01.05.2018 Astrology

Enjoy the Grace!

A much greater sense of ease under Jupiter’s influence permeates this month, says Daniel Sowelu

After trawling, or for some crawling, through a month of Saturnian ordeals and challenges, the universe is blessing us with a Jupiter-inspired month, with this planet bestowing grace, auspiciousness, good karma and expansive growth. And it begins with a beautiful and juicy full moon in Scorpio in the early hours of the morning on the first.

So there is a much greater sense of ease, flow and graciousness during May.

It’s not without its challenges but the presence of a strong Jupiter ensures that we gather benefits and great learning from whatever takes place.

It is worthwhile acknowledging that one of the shadow expressions of Jupiter is exaggerated expectations, so one has to be careful of going over the top with descriptions of positivity. It’s also important not to fall into the trap of seeing Saturn as purely difficult and Jupiter as the good guy who can do no wrong. On the deepest levels, they are both forms of grace while exaggerations of either can produce significant difficulties.

Ultimately though, this is looking like an exceptionally good month.

Jupiter sends great aspects to other parts of the chart, some of which are much more heavy duty and others that offer exceptional spiritual and healing opportunities.

Even the Taurus Sun spends most of the month in a healthy opposition to Jupiter - one that seeks to balance out the polarity between the slow-moving, earthily fertile and quietly powerful energies of the Bull and the psychosexual intensity, psychological acuity and steaming passion of Scorpio. Both ends are greatly enhanced by Jupiter’s presence.

The Taurus Sun starts the month with good quality trines to an unusual combination in Capricorn, one of Vesta, Saturn and Shiva.

On one level, we can see this as a joining of the earth priestess, the wise patriarch and the supreme yogi.

Each of these archetypes specialises in the concentration of power and the astute, focused use of the mind to direct that power. Whether we apply these energies on subtler spiritual levels or in the outer world, there is tremendous support for manifesting and materialising one’s visions, goals and creativity.

On the surface this may not appear to be the sexiest of line-ups, but it is one of those that enhances, as they say in the classics, our capacity to get s..t done!

By far the most potent line-up of the month is that of the Black Moon and Pluto in the latter half of Capricorn, one that’s been building for months and peaking in May.

This is a meeting of the great powers of real transformation; whether we see it is a version of Hades and Persephone, Shiva and Kali, Christ and the Black Madonna, it is a form of sacred marriage in the primal layers of the deep self.

Subsequently, deep change is inevitable and the cycle of death and rebirth, with its purificatory demands as well as its awesome opportunities, is close to the surface.

This is good news for those who are on long-term healing and spiritual journeys, because we are given opportunities to reach previously inaccessible parts of both the wounded self and our core authentic self. The psychic chemotherapy I mentioned last month continues and intensifies, but thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio there is so much more obvious grace present to support our passages through this underworld journey.

Unfortunately, this kind of line-up can also coincide with significant disasters in the outer world, or with the misuse of power by various so-called leaders, especially when the sometimes belligerent masculinity of Mars energy is in this brew.

Used well, such a combination can support the healing and purification of old forms of anger, rage and wounding masculinity for those who are prepared to do the work, but where national or individual egos get entangled with this power for deep change, it can be a recipe for great destruction. Once again, however, Jupiter and the wisdom layers of Saturn, calls upon our better angels at times of potential calamity.

On a less dramatic note, Jupiter also highlights another constellation around relationship and sexuality evolution, starting from the fact that he’s still conjuncting the goddess Psyche to open each of us to the possibility of more highly evolved relationship and soul connections.

As I said in January’s column, 2018 is a year of the sacred marriage, with various archetypal combinations populating most of the year.

This month, the planet of spirituality Neptune conjuncts the mercurial god of love Eros and the serpentine goddess of healing Hygeia, a juicy, mystical and tantric combination that has the potential for the ecstatic joining between upper and lower chakras. With Eros in the middle, acting as a bridge between upper chakra illumination and the realm of the goddesses below, we are being gifted with opportunities for great healing and awakenings in our bodies and in our sexual relating.

And neither a Taurus Sun nor the initial Scorpio Moon would be averse to such possibilities!

Enjoy the grace in whatever forms it arises for you.

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.