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Daphne's Bump

Life coach Gloria Grace Wallace explores turning life's crashes into gifts

Looking through the lens of new age consciousness, an unexpected, unpleasant surprise can mean a challenge, a lesson, an opportunity, or a hidden gift. Whereas according to the "old" consciousness, we might perceive such surprises as a crisis, an emergency, bad luck, or simply drama/trauma.

Age-old wisdom sometimes describes life's confronting surprises as a cosmic "two by four". In metaphysical terms it is known as a "wake up" call. In other words, the way we are thinking and behaving and what we are creating needs to change in some significant way, or the surprises may just keep coming.

Some years ago I was presented with just such a "two by four" experience, and used a spiritual process to "surrender" to the surprise. But before I share that process, it is important to look at how the different levels of consciousness show up in our lives.

In some universities and colleges, basic courses are identified by numbering them "101, 201, 301, 401" so that you know if it is a course for a first, second, third, or fourth year student. Each level corresponds to the student's level of learning and capability.

If we stay with that metaphor for a moment, and identify the basic levels of consciousness according to that numbering scheme, it would look like this:

Consciousness 101 (Victim Consciousness): It's not my fault. Others are to blame. Why did they do this to me?

Consciousness 201 (Victim Consciousness…just another level): It's all my fault. Why do I keep creating the same problem/pattern/situation?

Consciousness 301 (Taking responsibility for what shows up): It's all happening for a reason. There are no "accidents"; everything is an opportunity to learn, evolve, and expand. What is mine to do?

Consciousness 401 (In total alignment with the Higher Self and Divine Mind): It's all appearing in order to be released. When "in the flow" one does not see any situation in life as a surprise; complete acceptance of Divine Order.

Using this scale, we can determine almost immediately where our level of consciousness resides in our own individual evolution simply by looking at the questions or responses we have to any given surprise.

So what surprise did I encounter all those years ago? What was my cosmic "two by four"?

I was spending the day with a couple of friends visiting from Scotland whom I have known for more than 30 years. Michael and Patricia have always been open to the various twists and turns of my spiritual journey and continue to be interested in whatever I am exploring at any given moment. Fortunately for me, they turned out to be my Earth Angels later that afternoon.

We were on our way back to my home after a lovely visit to a nearby nature reserve. While sitting at a red light just chatting away looking forward to the café lunch and chai tea I had promised them, my lovely silver Toyota Corolla Ascent, who I affectionately call Daphne, was crashed into from behind by a force that felt as though the earth had moved. There had been absolutely no warning.

Instinct, adrenaline, and my wonderful reptilian brain allowed me to respond so quickly and automatically that the impact of the accident was diminished. Michael sprang out of the back seat of the car and made contact with the young man driving the big, black, Colorado ITR 4-wheel drive with roo bars that had crashed into my little Daphne.

I noted that I was trembling and in a recognisable state of shock, as I witnessed my Earth Angels move into action, with Michael directing everyone to pull to the side of the road as Patricia collected the broken, scattered bits of Daphne lying on the road in the middle of traffic, and then Michael taking photos of the damage and getting the driver's details.

Back at my house Michael was on the job once more, downloading the photos of the crash and writing up the details on my computer so I would have them ready to report to my insurance company. When it was time to save the information on my computer, and the file needed naming, Michael asked, "What will we call this file?"

I paused in a moment of clarity and said, "Daphne's Bump".

I was already transcending my state of shock, but I needed to ground myself and it was time for lunch, so we walked the short distance to a café and already my inner wheels were turning. I was tuning into my inner voice and hearing the following…

There are no "accidents". Everything happens for a reason. What is presenting itself for me to see?

I chose not to dwell at all in the first level of consciousness. My friends noted that I never once blamed the other driver or seemed upset, whereas Michael confessed he had initially felt angry and alarmed.

By the time our lunch had arrived, I found myself being gently guided around the pitfalls of Consciousness Levels 101 and 201. I chose to veer away from questions like…

"Why did this happen to me? What have I done to deserve this?"

"Why didn't the driver behind me pay more attention?"

"What will I do without a car until Daphne is repaired? I have my wedding to prepare for!"

Instead, I began focusing on the energies of feeling, "I am so blessed", "I am grateful that there were no injuries and no need to call the police."

Once I was able to see things from an attitude of gratitude, I was able to tune into the significance of the experience. The vibration of gratitude is so high that it lifts you upwards into an altitude that provides a larger spiritual perspective. When I remembered to surrender in this way, I moved straight into Consciousness 301: "What is the lesson here? What is mine to do now? What is the hidden gift?"

A wake up call is often about things we are not seeing in our lives that we need to see or things we are neglecting that need our attention or ways in which we are out of integrity. Ah, that was it - I was out of integrity, out of alignment with my own values, beliefs, goals, spiritual commitments.

Understanding Spiritual Law, I knew that we attract to ourselves what we are energetically sending out to the Universe. If we are feeling the vibration of guilt or confusion or anger, that vibration has no choice but to show up as a reflection somewhere, somehow in our life. So what areas in my life needed to be brought back into integrity and alignment?

I began asking myself Divine Mind questions…

"Was there anything I was feeling guilty about in my life?" "YES."

"Was there anyone I needed to forgive in my life including myself?" "YES."

"Were there areas of my life both personal and professional where I was procrastinating in any way?" "YES. YES. YES."

And right then and there in the café with my friends as witnesses, I announced that it was clear that the accident was a wake-up call for me to see the areas in my life that needed renewed commitment. I felt so uplifted and focused on making necessary changes in my life that it was exhilarating to already have the sense that I had moved on!

The Surrender Process

Michael was so impressed that he confided in me his feelings about a work situation he was in, and he asked me to guide him through it using the Surrender Process…

STEP 1: Skip past the pitfalls of Consciousness 101 and 201

STEP 2: Move into gratitude to raise the energies and perspective

STEP 3: Ask Level 3 questions: What is the lesson? What is mine to do now?

STEP 4: Make renewed commitments and decisions that move you forward.

As we walked together to the train station, Michael had already gained an insight into how he was out of integrity with respect to the company where he worked as a consultant. He said he knew he needed to leave the company and was taking responsibility for staying in the situation longer than he had intended.

It was no accident that Michael was with me when we and Daphne received "a kick up the backside". He, too, was co-creating a situation where he could expand his consciousness!

The Universe knocks on our doors, gently at first, waiting for us to notice whatever the guidance might be. Of course, if we are not listening, the knocking gets louder and louder until the door at last crashes in upon us. Then, if we are conscious enough, we say, "Okay, okay, I'm listening! What is it?"

By following the Spiritual Process of Surrender you can turn an unexpected "surprise" into a gift.

(Gloria conducts personal and Skype Soul Coaching sessions from her Melbourne home and is available at: heartlight.com.au)

Gloria Grace Wallace

Gloria Grace Wallace is a Melbourne-based life coach