02.03.2017 Eastern Healing

The Eastern approach to Endometriosis

Olivier LeJus explores Oriental treatment methods for this major cause of infertility

02.02.2017 Eastern Healing

The Power of Placebo

Oriental medicine practitioner Olivier Lejus explores the role of placebo in complementary medicine

31.12.2016 Eastern Healing

Bitter greens boost digestion

Olivier LeJus offers this simple recovery plan after over indulging at Christmas

01.12.2016 Eastern Healing

Sweet Dreams

Maintaining the Yin-Yang balance is crucial for healthy sleeping patterns, says Oriental practitioner Oliver LeJus

31.10.2016 Eastern Healing

Treating Inflammation

Avoiding the side effects of long-term painkillers is yet another reason to consider alternative treatments for pain, says Olivier LeJus

30.09.2016 Eastern Healing

Boost immunity to beat hay fever

Olivier LeJus sees a role for moxibustion in treating seasonal allergies like hay fever

01.09.2016 Eastern Healing

Eastern Treatments for IBS

While Western medicine is often baffled by IBS, Eastern therapies have proven their worth, says acupuncturist Olivier LeJus

04.08.2016 Eastern Healing

Relieving Migraine

Acupuncturist Olivier LeJus explores the debilitating impact of migraines and some helpful treatments

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