Drama and Detachment

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This is going to be a chaotic, magical and stressful month with many highlights in an alchemical mixture, or witches brew, of light and dark. It's an exciting time if you can see past external dramas and tensions, to tap into a greater awareness of soul and the expanded possibilities of the future.

The most significant astrological events are the second Saturn/Uranus opposition, Jupiter crossing the North Node Aquarius, and an eclipse activating the tightening conjunction of Chiron and Neptune.

The Uranus/Saturn opposition has never really gone off the boil since its first hit in November 2008 and the necessary fracturing of our financial systems and internal psychic structures will continue. This is the second of five hits, representing a collective process that will continue until September of 2010, in which, like any healing journey, things will have to get worse before they get better.

The tension will remain high this month and the trick is to use it to challenge the true validity of our lives and to harness creative possibilities as the old structures crumble.

Venus is right on the Uranus end of this, pushing relationships under this intense spotlight, with a leaning towards radical change and greater personal freedom. Simply put, how to make courageous and creative changes while honouring the need for healthy realism of what is necessary and right. Alongside these challenges also comes some brilliant relationship transits: Venus sextile Mars, Juno conjunct Jupiter and North Node, Eros conjunct Psyche and the very tantric Pluto conjunct Black Moon. So the emphasis is about going for greater quality and depth in our relating, for saying "yes" to whatever encourages growth and true alignment with our deeper selves.

Saturn and Uranus are also co-rulers of Aquarius, which has really been under the pump of these and other intense processes for a number of years now. Last month though, the ever expansive Jupiter entered the sign. It's cause for celebration as in the midst of all this heavy-duty stuff, comes a 12 month period where the magical, creative, innovative and profoundly mystical energies of Aquarius get a real airing (pun only partly intended). Both sign and planet are visionary, with finely tuned antennae for new trends, fashions and causes.

Aquarius has always had a magician-like ability to reach into knowledge and awareness from non-rational sources and Jupiter will expand and empower this ability to bring down new visions, perspectives, innovations and creative inspiration for the greater good.

In the midst of all the collective dramas this transit also offers a heightened detachment from which we are freer to grasp the openings and creative possibilities hidden within the tension of the Uranus/Saturn squeeze. And to get less bogged down in our stuff!

There is more than a little magic in Jupiter's passage through Aquarius and he is almost always the bringer of good energy. The fact that he is right on the Sun in this month's chart says that in many ways it will be a good, even exceptional month. We will be given many opportunities to make the best of even the most challenging of transits, as long as we don't fall into the trap of getting so expanded that we lose connection with our emotions and bodies.

All this sky god energy can seduce us in the same way that flight caused the fall of Icharus, getting too close to the Sun. (Now there's a Saturnian lesson!)

It's Jupiter on the North Node, exactly on the 14th, that really opens up the magical realms though, as it gives us an opening into the mysteries of the soul, a glimpse of what calls us into the future, what the possibilities are, based on an increasing awareness of some of our ultimate "soul purposes". The North Node is a point of great light and great longing, as it contains the secrets of what we are here to manifest, as souls in a human body having a very physical experience.

So inherent in all that we experience this month are chances to get some more of the mosaic or jigsaw of what our ultimate purposes are (even if only in the house of our charts that contains early Aquarius). Be attentive, inwardly and outwardly to its signals!

The eclipse on the evening of the Full Moon of the 9th, with the Sun directly activating both Chiron and Neptune, also in Aquarius, drops another depth charge into both our healing and spiritual development processes, with some significant turbulence and some magnificent openings all at the same time.

Chiron in Aquarius seeks to repair splits between spirit and body, mind and emotions, while simultaneously connecting us to the magician/healer/teacher within. Both lie deep and much is hidden from conscious awareness. The eclipse is a perfect event to take us there but the resulting releases may be tumultuous, even shocking, while for some it will be electrifying and incandescent on a chakra level.

Similarly with Neptune, which also has much to do with mystical processes and psychospiritual sensitivity, the eclipse can produce some orgasmic spiritual openings, but can open up some people so much psychically that they are unable to function or look after themselves.

It's important then to be very conscious where you put yourself at the time. It's brilliant for healing and spiritual work but potentially dangerous in the wrong places or with the wrong people, especially if drugs or alcohol are involved. Enjoy the good bits but make sure you look after yourself.

Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc.Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 22nd year of private practice.