Daniel Sowelu looks at the stars for november 2007

I AM pleased to announce that this month's chartis the best I've seen in many months: lots oftrines and sextiles as part of a number of kites andrelatively few squares and oppositions. But before weget too excited about the universe giving us a bit ofa break, both the good and the difficult aspects arevery intense, quite fitting Scorpio's trademarkquality. How well it will go then depends very muchon how at home we are with some very deep parts of self,and how much we're able to tap into places ofgreat mystery inside us.

To start with, the Sun in Scorpio is at the centreof a very crowded multiple conjunction of asteroids,including Persephone, Diana, Black Moon Lilith and Juno.(See what I mean!). The Sun reaches down deep, whilethe feminine arises to inform the Sun. This very potentgathering of goddesses of the underworld, the earthand the heavens has the potential to take us both downinto the unconscious and up to the heights. Much likethe awesome range of energies within Scorpio, this willobviously stretch us in ways that will be very demandingand yet very rewarding if we can go with it. There aremany invitations here to feel more deeply, to link updifferent faces of the emerging feminine, to settlesome old ghosts, and to own more of the beauty and powerto love from even the darkest of places within. TheSun brings illumination and the desire to integratethe masculine with the feminine in all these forms thatwill highlight what needs attention and healing whileoffering support for the reconnection.

The toughest aspect of this chart are squares fromall of the above from Chiron in Aquarius, as the latter,along with Neptune, is intent on opening old woundsas part of the healing process. Given the depth andrange of the Scorpio collection, anything that getsactivated here will be intense emotionally and psychically,and with the prospect of some very deep healing of ancientand contemporary wounds. This can range from past lifetraumas to early childhood pain, to masculine/feminineimbalances and relationship/sexuality wounding. So wecan expect some significant movement and purificationwith this.

For those who prefer to skate over the top of thingsor hide out in the upper regions of their intellectsor "spirituality", forget it, as in thepsychodrama of this thing called life, anything deniedcomes at you in more unpleasant forms, whether fromwithin or from others. Nothing enrages the deep feminineas someone escaping in this way, the very worst expressionof Chiron and/or Neptune in Aquarius, and the backlashcan come in the form of depression or any other emotionthat sucks you into the underworld, or through attractingothers who challenge you for being too much in yourhead.

Nor can we wallow in our misery and rage as the challengeof Chiron is to face our wounding with conscious awarenessand a deep commitment to heal, to get some clarity andhealthy detachment around our patterns and our pain.Even though his presence in this equation will stirup old anger and bitterness in the feminine towardsthe masculine, he actually wants to support the giftsof the goddess by clearing the way for their reclamation.

And this is where it gets good this month. Alongsidethese challenges comes the multiple kites, grand trinessupported by sextiles with the Nodes of the Moon formingthe central axis. The Scorpio group trines Mars andMedusa in Cancer, Pallas, North Node and Uranus in Pisces,while sextiling Saturn, the South Node and Hekate inVirgo. This extraordinary arrangement draws the wisdomand psychospiritual potency of the ancient feminineout of the past and moves it like a slow, powerful riverthrough Scorpio and Cancer towards that image of futurepotentials, the North Node.

From a karmic astrology perspective, Saturn on theSouth Node is an awesome event, resurrecting significantpast life issues to do with the use and misuse of powerand authority involving both masculine and femininepast life personas, so that we can cleanse and refinethe ability to use these with greater responsibilityand effectiveness in this life. In classical fashion,Saturn will provide some very "educational"experiences to show us the consequences of repeatingthe past, to balance out certain karmas and to preparethe ground to be able to move on with more inner stabilityin our soul's journey. It's also an exceptionaltime for regression work if you sense some big timeissues around this territory.

The knowledge stores here for healing and transformation,particularly from the wise woman and the wise man within,are also closer to the surface at this time. This ancientinheritance is being invited and enabled by the kitesto move forward towards the North Node as part of thefoundation building for being more able to manifestin this life, with compassion and greater emotionalfluidity, whatever our individual souls are asking ofus.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc DipEd) is a therapeutic astrologer,primal therapist and group leader in his 21st year ofprivate practice.