01.12.2016 Spirituality

Empowering your Soul

Life coach Ischa Ropert explores the meaning of true spiritual success

You only have to look at the deteriorating state of our world to know there is absolutely no link between having power, wealth, fame or status and being fulfilled in life.

Yet most of us still believe at our core that it is our material and professional success that determines our levels of happiness.

We therefore continue to use our precious time on earth pursuing promotions, lifestyle, wealth and security instead of developing our talents, stepping into our integrity, building resilience and owning our purpose.

Happiness and fulfilment are internal experiences that are a direct result of a healthy spirit and an empowered soul.

Having success in life is very different to being a success in life

Having success in life is very different to being a success in life. Having is all about our physical survival and material wealth, while being is about the evolution of the soul and our spiritual wellbeing. We all need to survive, that is, we all must have our basic needs covered to stay alive such as water, food and shelter. However, survival now includes additional items that have little to do with our day to day sustenance and everything to do with our relentless pursuit of success.

We are no longer surviving the day, we are surviving to succeed. Once we sold ourselves to eat, now we sell ourselves to consume.

Survival is a difficult mindset to transcend because it works off the core belief that our material circumstances determine our level of success in life. The more power, wealth and material resources we have, the more successful we are deemed to be. The less power, wealth and material resources we have, the less successful we are deemed to be. Who we are being and the choices we make in order to service this success are far less important than the actual results we create.

There is, of course, a significant blindspot with this approach and that is our direct knowledge and experience of life. We have all felt powerless and depressed even when our material circumstances are good and we all know very wealthy people who are extremely unhappy. At the same time, there are countless stories of people who live in hardship, under oppression or with an ordinary life who are happy, joyful, generous and compassionate.

Globally, as individuals become more successful with increased power and money, the more the human collective diminishes with increased injustice, oppression and greed.

So we can have abundance but not feel abundant and we can have nothing and feel complete. How do we make sense of personal and professional success in this context?

Our current model of success is based on a form of external power that can only be measured by how much you have or can take from our world. It is not always bad but it is a hunger that can be difficult to satisfy and tempts the worst in human nature.

Spiritual success is an internal power that derives from evolutions of the soul and can only be measured by what you contribute into this world. One requires that you take what you can and the other that you give what you want; one competes with other life forms and the other co-creates with them.

Giving and receiving are spiritual acts in that you receive gifts from the universe and you give back by allowing these gifts to take form in your personal and professional life.

Happiness is the result of being in alignment with your gifts and living on purpose

Happiness is the result of being in alignment with your gifts and living on purpose. That is, to create draw on your talents to contribute positively to the collective human experience. Only the spirit knows how to do this as it is designed to evolve the soul and expand your life by working with an inner power that is not held hostage to circumstances of the outer world.

The soul is your unique personal expression of the greater spirit energy and it has a journey to undertake during its lifetime on earth. It begins innocent and youthful, full of wonder and awe. As it passes through the various trials and tribulations that life brings with it, the soul (or person) matures as it comes to understand its own inherent creativity and resourcefulness. This is authentic power, the ability to harness your gifts to create your own life and in this process to experience the depth and breadth of your own resourceful nature.

Success of the soul cannot be achieved by consuming, controlling others or owning more than your neighbour.

If anything, these are distractions that waste your time, energy and resources. To know fulfilment is to let go of external pursuits that only drain our world of its energy and reconnect with an inner power that restores, re-energises and expands all life.

On a personal level, the pursuit of external success imprisons us to a life of survival where we must compete with others, while engaging the spirit frees us to collaborate with others, trust in our own path and truly thrive now and into the future
ischa ropert

Ischa Ropert is a personal and professional coach who specialises in helping clients find clarity, optimal living and spiritual wellbeing. She trained with the Centre for Right Relationships (ORSC) & The Coaches Institute (CTI) and had a private practice in Paris for five years before returning to Sydney in 2014. She can be contacted via SKYPE, phone or face to face in Surry Hills. www.ischaropert.com ischa@ischaropert.com