01.04.2017 Astrology

Energy release

Daniel Sowelu sees a strong push for transformative change in this month of Aries

Two themes drive the collective in this month’s chart, grace and transformation, as the Aries Sun triangulates with an exact square between Jupiter in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

Even though this is a hard aspect between the latter two, a combination between them heightens and intensifies deep progressive urges for real change. Jupiter gives faster and smoother movement to the death and rebirth cycles of Pluto, while this old god of the Underworld adds depth and edginess to the growthful dimensions of Jupiter.

So the push for change will be deep and relentless during the month and progressively radicalised, as the Sun also gets closer to Uranus, joining this explosive and revolutionary energy on the 13 of the month. This can be called the pressure cooker effect with the potential for sudden blow ups and leaps for freedom, especially if we can’t find ways of tweaking our inner pressure valves.

Uranus, in fact, is within 5° of squaring Pluto, near enough to activate the same Uranus Pluto square that produced the huge planetary changes through to the present across the globe. This position also activates a T-square with Pluto and Jupiter, making the collective highly unstable and likely to blow in certain regions and areas in our lives.

This is clearly no time to sit on your energy!

In Aries, the invitation is to move, exercise, dance, rage, do expressive physical meditations and basically find some spaces where you can go a little wild! This is additionally important as the Sun also squares the exceptional healing and purifying conjunction of Hygeia, Kali and Juno, all in Capricorn and edging their way towards Pluto.

As I have said in previous columns, Hygeia and Kali together create timely opportunities for releasing old pain and rage that clog our chakras, our sexuality and end up stifling our ability to live an authentic and impassioned life. Certainly, Aries would also find such a situation intolerable and yet with the right spiritual and therapeutic support, awesome shifts can occur on all these levels. Better to dance and have lots of sex than go crazy with it!

Fortunately, the Moon is in Taurus, at her earthy and stabilising best and acting as a balance with the crazier edges of the Aries/Uranus factor. Her groundedness is additionally lightened by an exact conjunction with Eros, the mischievous and playful god of love. Together, they remind us to play, create, loosen up and enjoy ourselves, even when things are tough. He doesn’t mind a good dance either!

Mars is also in Taurus, a transit that gives the warrior’s physicality greater practical application as well as sustainability. And yet it is not all masculine grunt, as he is in good aspect to a number of feminine energies and the sensitising influences of Neptune. The latter supports him to walk lightly, with greater awareness and nuance.

He is conjunct the great earth mother Ceres or Demeter, a fertile combination that can lead to great creations, especially on the home and family front. This is good for dads to get more engaged with their kids, more connected to their own maternal qualities and fabulous for getting on with the renovations and /or garden!

Mars has additionally good aspects to the stellium of Hygeia, Kali, Juno and Pluto, aspects that support each of us to get our egos and its desires in alignment with these great powers and their transformative urges. It can also support a lot of men to catch up with the drives for healing and change, often embodied in their women, and more confluent with the collective urge to transform our primary relationships.

I am reminded that even the highest expression of the sacred masculine, Shiva, is incomplete without his Shakti, his connection to the goddess. The Shiva asteroid, by the way, is still conjunct Jupiter and more available to us than at any recent time in human evolution. This is good news for the development of our masculinity whatever our gender and furthers the greater unity between our desire nature and our spirituality.

Venus, on the other hand, is going back stage, retrograding from Aries back into the watery realms of Pisces. At the start of the month though she is in a tight conjunction with Pallas Athena and Lilith at the 1 degree of the Ram, bringing the goddess of love in perfect alignment with two great warrioresses.With another fiery and passionately feminist combination, we can expect issues to arrive around equality and justice, degrees of interdependence and power differentials in our relating.

Venus will soften in Pisces, where she will stay for most of the month. Pivotally, she goes stationary on the 15 at 27 degrees and in doing so, will line up exactly with Chiron the Wounded Healer. Her passage, generally speaking, through Pisces always has the potential for heart opening experiences and stretching our ability to love into more unconditional spaces within. Aligning with Chiron is an awesome additional opportunity for great healing of the heart and beautifully synchronistic with the Easter weekend.

True transformation and heart opening goes hand in hand. May the peace be with you!

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.