01.09.2017 Astrology

Earthier Energies

With the Sun in Virgo, we can expect a more grounded month yet one with intense emotional energy, says Daniel Sowelu

Since the beginning of September is only eight days after the full solar eclipse on August 22, the astrology of this month reflects similar themes to those I described in the August column. The main difference is that the Sun has gone into Virgo, bringing a much earthier quality to our experiences, also reflected by the Moon starting the month in early Capricorn.

The multiple grand trines in the fire signs of last month are still present in all their intense initiatory, inspirational and liberating glory. Adding considerable earth to the equation supports the physical manifestation of any insights, visions and creative possibilities birthed around the eclipses, offering its trademark capacity for focus, discipline, planning and quality progressive development. The earthy emphasis can also serve to slow things down somewhat, which, judging by many people’s experiences during August, would be welcomed by many of you!

Qualitatively, the Sun and Moon are in an especially good relationship to each other, a situation that leans towards greater stability. On its own, this would normally represent a better experience. However, many of the archetypes involved in the fire grand trines, as well as those goddess energies that wrap around the Moon, are quite challenging to the average mortal as they demand increasing depth and inner freedom from each of us.

The Virgo Sun trines the incredibly intelligent warrior goddess Pallas Athena in the sign of Taurus - a brilliant ally for getting super focused and honing our ability to concentrate and direct the mind as a vehicle for sacred and healing power.

What is tricky for the Sun though is a T-square involving an opposition to Neptune in Pisces and a square to the Lilith asteroid in Gemini. Neptune challenges the Virgoan preferences for order and control by temporarily swamping the conscious mind with nebulous energies - the flushing of old psychic emotional residues and the demand to trust a deeper level of intelligence that comes from intuitive and mystical sources. So even though we have a strong earth emphasis, proceedings will be somewhat confusing and unsettling in the first week.

This turbulence also includes the Sun being squared by Lilith. It means the “nice”, deeply caring and socially conservative aspects of Virgo get challenged by the fiercely honest and sword wielding energies of the latter warrioress, who, in Gemini, is very keen to have her say. That this is happening at the same time as the Neptune opposition reflects confusing dynamics with others and the flushing of old forms of anger and rage, so necessary to being able to use Lilith energies cleanly in the world.

Other goddess asteroids are also powerfully placed this month, with the ongoing Kali, Juno, Hygeia conjunction wrapping around the Capricorn Moon, making it a super powerful month for the rising of the personal and sacred feminine. As I said in previous columns, this triple Goddess combo is the major protagonist in the transformation of core relationships and individual sexuality in this era of our lives.

In conjunct with the Moon, the four form multiple trines with the Virgo Sun and now overlap with the fire grand trines, trining both the revolutionary Uranus in Aries and the same North Node, Mars, Persephone conjunction in Leo that was the pinnacle of the last eclipse. This fires up the expressions of emotions in general, individual emotional transformation and a combination of fierce, healing and relationship goddesses within each of us, whatever our gender. The earth component mixing with fire gives me such a sense of the rising up of women’s empowerment, as well is the inner feminine in men. Time to cut through the BS and gets some real change happening!

As some will remember, Venus was having a hard time for most of August but now she has entered Leo, in clearer and more expressive territory and linking with two exquisite sisters, Psyche and Parvati, in her journey towards greater experience of love and relationships. Both these goddesses are higher octaves of Venus and represent the urge to create more than just “average” relationships, but rather ones that yearn towards connection between souls. The sacred marriage, the ultimate masculine - feminine union within, is one that our deepest hearts long for in our outer relationships.

Alongside the more dramatic relationship transformation processes of this time, reflected by the placements of both Juno and Persephone, these links with Venus offer opportunities for deep and exquisite heart opening experiences in our relating and sexual expression.

And finally, the kite arrangement of last month and the second eclipse, where these multiple grand trines wrap around the nodes of the Moon are still very much present. The North Node/Mars/Persephone conjunction still has Uranus and the Jupiter Shiva conjunction pumping their expansive and liberating energies and, the Saturn/Black Moon conjunction in Sagittarius is still grounding proceedings and keeping everyone honest. In offering us soul connected visions of new life based on authenticity and psycho spiritual empowerment, at the very least, these multiple grand trines support us to move beyond the influence of the past and break up old karmic patterns.

Retrograding Mercury joins the North Node, Mars and Persephone in the first week of the month, giving us time to assimilate recent openings and get more consciously connected to these visions. It doesn’t hurt that the lovely Venus, after a period of beautiful refinement also reaches the North Node in the middle of the month, to fill in more of our soul purposes jigsaw.

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.