Daniel Sowelu looks at the stars for DECEMBER 2007

December starts out being a rather stressful month butone that will gather strength and energy quickly toreach a number of crescendos in late Sagittarius, justbefore Christmas, as the Sun and Mercury close in ona magnificent conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto.

The initial stress comes from a T square between theSun, Saturn and Uranus, and from the Moon in Leo squaringMercury in Scorpio. The former involves the Sun in Sagittariusseeking to express its sheer solar radiance and urgetowards freedom, getting caught in a tug of war betweenthe earthy conservatism of Saturn in Virgo and the bombthrowing revolutionary in Uranus. Saturn and Uranusare ancient adversaries that create a great deal oftension as the old and the new, the realist and theutopian, get polarised by the opposition. The challengehere is how to get some kind of working balance betweenthem as each has valid truths to share.

Saturn in Virgo is always hard for Sagittarius asthe sign is great on big picture stuff, but lousy onthe details, the fine print. Sag wants to leave thenitty-gritty to others, wanting to charge off to thenext spanda of its inspirational genius, but Saturnhauls him back for reality checks, so necessary in theprocess of translating ideas into manifestation. Wemay not like Saturn much, but nothing much can reallyhappen without him. As for the Centaur, he resonatesmore with Uranus, as he can also be wild and more fun,but even then he won't fully trust the wizard whilehe's in Pisces. Too much dubious emotional energy underneathfor the straight shooting, straight talking Sagittarian.The Moon squaring Mercury is also a stressful aspectand a tricky one, as the emotional energies of the timeare operating in very different ways to the mental ones.It makes it hard for our minds and our feelings to getit together, creating all sorts of confusion aroundchoices and decisions. But Mercury moves out of Scorpioto join the Sun in Sagittarius almost immediately, gettingmore in sync with the fire energies of the month.

Scorpio is nevertheless a strong place for the month,less obvious on the surface, but still a potent place,as Persephone, Black Moon and Diana/Artemis are conjunctin the sign, squaring both Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.In the midst of the predominantly fire and air energyof the month, it would be all too easy to ignore andoverride the deeper emotional tides represented by Scorpio.The combination calls for staying connected with thoseparts of our emotional selves that need healing andpurification, as part of deepening our relationshipwith the sacred feminine in all her aspects. This includesa powerful focus on sexual healing and old relationshipdynamics, especially as Venus goes into Scorpio fromLibra on the 6th.

The tsunami that is the conjunction of Jupiter andPluto breaks exactly on December the 12th, an awesomecombination that combines the dual powers of grace andtransformation to maximum effect. And it representsthe culmination of a number of collective processes,giving it added significance. Firstly, it heralds thelast weeks of Jupiter going through Sagittarius, itszodiacal home, and a great yearlong transit of mutualgrowth and expansion. Secondly, it coincides with thelast continuous period that the great Pluto spends inthe Centaur's sign before entering Capricorn in January.It has been in Sag since November 1995 and will notbe back fully for over 200 years.
Although Pluto will retrograde back into Sagittariusfrom June to November next year for its last appearance,Jupiter crossing it feels like a culmination of manyof the deep transformative processes of the last 12years. If you take the time to reflect on how much ourindividual lives have changed deeply during this timeand, how much our world has been profoundly alteredsocially, politically and environmentally, you get asense at what's at stake in the last months of thistransit.

In terms of our personal journeys, the Jupiter/Plutoconjunction offers a profound opportunity for psychospiritualtransformation, as the energies bring together the deepestand highest aspects of our total selves. Deep purificationgoes hand in hand with tremendous openings and the sheerpower available for change is so awesome that we'd befools not to use it for transforming our lives for thebetter, through whatever spiritual and therapeutic practicestake us to the very core of who we are and can be.

As always, there will be those wounded and delusionalcreatures who will misuse the energies. As much as Plutoin Sagittarius honours the statement "The truthshall set us free", this transit has also empoweredfundamentalism in all its forms to commit great atrocitiesand I pray that this transit doesn't coincide with moreof the same. Even so, whatever happens is a part ofthe huge impersonal cycles of death, transformationand rebirth. Better to use the energy to change within,than align the ego with its destructive tendencies.Take care.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc DipEd) is a therapeutic astrologer,primal therapist and group leader in his 21st year ofprivate practice.