the earth off the coast of what we now call Mexico. The impact threw a massive dust cloud up into the sky that made the atmosphere so dense and dark for so long that almost every species of animal and many plants died or forcibly mutated through the sheer stress and struggle of staying alive.

As we can see God in her/his methods is not into subtlety; there was no manifesting as a golden being to the dinosaurs and transforming them into Homo sapiens. Alas it seems our evolution needs to be earned, every last piece of it, etched into the very fabric of our evolving DNA. Sixty percent is not a pass mark in evolution; it is only once 100% is attained 100% of the time that we individually and collectively move on to the next test, the next phase.

And as we evolved at each step the beings that we became were ever so slightly more self aware than the previous iteration; reptiles began to interact with their young, not just lay eggs and leave; mammals became very loving and nurturing, forming life-long bonds; humans (as much as we fault ourselves for not being anywhere near our potential) in some parts at least have shown great care for communities outside our own and even other species.

At each phase of evolution we were becoming more aware and conscious and in control of our actions. If we look at global conflicts they come about by a group of people acting unconsciously, either through revenge for past misdeeds (imagined or presumed) against their kind, or by blindly following religious dictates rather than trusting their heart and soul to guide right action in that moment.

All goodness, on the other hand, comes out of conscious action, doing the right thing, even if this means expending yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and financially to support others in times of trouble or to improve their circumstances.

And this to me, despite all the signs to the contrary, is the mark of the evolution of human consciousness that is occurring right now. Is it not a miracle that the nation that started the wars that went on to cause the deaths of more than 100 million people during the last century, willingly took in 800,000 Syrian refugees (the entire population of the Gold Coast and Hobart combined or the MCG at full capacity eight times over)? And nor was this forced on the German public against their wishes. In fact, citizens of the country that only three generations ago stood by or partook in the horrific executions of six million because of their religion, many of them fellow citizens, gathered in their hundreds to welcome with gifts and banners and songs and cheers a far more distant race and people, providing them with homes and food and human kindness. Surely this is a miracle of the powers of human evolution, a revolution in consciousness.

And there is more. Pope Francis, the current leader of an institution that has been responsible for the deaths of around 250 million people worldwide over the last few hundred years, has called open his fellow Catholics to welcome into their homes and open up their churches to accommodate the fleeing Syrians. Hundreds of years ago the Catholic Church would not have dispensed such mercy.

We are getting there; we are lumbering forward in human consciousness but it only happens when the possibilities we are aware of are actually embodied through love in action. Mantras and incense don't cut the mustard. Of course, mantras contribute, but it is action that leads to evolution. Be part of this revolution! Who are you going to help? It does not need to be a Syrian refugee - it could be a homeless person a lonely neighbour, a Tibetan, a West Papuan, your cousin.

But to inherit the evolutionary drive of the fish that first breathed on land you, too, have to transform yourself through right action.

Jeremy Ball

At 26, following a “shamanic intervention”, Jeremy closed his business and left London to visit sacred sites and elders, later creating Transformational Tours and SacredFire.

When not roaming mother earth, you will find Jeremy at home in Byron Bay's hinterland, playing with his children and planning the next adventure. jeremy@transformationaltours.com.au