01.07.2016 Astrology

Deeper Relationships

Astrologer Daniel Sowelu sees love, relationships and sexuality in focus this month

This month the Sun and Venus continue their tango across the constellations, this time in the watery realms of Cancer. In doing so, they provide the foundation for a powerful and gracious kite formation, that of a grand trine involving the Moon and Hecate in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter conjunct North node in Virgo. This impressive and earthy grand trine is then pierced by a challenging and transformative opposition from the Sun and Venus to Pluto in Capricorn.

The latter opposition is one of many alignments that put love, relationships and sexuality very much in the focus this month. The second alignment of this quality is a conjunction of the Shiva, Psyche and Parvati asteroids in later Cancer. This conjunction will be joined by Venus and the Sun in the course of the month, highlighting an exceptionally tantric alignment that is one of the highest expressions of the sacred marriage.

The Sun and Venus together is almost always a loving, erotic and fertile combination of solar masculine and the Venusian femininity. In Cancer it is especially deep, luscious and sensual, with a traditional emphasis on the home front, live in relationships and family dynamics. If well aspected, it can bring great harmony and enjoyment into the home environment, particularly between parents and children, adolescents included!

Fortunately, most of the aspects to the Sun/Venus are positive and supportive; the Sun sextiling a Taurus Moon gives the month a firm stable foundation between its core masculine and feminine energies. Sextiling the luminous Jupiter/North Node conjunction adds grace, growth and flow to proceedings, enhancing feelings of wellbeing, positive expectations and the greater alignment with soul.

Linking it all with the earth grand trine gives the conjunction brilliant support to manifest its inherent creativity and fertility, traditionally expressed through gardening, renovations, beautifying the home and creating babies!

Alongside this earth focus is an equally creative and powerful spiritual thread, with the Sun trining a conjunction of Neptune, Eros, Medusa and Pallas Athena - an unusual combination of mysticism, playfulness, fierce passion and focused warrior energies swimming in the watery realms of Pisces (and in the 12 house!) This is particularly brilliant for deep inner work, meditation and for piercing into the mysteries of the inner self to purify, heal and reclaim the “dark” feminine, wounded and liberating sexual energy and lower chakra potency.

And this is where we must talk about the Sun/Venus/Pluto opposition. In the midst of this exceptionally benevolent astrological climate is an intense demand for transformation of self, in our love lives and sexuality, and in the balance, or lack of, between our professional and personal lives, the outer world and the home front. And as most of us know, there can be no transformation without some form of death, whether to old ego structures, our naiveté or escapism, or redundant ways of relating to self and others.

However, around this core theme is such a brilliant support, encapsulated in all the positive aspects above. This includes being able to call upon the medicine women and men within each of us. The Moon in Taurus conjuncts the Witch Queen Hecate, a beautiful earthy embodiment of the medicine woman and one in sync with the Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, the latter another placement for the earth priestess within. Similarly, on the masculine side, there is a water grand trine linking highly evolved Shiva energy with Mars in Scorpio and the wounded healer Chiron in Pisces. This is an equally brilliant uniting of sacred warrior healing energy.

So, whatever shadow work is presented us by the demands for healing and transformation, we can make the best of this opportunity by putting ourselves in the right places and practices, the right workshops with the right practitioners so that we can dive more deeply at this exceptional time.

Now, this conjunction of Shiva, Psyche and Parvati is equally auspicious and a tantrika’s dream. As a practitioner around the sacred marriage, the Shakti goddesses of India and in the core archetypes involved in tantric spirituality, this conjunction is particularly exciting for me. Here is the great yogi god Shiva, an image of refined masculine transformative power, a phallic moon deity and co-patron of Tantra, with his beloved, in the form of the goddess of the sacred marriage and Queen of yoga, Parvati.

In between the two is the exquisitely lovely Psyche, a goddess energy within each of us that draws us towards the possibility of conscious, soul-to-soul relationship with another human being, a capacity she shares with Parvati.

Starting from the 5, Venus, and then a week later, the Sun, will cross over this conjunction, which stretches from 20 to 29° of Cancer. Against the month’s core theme around the transformation of our relationships, we will then be given multiple opportunities to go deeper in our loving, to face fears, inhibitions and wounds that limit our capacity for intimacy and to release old baggage and conditioning around the nature of relationships.

Obviously, this is also a brilliant time for authentic tantric practices, as well as any form of sexual and relationship healing, whether alone or in partnership. It promises connection to both sacred masculine and feminine to recover more of the beauty and the purity of our sacred sexuality.

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.